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Weight loss – is a subject which excites a good half of humanity. Why not just offers the modern pharmaceutical industry. Pills, sprays, creams, patches, and hundreds of other ways, and not very effective. Today, however, the gaining popularity of leech therapy. Today we want to talk about where to put leeches for weight loss. Surprised? Yes, and this method is used by many people. Despite the apparent low reliability, it is recognized and official medicine.where to put leeches for weight loss

Medical leeches

These slippery and unpleasant creatures are actually very useful for our body. Leech therapy allows to solve a large number of health problems. While the medical leech is very different from their counterparts that live in stagnant ponds.It is sterile and not log any infections in the human body.

They are Used only once. Today, however, we won't tell you about the different types of treatment, we are interested only in where to put leeches for weight loss. Patients who already tested this method, say a quick effect that persists for a long time. The benefits of this method are so significant that it has a great potential.leech for weight loss where to put photo

Leech therapy in action

With the help of these amazing creatures, you can treat excess weight and cellulite, to fight even with severe obesity. Of course, one should not hope that the leeches will suck you down. It's not liposuction, but only one step to victory over excess weight. The treatment itself is as follows. Girudoterapevt sets alive, hungry leeches on biologically active points of the body. Thus, the mechanism of action is similar to acupuncture.


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This process ends. Leech bites through the skin into 2 mm in depth and enters into the wound, their saliva. Now you can watch as her body begins to fill with blood. Only she can suck up to 10 ml of blood. It would seem, very little. But the fact that the blood, lymph and tissue fluid will ooze from the wound for some time, because of the special enzyme in the saliva that prevents blood clotting. After about 10 hours the wound will heal.

During this time you may lose from 60 to 200 ml of blood, lymph and tissue fluid. The girudoterapevt knows exactly where to put leeches for weight loss. But if you want to perform this procedure yourself, then let's deal further.put leeches for weight loss

Treatment Outcomes

If you have never engaged in an alternative treatment, it is necessary to resort to professional assistance or to study the literature. To put leeches for losing weight is not as difficult, we'll talk about that a little more detail. What you will receive as a result?

  • Reflex action, that is, activation of biologically active points.
  • Mechanical – that is, the discharge flow, the conclusion from the body of excess fluid and cleansing the circulatory system. And if you remember that the root cause of weight gain is the slagging of the body, it is a very important moment in the process of weight loss.
  • Biological effects – the saliva of the leech is very complex in its composition. Once in the bloodstream, it promotes the breakdown of fat and normalization of metabolism.points of leeches for weight loss

Use of leeches

Let's Start with the fact that the procedure is completely painless. Seconds the discomfort in the time of the bite, and then a special enzyme contained in saliva, works just as well as novocaine. In addition, it is also an excellent antiseptic, and therefore it is possible not to worry that after the wound of the bite will become inflamed.

We are very interested in living examples, or leeches for weight loss. Reviews emphasize that the results are actually very good. If you want to lose weight and does not work, we recommend you to use this method.

As a result of competent treatment, the following results are achieved:

  • From the body leaving excess liquid. As a result, you feel much lighter.
  • In the saliva of leeches contains many enzymes, two of which contribute to the fight against fatty deposits, it is hyaluronidase, and lipase. In the most troubled places there is a very unpleasant phenomenon, proliferating cells of the connective tissue. And this is the frame for the fat and appearance of cellulite. What happens in the body after the leech nasosetsya blood? Hyaluronidase-this is a special enzyme that breaks down ground substance of connective tissue. Because of this body fat out water, and to tissues supplied with fresh blood. Thus, we need to identify the places that need special attention. Now you know where to put leeches for weight loss.
  • As soon as blood circulation is enhanced and oxygen exchange in the tissues. It is a powerful, fat burning and healing factor.
  • There are additional bonuses after the use of leeches. This immunostimulation that results in acceleration of the metabolism.leech for weight loss reviews

Not a single leech

Weight loss – this is a complex task that needs to be solved by all available means. The abuse of harmfulfood and lack of exercise will lead to the fact that all the blood-sucking efforts remain without result. You should start with a cleansing diet and a complete change of lifestyle. Need to walk more and to do every morning, exercise, eat only healthy food and to give up sweets. By the way, those who have already undergone this treatment say that after the very first procedure there is a decrease in appetite. Now you can without much of a thrill to look at store-bought cakes and pamper yourself with fresh vegetables and fruits. In addition, by eliminating from the menu the harmful products, you will be able to saturate it is not harmful fats, and vitamins and minerals.

Leeches and cellulite

By the Way, even if you have these creatures at home, it is not necessary to look for the right point. Leeches for weight loss spread in a random order. However, to get involved with bloodsuckers is not worth it. One procedure is to use three leeches. Enough to spend 10-12 sessions, twice a week, and you will feel the result. In a month the course can be repeated.leech for weight loss need point photo


You can use the classical scheme, according to which girudoterapii and has leeches for weight loss. Where to put photo shows very clearly. But in any case, you need to focus on the individual characteristics of the client.

Basically, wherever you put her, it would still be helpful. An exception can represent an area large venous vessels and places with thin skin such as the face. You need to consider that there are special points, which are areas of influence on the entire body. This is the coccyx, navel, crotch and liver, area of the pancreas. Points chakra: base of spine, solar plexus, the heart, the hollow at the base of the neck, middle of forehead and crown area.

In addition to General points, you can pay attention directly on the problem areas. In other words, it is the place of greatest accumulation of fat reserves must be subjected to the test of bloodsuckers.

How to put a leech?

So you've decided on the procedure that will use leeches for weight loss. The desired point (photo will help to Orient with the placement) is marked with a pencil and you can start. Now, most importantly, to create a legible agreed to stick. To do this the body must be completely washed without the use of scented gels and Soaps. Refrain from alcohol and cigarettes, and spirits.

The Area where you will put a leech that needs to be handled with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, and then rinse with water. Now wear a glove and using a small Cup otlavlivatsya leech. Turning the vessel, you can see how leech has moved to the skin and stuck.

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