What is the vaporizer for electronic cigarette? Replacement and repair of the evaporator. Types of electronic vaporizers cigarettes


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These original devices were introduced almost ten years ago. For a long time they were produced without significant design changes. Over the past 2 years manufacturers have modified the model and got a few new types of cigarettes. This is explained by the significant increase in demand for this device. Not the last role was played by tough competition among producers. Whatever it was, but appeared on the market klimaitiene and tankomaster models that have improved performance.vaporizer for electronic cigarette

The device

The First electronic cigarette was released in 2003 by Ryan (China). However, commercial samples, intended for sale, appeared much later (in 2008).

The Name of this device does not reflect the essence of what is in electronic cigarette. It would be more correct to call the electric inhaler, because he acts according to the same principles - "sprays" of the liquid into vapor.

Classic electronic cigarette consists of a battery, a cartridge with liquid and the evaporator. The batteries are made using the latest technology Li-Ion. The main parameters of the batteries in these devices are their capacity, measured in mAh and the operating voltage.

The volume of the battery depends on the size of the cigarette. The operating voltage is the amount of steam generated by the evaporator. Most often they output power - 3.7 V, this value today is “standard”. However, there are batteries that change power output.

Power Source

A Device that delivers to the evaporator voltage. It can be and dismountable factory batteries in different formats, battery packs, has a replaceable battery variolite, mahmodi, ratnawati and so on. For power source, two important characteristics-the ability to adjust the voltage and dimensions.replacement vaporizers for e-cigarette


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Vaporizer for electronic cigarette

This device, in which the voltage supplied from the power source goes directly to the spiral resistance. As a result, it heats up. Supplied to the spiral fluid “splash” (evaporates). This element is a supply of the liquid. And, of course, airflow (flow of air to the spiral).

The Vaporizer for electronic cigarette, depending on the design decisions may be different. From the existing design solutions are essential:

  • The implementation of the blow;
  • Storage of liquid;
  • Feed her to spiral (it may be the only fuse that is responsible for the flow and evaporation, or a separate wick of the spiral and the feed wick).

It is Necessary to consider two important characteristics: size and maintainability of the evaporator.

Based on the size of the vaporizer for electronic cigarette can be classified as follows:

  • Diameter of not more than 9 mm. They are used in devices that are reminiscent of “ordinary” cigarettes, of a diameter not exceeding 14 mm. Is the eGo-the format (eGo – this type of electronic cigarette from Joyetech – the Chinese manufacturer). This is the most popular size.
  • 16–17 mm is the average size. These vaporizers are popular too, but they produce much less.
  • Diameter of 20 mm. is Also considered “interformat” size. This vaporizer for electronic cigarettes have much more than “average”.
  • Diameter of 22–23 mm. Today this size is still one “standard” (like the " eGo " format). However, eGo-the format is usually represented maintenance-free, sometimes poluoblegayuschie vaporizers. Most of these models have a diameter of 22–23 mm
  • Sometimes there are samples with a diameter greater than 23 mm, but it is very rare. They are manufactured for use in devices with an equally powerful power supply. They are quite large, heavy and not very easy to operate. But they also use it.

repair of the vaporizer electronic cigarette

To evaluate the usability of common sizes of evaporators, as well as food sources, you can do this comparison:

  • EGo-format (14 mm) overall looks like a fountain pen;
  • Device format 22–23 mm can be compared with the thickness of the handles of kitchenware (ladles and other things).

No less important criterion when buying this device is having the opportunity to serve vaporizer for electronic cigarette. More recently, the bulk of these items were serviceable. In other words, you buy the device, briefly use, and then simply discarded.

Accepted are appliances in which the user can self-rewind of a vaporizer electronic cigarettes (spiral + wick). It is more troublesome, but allows to improve the characteristics (the amount of vapor, taste, etc.) of devices used.

It is equally important that such devices can be quite easy to maintain in the intervals when the cigarette needs to change laser (to burn, rinse the wicks and coils).rewind vaporizer electronic cigarette

What is poluoblegayuschie vaporizer

Is the Golden mean between devices, which can be served independently and are not adapted for it. In such samples provides replacement vaporizers for e-cigs.

Types of vaporizers

Today, there are several types of vaporizers (atomizers), offered by manufacturers:

  • Several obsolete model is the atomizer with the cartridge. This technology is already practically is not used.
  • Got more and more popular cartomizer in the batting. To manufacture tanks in such samples is used sintepon, this eliminates the possibility of liquid leaking. But, unfortunately, such a model will last long. Agree, this is a significant drawback.
  • Tankomaster not too practical, as quite often occur.
  • The Most popular today is the clearomizer. In models of this type, the vaporization chamber is connected to the fluid container. In addition, there is the possibility, if necessary, replace the heating element.
  • Model is called “Genesis”, is considered the most difficult to use.

how to clean a vaporizer e CIG

Liquid for electronic cigarettes

In these devices, the composition contains four components: water, fragrance, glycerin and polyproline. They are harmless to humans. If the liquid-nicotine, nicotine is added, which is undoubtedly harmful.

Clean condenser

Every owner of this device faces a problem when the evaporator begins to produce much less vapor. Well, when it is possible to replace the vaporizer in electronic cigarette. But if such function is not provided? Really just have to throw away the device? How to clean vaporizer electronic cigarette? It turns out that this is not very difficult. Moreover, there are several ways, how to clean vaporizer electronic cigarette.

Do Not try to just make some complex operations. Start simple. Try to regularly remove excess liquid. This simple procedure will help extend the life of the evaporator between cleanings. At night, remove the cartridge from the cigarette and place it on a lint-free cloth in a vertical position.replacement vaporizer electronic cigarette

If while Smoking you will hear the sloshing sound, do not panic. You just have to Unscrew the case and pull out the evaporator from the base of atomizer. Look at his “back” part, marked with yellow stripes. On it you will see the remains of the liquid. The same picture you will see and the Central contact of the battery. Using a normal tissue carefully wipe the excess fluid. Then assemble the device.

Repair evaporator

If, cleaned the evaporator, you still feel the smell of burning, so it needs to be repaired. Better to do it in a specialized workshop that supports your model. But if this is not possible, try to repair the vaporizer electronic cigarette yourself.how to clean a vaporizer e CIG

Remove the Central wick holder. At the place of contact with helix you will probably find that it's overcooked. Rinse and blot dry the evaporator. Using the jewelry pliers, remove the damaged area, and the wick is down deeper. Then collect the device soaked in a liquid.


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