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In the 90 years, many Russian actors began their careers with a police series. From captain Plakhova ("Lethal force”) to Admiral Kolchak (“Admiral”) was the way Khabensky Konstantin, the son who is the main character of this article. Born from the happy marriage of two loving people, at the age of one year he lost his mother, and readers are interested to know what is his fate today.

Son of Konstantin Khabensky

Welcome to child

The boy's Parents met in 1999. Anastasia Smirnova worked as a journalist on radio and took the novice actor interviews. She thought it will be another story about a guy who managed to become famous thanks to the popular TV series. But saw a charismatic young man with expressive eyes and a suddenly serious attitude to life.

She left Moscow, following a favorite in his native Petersburg. Have arranged a small apartment on the outskirts of the city, where the actor began with a desire to go back after filming. They were married in January of 2000, never again to part ever.

Anastasia went everywhere with her husband. To take her abroad for the shooting of “hard”, he begged the Director to give her a small role in which she gladly removed. They never quarreled, causing the envy of others. Lacked only one thing-a baby. Ivan Khabensky – the son of Konstantin Khabensky - appeared 7 years later. By the time the couple had already moved to Moscow, where the artist took the staff of the Moscow art theatre them. Chekhov, and proposals to act in films followed one another.


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John Knightley is the son of Konstantin Khabensky

Family Tragedy

In the early film career the actor played in the movie “property” (the main character – Elena Safonova). According to the scenario she becomes his wife, but fortunately was prevented by the illness – a woman dying of cancer. Could someone predict that a similar fate will befall the actor? The son of Konstantin Khabensky is a wanted child, but his birth mother had paid a high price. The pregnant wife has learned that patients with cancer of the brain. Needed urgent treatment, but it could affect the baby, so Anastasia took the decision to postpone the chemotherapy cycle.

After giving birth, it became clear: time is lost, formed metastases. The boy was born 25.09.2007 After that clinic in Los Angeles, where she lived the mother of a young woman with her husband, began the struggle to save Anastasia. Khabensky worked like a man possessed, jumping between the two continents. We had to pay for rented US a house for the wife and to use every opportunity to be there. Seemed to be remission, but 01.12.2008 heart courageous woman stopped.

How old is the son of Konstantin Khabensky?

Moving to Spain

Ina G. (wife's mother) after the death of his daughter wanted to educate his grandson in the States. And a few years son Konstantin Khabensky lived in America, and his father spoke with him "Skype" and the phone, doing everything possible so that nothing not needed. The fate of stars "patrols" was watched by the whole country: he was so devastated that tried several times to escape from life, abused alcohol. It saved jobs and the promise of a spouse – to replace to the boy of both parents, to make him happy. The actor moved the mother from St. Petersburg to the capital, to be able to pick up his son from an American grandmother. There was a conflict almost escalated into a trial. But the father still insisted on moving the boy into the suburbs.

The Son was surprised by the versatile abilities: five years great read, thought, spoke two languages and had no inclination to music. He was sent to a school for gifted children, but in first class he went to Spain, where together with him moved Inna Glebovna. It is a Catholic school of St. Ignacio (Barcelona), where part of the subjects taught by the monks, and students studying several languages.

Vacation in Russia

How old is the son of keira Knightley today?

In September 2016, nine years old. Father and ex-mother-in-law have restored relations for the future of the boy. Employment of the actor does not allow him to adequately engage with the child. But he spends his free time with his son, visiting him in Barcelona. Established in 2008 the charity Fund for sick children, he used Ivan in the project, which involved children's festivals “Tail”. Previously, he opened studios in several cities (Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Chelyabinsk, Perm), where the older generation of actors engaged in creative development of the younger generation.

Khabensky Konstantin, son

In 2013 keira Knightley married actress Olga Litvinova, which managed to recover his taste for life. In June 2016, the couple had a daughter Alexandra, the youngest sister of Ivan. For this reason, it was decided that the son of Konstantin Khabensky will spend my summer holidays in the suburbs. He studied at excellent, came the grown-up and very serious.

Character, Hobbies

The Boy enjoys playing football, he enjoys fencing and great draws. Like his father, wants to learn guitar. Inna G. I have to admit that the son inherited his father's talent for acting, but now in his dreams-to become an artist. In the capital the boy happily went to the theatre and children's activities, talked with my grandmother on my father's line – Tatiana Gennadievna. The son of keira Knightley – sociable and friendly boy, disproving the opinion that the offspring in Europe forgets Russian language. Festivals “Tail” he acted on stage, being involved in numerous improvisations.

The Boy showed interest and love for his little sister, very pleased father. He does not want to see my son “geek”, so taught the son to jump from a bungee, catapult and go for alloy.

Konstantin Khabensky with his son and wife

Who is Ivan Khabensky?

The Son of Konstantin Khabensky is bathed in the love of others. He managed to reconcile all their relatives. Inna of Glebovna great relationship with Olga Litvinova, she even invited the actors help with the education of their daughters. It is known that the star of Russian cinema in Playa de Aro (resort area in Spain) acquired the property for 265 thousand euros.

One would assume that this is done for Ivan, this apartment in Barcelona have to rent. But in Catholic school, the place where you want to take with birth already recorded the youngest daughter of the stars. This means that Konstantin Khabensky with his son and wife are planning to establish themselves on the shores of the Mediterranean sea.

The Reunion of father and son surely will help to develop acting talent in the latter. So, it is possible that Ivan will continue the dynasty Habenskij.


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