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Nicole Fox – an ordinary girl from Colorado, first rapidly conquered the fashion world, and then the cinema. The student, not previously dreamed of glory, has managed to overcome the fear of the podium and shyness, to take first place in the 13th season of the famous TV show ‘Top model American-style” and able to use own victory. What is known about the childhood and youth of stars, her career achievements and relationships with the opposite sex?

Nicole Fox: early years

The Supermodel was born in the state of Colorado, it happened a joyful event in 1991. Nicole Fox almost from the moment of birth differed from their peers, it was typical of qualities such as shyness, isolation. As a child, she avoided active games and almost did not participate in the children's mischief, deliberately choosing loneliness. Friends of the little American was not.

Nicole Fox

Drawing from an early age was a passion, which was the subject the whole life of Nicole Fox. Basically the girl drew self-portraits, because she didn't have models willing to pose. Parents are even equipped for my daughter a little Studio where no one bothered her surrender to the beloved.

Hardly Nicole Fox at that time could imagine myself on the podium. Career models are not favored not only for its natural isolation, but also short stature girls. Interestingly, data on the growth of stars in different sources differ from each other – 168-170 cm, However, a secret from the family she dreamed of filming a movie.


Torn between her desire to become an actress and artist, Nicole still made a choice in favor of painting. Having received secondary education, she continued her studies at the University of Colorado, located at the faculty of fine arts. Curiously, to end this institution Fox was only years later, when she had already declared himself as a model and even actress.


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Nicole Fox photo

About the beginning of the next season of the show ‘Top model American-style” the student found out by accident, seeing an ad in the University. Her attention was attracted by the fact that the organizers this time decided to give a chance to little girls to prove themselves. I wonder what the limit to growth for potential contestants was 170 see Nicole Fox photos which you can see in this article was almost convinced that will not get in the qualifying round. However, her fears proved groundless, redhead student impressed the organizers. Education had to be temporarily postponed.

The‘Top model American-style”

Err who decides that the way Nicole Fox to victory and glory, which she had brought, it was short and tiring. Yesterday the student had to fight every day with her characteristic shyness, which looked strange on the background of the unchained behaviour of other contestants. Besides, she did not immediately have a relationship with rivals, dislike the unusual girl.

Nicole Fox personal life

Demonstration models of clothes on stage was the most difficult task for Nicole. At first, her gait remained the object of criticism of the jury. A different situation was with the photo shoots. The pictures, which were attended by Fox, always came out bright, dynamic. It seemed that she was born to pose for the photographers. Judges liked the tenacity of the redheaded girl, her will to win and a readiness to work on themselves. The pros outweighed the cons, allowing the student to be in the final.

The Victory was a complete surprise to Nicole Fox. Biography girls says that it is still some time couldn't believe it, even after the announcement of the results.

Modeling career

Winning the show ‘Top model American" red-haired beauty signed a contract with the brand CoverGirl, the amount of which amounted to 100 thousand dollars. Also waiting for her appearance in Seventeen magazine, one of the best agencies in the country, with whom she collaborates to this day.

Nicole Fox biography

Nicole used the received maximum chance. At the moment her schedule of participation in the fashion show scheduled for several years ahead, it is “face” of several well-known brands and constantly shines on the covers of popular glossy magazines. Of course, the star of thousands of fans copying her style. She also managed to star in dozens of film productions, but fans are convinced that her finest role yet to come. The last picture in which starred a girl at the moment is a historical drama “garden of Eden”, whose output is expected this year.

Personal life

At the moment, 24-year-old star is not married and has no children. Of course, fans want to know who found Nicole Fox. Life star it carefully guarded from outsiders, which generates a lot of gossip. Supermodels attributed romantic relationship with several famous men. Most earnestly press insisted on her affair with Robert Pattinson, best known for the film “Twilight”. However, evidence of their affair were not found.

Apparently, Nicole Fox in the first place is now a career.

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