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Every website in the Internet, has the right to take their place. And that's right, absolutely free of charge site owners search engines that are ranking network resource in accordance with input requests. Search engines is not an easy program, they all have quite complex and intricate algorithm. The results of the search system is affected by many different factors.

In order For the site ranked one of the top lines of the list of request uses a set of special methods that are called methods of promotion of sites. One of them is the method of registering the website in search engine in particular, you can register the website to Google. It should be noted that if the website does not specifically record, it is still Google's search engine sooner or later, it will index just registration this procedure will be much faster. Simplistically, the indexing of the website can be considered as assigning a number that determines its place among all the sites of this topic.

As mentioned earlier, search engine – a fairly complex program. Each of them, except the main part – a search robot that contains in its composition several additional services that give users additional capabilities. So, if you talk about registration in the broadest sense, this term may include not only the registration to index your website, but making for additional services. Consider the advanced version of how to register website in Google. Its description is given below.


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All types, giving you the opportunity to register the site in Google, a rather simple procedure of their passing and mostly do not require any special knowledge. The most important thing – find out what services offers this search engine and why each of them need, and which of them you need to register. Consider all the services of Google search engine.


Adding a site to the queue for indexing. This is, so to speak, the main search engine service. To register the site on Google, just enter in the special form of the site name in the specified format and optionally add comments. Then click "Add URL". In order to get the registration page, you need to dial in any search engine the phrase: registration of your site on Google and go on one of these links.


The Tools of web masters Google — is a special service which helps to solve a number of pressing issues. Using this service, you can diagnose internal problems of a website from the point of view of search engines, specify the region for which it was created, and to see overall statistics. To get started with this service you need to register, and for this to come up and enter your username and password. This service also has its own link, which you can find out by entering the following query: tools for webmasters Google.


Google Analytics — the service for the collection and processing of statistical data of the website. This is a very important service which provides the user with much information about the site visitors. These data appear in tables and maps. It is possible to see how many times and where it visits as well as lots of other very useful information. Find the link to register for this service please similar to the above method, inputting the query: Analytics.

+1 Button

This is a button of social network Google. To embed it on the site, you need to insert a button on each page. After that it will appear on all pages, and the visitor will have the opportunity to push it. And the more often the button will press, the more important this page is for the Google search robot and the higher the site's ranking.


To speed up indexing you can try to register the site on Google in the free directory DMOZ. For normal check it is necessary to observe two conditions. First – find the suitable site on the subject of the section. Second – it is necessary that this thematic area had an editor, which is located at the bottom of the registration page. After “Search” and “Choice”, click "Suggest URL" and registration is complete.

As you can see, submitting your site to Google is easy, the main thing-the desire, patience and perseverance. Good luck!


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