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A Policeman by vocation and by profession, a Chechen By birth and in spirit, a great patriot of the Republic, has always stood for Union with Russia, – that's who Alkhanov Alu Dadashevich. The biography of this figure is closely connected with Moscow and with the Terrible. There he held important government posts. The highest was the President of the Chechen Republic.


Alu Alkhanov was born on the twentieth of January 1957 in the family of the deported Chechens. Place of birth – the Kazakh Soviet socialist Republic, Taldy-Kurgan oblast, the settlement of Kirovskiy. Just a few days before the birth of the Alu, a deportation order was cancelled. And soon his parents moved to Armenia, settling in the town of Urus-Martan.Alu Alkhanov

For reviews with former classmates, school, Alkhanov was a good student, but liked the story. In this lesson, he even to write nothing necessary. Textbook rarely can be seen in his hands. But the boy knew great, literally soaking like a sponge all told by teachers. And loved to read.

Alu grew quite serious, sensitive and caring guy. But sometimes he was not averse to make fun of teachers. Played the trumpet in the school orchestra, played sports. Among his Hobbies wrestling, judo, Sambo. In General, young Alu Alkhanov was a great example of a fully developed and promising child.

Education and early career

After school Alkhanov was taken to the army. To serve he had in the southern group of forces, stationed on the territory of Hungary. After demobilization, the young man comes to the Mogilev school of transport militia at the end of which begins the career of law enforcement. The first step on the ladder was the position of an ordinary constable in the Grozny airport. Then the Alu Alkhanov fought organized crime in Nalchik. The service showed great zeal and diligence that did not go unnoticed by superiors. Therefore, the young specialist was sent to study at the Higher school of the interior Ministry in Rostov. He graduated in 1994 with honors and then worked on a post of the head of Groznenskiy luvd Severo-the Caucasian Department of internal Affairs on transport.Alkhanov Alu dadashevich


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When the war began, a difficult choice stood before a policeman named Alu Alkhanov. His biography was closely connected with Chechnya and its inhabitants, many of which advocated separation from Russia. But the Alu Dadashevich adhere to other views, which are stated openly. His position, he showed in word and deed, by joining the Federal troops. In one of the most heavy fighting, the sixth of August ninety-six years, defending the besieged separatists luvd building in Grozny, Alkhanov was seriously wounded in the stomach. Only then miraculously, none of the personnel was killed. And the wounded head luvd got to Rostov. He was saved by local doctors.

As the power in Chechnya got independence supporters of Dzhokhar Dudayev, the hero of this article was forced to stay there – on the territory of the Rostov region. But idly he sat in the ninety-ninth year taking an active part in the Chechen counter-terrorist operation.Alkhanov Alu dadashevich biography


In the ninety-seventh year Alkhanov Alu Dadashevich became the new head of the Shakhty linear Department of militia. First, subordinates treated him very wary – after all, he was a Chechen… you never know what's on your mind! But alhanova very quickly managed to gain the trust of the personnel. He managed to organize the work, not previously a brilliant performance of the Department. Besides, the man rallied the team, constantly organizing joint leisure activities, became a respected and beloved chief.

Today three years of work under the authority of Alu Dadashevich many staff members of the Department remember with warmth. To stay in the Mines forever Alkhanov could not. He really missed his native Chechnya. And once had the opportunity, back in the dear to his heart the city of Grozny, continuing work on his native land.Alu Alkhanov biography

After the return

After returning home in 2000, Alu Alkhanov again becomes the head of the transport police in Grozny. Three years later he was appointed head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Chechnya. Then he gets the straps of major-General from the President of the Chechen Republic Akhmad Kadyrov. By the way, in 2004, Kadyrov was killed during the explosion on the Grozny stadium «Dynamo». Alu Dadashevich was in this unfortunate place and was wounded. Generally, at the time of the assassination attempt on him occurred repeatedly.

President of the Chechen Republic

After the death of Kadyrov, Sr. vacated the post of President of Chechnya. And the son of the deceased, Ramzan, said that a worthy successor of his father, he sees Alkhanov. This candidacy was supported by the Chechen Diaspora.Alu Alkhanov family

Start of the election campaign, in which Alu Alkhanov Dadashevich promised to keep Chechnya part of Russia, to restore peace, develop the economy, attracting private capital and giving the green light to small and medium businesses, as well as come to grips with the construction of housing and creation of jobs. With regard to the separatist movements of Chechnya-Ichkeria, led by Aslan Maskhadov, the candidate admitted the possibility of the negotiation processes. But later took those words back.

The Twenty-ninth of August 2004 the new President of Chechnya Alu Alkhanov became. Pictures of him flashed in the media. The Russians watched with interest the processes in the region, the territory of which until recently were raging war. Had to be a very strong leader to restore it all. According to official data for Alkhanov voted 73.67 percent of the vote. But international observers reported a large number of fraud and other irregularities.

The Alu of Dadashevich President has not met the expectations of many. Moreover, the scientists stated that a de facto Republic – dual power. That is a huge role in Chechnya plays the son of the deceased Akhmat Kadyrov-Ramzan. In 2007, Alkhanov resigned. And Putin signed it. The acting President was Kadyrov. He still is the head of the Chechen Republic and successfully cope with their work.

Solicitor General

But without a working Alu Dadashevich left. In February 2007, Vladimir Putin appointed him Deputy Minister of justice of the Russian Federation. In this post Alkhanov addressed the rights of juvenile offenders, issues of security of foreign trade and tariff and customs policy. He also praised the work of the Executive authorities of Federal and regional level, being members of the respective committees. Range of matters within its competence, is extremely wide: from economy to science.Alu Alkhanov photo

Alu Alkhanov: family and personal life

Private life of Alu Dadashevich is diversity. It is similar to when the majority of believers-Muslims-Chechens. He's married. Is the father of two sons and a daughter. Spouse Alkhanov, as is common in Chechen families, she devoted herself to keeping house and raising children. About her the familiar former President of Chechnya, speak with respect and warmth. But on the very ex-President there are different opinions. Someone condemn, some praise. But one Alkhanov will accuse accurately-he never supported the separatists were against the war and fought for the prosperity of Chechnya in the Russian Federation.


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