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Who ^ Lev? This writer, author of works of art, in which there are such words: “there is a strong storm, I'm afraid, as if not to drown". The trouble is that none of the library to find the works of art. Even the most experienced connoisseur of Russian literature can't name any books by this writer.

The First inhabitants of our country heard the name of Speransky Lev Alexandrovich at the end of the 70s of the last century. Director Govorukhin filmed one of the books by Vainer brothers. The title of this piece today remember a few. But the series became a classic of Russian cinema. The book is called “Era of mercy”. The film – “the meeting Place cannot be changed”.

What has Speranski Lev for the film Stanislav Govorukhin? Recall the scene.

Vladimir Sharapov

«Black cat»

Lev Speransky – the mysterious person. His name in the movie is mentioned in the interrogation scene Fox. The events unfolding in the post-war years. A former war veteran Sharapova is directed to CID, where he meets an experienced investigator Zheglov. Before police faces a difficult task to arrest the gang members of «Black cat”, which keeps the fear of the Muscovites is not the first year.

scene from the movie


«Black cat” is associated a Fox. Who is he? Criminal, walks around Moscow in an officer's uniform and stolen a medal on the chest. This is all we know about him. Bandit employees of criminal investigation Department detained in the restaurant. The scene is well remembered by all who watched detective series.


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The Hero of Aleksandr Belyavskiy, actor, who played such a realistic repeat offenders that for many years ex-cons believed it was “your” appears in the “miraculous”. Just crossed the threshold of the hall, the Fox "animal instinct feels ambushed” (this is stated in the literary source).

A repeat Offender under the sounds of tango disturbing knocks the glass sits in "Studebaker". Begins furious pursuit. This time the bandit will not be able to avoid detention. Soon he will be in the investigator's office and first hear about the writer Speranskii Lev Alexandrovich.

guess the role of Fox


Fox was detained. Now the staff of the CID the next challenge – to enter the leader «Black cat». The best way – to infiltrate the gang. Sharapova, in contrast to zheglova, in person I do not know criminals. Hence there is a plan, implement that can with a message written by the hand of Fox.

Sharapov, interrogating the bandit, presents him with a letter addressed to Larisa Gruzdevaya and containing threats. This letter alleged evidence in the murder of women. However, Fox argues that it is not his handwriting. Letter Sharapov uses exclusively in order to divert the attention of the criminal. Fox will have to undergo handwriting analysis.

The Great writer

The Prisoner writes under the dictation of the quotes from the books of Lev Kassil, and Alexander Pushkin. Then Sharapov dictates to him the words of a Speransky L. A.: “there is a strong storm, I'm afraid to drown. Buddy our sickness quit sending you with him, Annie, a big Hello”.

Fox puts the date and signature, giving the investigator written. And then Sharapova asked: “What a writer such Speransky?” “Lev wonderful writer», – responsible Sharapov and smiles slyly. Too late, the offender realized that the investigator forced him to write a note to mistress Anna.

Fox showed some knowledge in the literature. Who Speransky Lev? Biography and work of writer Fox unknown, on the basis of what he understands that this is a fictitious person, name, which, apparently by accident occurred to Sharapova. Among the Soviet writers this author never had.

^ Lev – this is the name that you can hear exclusively in the detective series by Stanislav Govorukhin. In the book Sharapov calls defines a different name-Bor. It is worth to say a few words about the namesakes of the fictional writer.


Other Speranskia

Ivan Petrovich - a teacher of a theological Seminary. He lived in the XIX century. Wrote notes and articles on religious themes. In the late nineteenth century received the status of hereditary nobleman.

Boris Fedorovich – geologist and mining engineer. This Speransky was also born in the late nineteenth century. Also known as a revolutionary figure. In 1949, Boris Speranskii was arrested at the “Krasnoyarsk case”. In the camps he spent nine years. Since the mid-fifties he worked in the laboratory of the branch of Academy of science located in Siberia.

Andrey – historian. Was born in 1955. Wrote more than 90 books and scientific papers. Andrey Speransky winner of many prizes and awards.

Benjamin N. - the Soviet Colonel, participant in the partisan movement during world war II. Born in 1901. After the war was awarded the order of Lenin and the order of the red Star. Died Benjamin Speransky in 1951.

There are some more famous namesakes writer who “helped” Sharapova to gain the trust of the leader «Black cat». But none of the famous Speransky to the literature is irrelevant.


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