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  a year ago a young couple pointed wooden anniversary from the day of the wedding – and this is the first “metal” anniversary. Every year, dividing everything on the green wedding (the wedding day), the relationship of the spouses becomes stronger, and this is reflected in the names of wedding anniversaries: cotton, paper, leather, linen, wood. All the older family, there is more and more shared memories, customs, and family traditions. A young couple ties now. Usually by this anniversary in the family already has a child, and, quite possibly, not one.  cast Iron wedding – this is the date that should unite husband and wife, help them to believe that everything in life can be overcome, to be together with each other. It was at this period – 6-7 years after the wedding – we have a crisis of family relations. Those who stand and step over this threshold in six or seven years, have a chance to live up to the more expensive “metal” anniversaries: tin, steel, silver, gold, etc.

Six years together: the Foundation of the family is laid, it remains only to strengthen it every year to protect from any  of adversity. Cast-iron wedding: kind and strong metal-cast iron, but still fragile, rough, and ugly, black. He  fusible and therefore can take any form. And the form of future family relationships depends on the spouse, whether there will be cracks in the “iron” or he “purge” in stronger metal. Importantly, prislushivalsya to each other, to give, to care for a partner – and “cast” will become more durable and light. To live with his partner in life until the next “metal” the wedding date, you should not forget a simple truth: happiness is the sum of the daily detail, of self-sacrifice and kindness, patience and ability to forgive.


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Cast-Iron wedding – is not a reason to assemble a large and noisy company. Usually invite parents, witnesses, close relatives and good friends. Family and friends can cook comic competition program to test the spouses to test their knowledge of the habits and characteristics of the spouse. Congratulations-wedding can be put in verse, song or kastusiou form.

This wedding wife rubs all the cast iron cookware to Shine. Dishes are different. But it is desirable that they (or some of them) were cooked on the cookware made of cast iron (pans, baking forms, etc.).

From the name wedding date – the cast-iron wedding – it is understandable that you can give to a wedding on this day, young family. And it is accepted to present things made of cast iron. This can be a practical kitchen utensil, always right on the farm (pans, pots, utyatnitsu, etc.). A good gift is small household and kitchen appliances (food processor, convection oven, blender, steamer, microwave, toaster etc.) a Pleasant surprise for the young will be fashionable wrought iron furniture (chairs, armchairs, tables, etc.), original interior decorations (candle holders, wrought iron animal figures, photo frames, lamps, small sculptures or sculptural groups, vases, caskets, sconces, umbrella stand, etc.). If a young family over the years acquired their own cottage or dacha, original gift for them would be a grate made of cast iron and  the same fireplace tools (shovel, poker, tongs).

Stability in the family, evenness relationship, care and love, responsibility for yourself and your loved one, child (children) and the family – all links  spouses, marking a great date from the wedding day. Cast-iron wedding – it is an occasion to remember once again the most light, the happiest moments of family life, to look at a loved one with new eyes and understand that you care for him with all their cute and not so habits, with their quirks and moods. Cast-iron wedding – the option to renew faded slightly romantic connections once connected two loving people.

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