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Listing – is derived from the English word list (i.e. "list"), which means that someone or something marked as having a preference or tolerance for any transactions resulting from the compliance with certain requirements. The listing procedure is most commonly associated with the stock market, but it exists almost everywhere. For example, the retailer can define a list of suppliers that will deliver goods for sale in his shop.listing it

The Listing of securities normally held by the exchange. For example, on the Moscow stock exchange, up to several times a year is the update of the rules governing this process. Rules of the meeting are treated as shares of companies and bonds of organizations, municipalities, Bank of Russia etc.

Listing – this is a rather complex process that starts with figuring out that whether one or the other security requirements. They include: registered the issue prospectus, registered by the state of the report about results of issue, compliance with Issuer of stocks or bonds, etc., of the legislation of the Russian Federation (in the sphere of circulation of securities, required disclosure of information, etc.).

For a number of issuers listing – this process is accompanied by a provisional transfer of securities in special (calculated) the Depositary (for certain types of shares and corporate securities), the issuance of the global certificate (municipal, regional and state variations).

listed on a stock exchange

The Listing on the stock exchange is made on the basis of an application and documents, which includes including the text of the decision on issue of securities (in registered form), questionnaire, document certifying the size of net assets of the organization which has provided a guarantee (by bond), document, the contractual relationship between the exchange and the Issuer for the admission to trading, list of affiliates and more.


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Listing – is a short-term process, but provided that all required documents are true. Obtained from the organization's set is considered the competent Department of the Exchange, then within 10 working days (for non-listed bonds, this period is reduced to 5 working days) the decision on making securities in one or another section of the list.

listing of securities

On the Moscow exchange quotation today, there are seven sections, to get into each of which is required to observe strictly the established requirements (securities admitted to placement, subsections A (first level) (second level), B, C, Unlisted securities).

The Fact that a security was listed, does not mean that she will have them indefinitely. The same on the stock exchange can prepare the conclusion on the exclusion, in particular if:

  • All securities of this type repaid (e.g., bonds);
  • If the Issuer has ceased its activities (bankruptcy, etc.):
  • If you receive a judgment or order of the Agency;
  • If the Issuer violates or fails to comply legislation and etc.

In addition, allow the exclusion of securities from listing the relevant section for transferring them to the non-listed status.

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