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Sports term "slalom" – marking speeds on a particular route usually is very tortuous. Translated from Norwegian it means "a mark on the slope." Slalom – it is a sport which can be:

  • Mountain;
  • Air;
  • Water;
  • Car.

History slalom

For the First time in 1767 in Norway held a competition for skiers on the unusual route. He was laid on the forest slope, overgrown with bushes. Separately first start for the slalom was organized in 1879 (also in Norway). Platform for the competition was the mountain Hubsi, located near the present Oslo.

slalom is a

But still the first full-scale skiing competitions (1905) began to hold the Austrians in the Alps. The program of the world ski championship in 1931, had included a slalom, and in 1936 Alpine skiing became an Olympic sport. At the Olympic games compete for a separate award for men and women skiers.

Water slalom

Feel the speed and danger of adventure in the summer will help rowing. To compete on the water kayaking or Canoeing at the Olympics athletes have started not so long ago, since 1992. Moreover, this discipline was included into the list of Olympic sports again. The first time Olympic medals were played in 1972.

The Competitions are held in areas of natural rivers or artificial water lines with a water flow rate of not less than 2 meters per second. In this kind of sport has its subtleties and nuances. The athlete to steer the boat by tilting your body in different planes, in combination with a jeweler's possession of the oar.


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Trails are divided into 5 levels of difficulty. It depends on the flow rate, path length, number and complexity of obstacles. Some of them built in such a way that the participants need to overcome them, swimming against the tide.

Basically, the route length is from 250 to 400 meters, the number of obstacles varies from 18 to 25 with difficulty up to the 3rd category. The maximum distance in the slalom 800 meters (25-30 obstacles).

According to the types of boats are divided into kayaks and canoes. Mostly they are made of plastic. Boats should be fast and manageable. For management athletes wanted:

  • Excellent coordination;
  • Courage;
  • Lightning-fast response;
  • Development of tactical thinking;
  • Athletic performance.

Mountain and slalom

The Most entertaining slalom – is a mountain. He, in turn, is divided into several independent widow:

  • Parallelnyy;
  • Odinochniy;
  • Supergigant;
  • Slalom-giant;
  • Parallel giant.

All of the above disciplines are to skiing. In addition, downhill slalom may be held on snowboards. This is a fairly young sport. Snowboarders, unlike skiers, are on monolize sideways to the track. Olympic discipline of slalom snowboarding was only by the end 90-x years.

Requirements for the track slalom

All the tracks meet certain requirements that are mandatory for a particular type of competition. As for the discipline "slalom" is:

  • Track length (the biggest – the giant slalom, up to 1000 meters);
  • Elevation (the maximum rate is 300 meters)
  • The number of turns on the track is at least 11%, high – 15% of the height;
  • Width of the gate – not less than 4 and not more than 8 meters.

Average speed on the road downhill is 40 km/hour, and the super g snowboarder can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour. For comparison – skiing speed may be 150 km/h. mountain slalom

The slalom is carried out at the Paralympics. In 2014 these subjects was six. In addition to the usual (slalom, giant slalom, super-g, the combo, downhill) was added and the slalom snowboards. Despite the complexity of its development and the risk of injury, the popularity of slalom in all its manifestations is not decreasing.

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