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Sweet pears, peaches, plums attract not only kids, they are loved by wasps and bees. Sometimes they get to these fruits first and, climbing inside, they feast on the sweet pulp there. Therefore, in summer, wasps and bees pose a danger not only when they hover around you, but also when you eat fruits or other sweets, especially on the street.

what to do if a child is bitten by a wasp

What is the danger of a wasp bite?

For some, it can be fraught with only short-term pain, a small tumor and redness of the bite site, which will disappear in a few hours. For others - the occurrence of an allergic reaction, extensive and severe. It will manifest itself by the appearance of a rash on the body, itching, shortness of breath, dizziness and even loss of consciousness. There is a so-called anaphylactic shock. However, hypersensitivity to wasp venom is not very common.

First aid rules

Immediately after the bite, first aid should be given to the baby.

The algorithm of actions is quite simple and looks like this:

  • The bee sting should be removed as early as possible – the longer it stays in the patient's skin, the greater the amount of poison gets into the baby's blood.
  • The sting should not be removed with fingers, tweezers should be used for this purpose. This is due to the fact that actions with bare hands can provoke a rupture of the vial with poison.
  • After removing the sting, the wound should be treated with a disinfectant. For these purposes, alcohol, iodine and hydrogen peroxide can be used. A cold compress should be applied to the site of the lesion; such manipulation reduces the likelihood of the spread of the trapped poison through the body.
  • To eliminate soreness at the puncture site, a compress prepared from the following means should be used: chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, soda solution.
  • If a child is bitten by a wasp in the arm, a tourniquet should be applied above the puncture site for 30 minutes. In order for the tourniquet not to cause a violation of blood supply in the limb, it should be relaxed every 10 minutes.
  • It is important to pay attention to the prevention of dehydration. The baby should consume a sufficient amount of liquid.
  • Give the baby an antihistamine, in an age-appropriate dosage.

Such an algorithm of actions is the most acceptable. The help provided according to this instruction will be the key to preventing the manifestation of dangerous complications.

The child was bitten by a wasp: first aid

What should I do if a child is bitten by a wasp? In any case, do not panic, but try to help. To relieve pain from a wasp bite, first of all it is necessary to disinfect the bite site and attach something cold to it, for example, a piece of ice or a wet cloth. Then you should give the child hot tea and be sure to take an allergy pill, for example, Suprastin, Diazolin, Claritin or Cetirizine. If the bite site is very itchy, you can use special ointments such as "Psilo-balsam", "Irikara".

baby was bitten by wasp first aidWhat should I do if a child is bitten by a wasp in the mouth or tongue? This is very dangerous if the child suffers from allergies. Swelling of the larynx can lead to suffocation. It is necessary to immediately give an allergy pill and call a doctor, perhaps the doctor will recommend injections or tell you which anti-allergenic drugs to take. Before the arrival of the doctor, the throat should be rinsed with cool water.

What to do if a child is bitten by a wasp at a picnic? At a picnic, a plantain leaf, a parsley root, a slice of onion or cucumber that you need to attach to the bitten place will help you. You can lubricate the itchy place with dandelion juice or mint leaves, or you can attach a dressing with garlic or onion gruel, raw mashed potatoes to the wound.

If a child was bitten in the eye by a wasp, then there is nothing particularly terrible about it. You need to act in the same way as in previous cases. And most likely, you will have to walk for a couple of days with a swollen eye until the swelling subsides.

It happens that the reaction to a wasp bite does not manifest itself immediately. Therefore, if your child was bitten for the first time, you should consult a doctor to insure against anaphylactic shock. Finally, if a child is bitten by a lot of wasps, you need to call an ambulance immediately.

Prevention of wasp and bee stings

Most often, wasps or bees can bite you in nature when you go on a picnic, to the village, to the country. the child was bitten in the eye by a waspIn order not to attract their attention, you should not wear bright clothes and use toilet water with a sweet or floral smell. Long hair is best collected in a ponytail or hidden under a headdress.

At a picnic, you should try to eat less sweets, do not leave food and drinks open, wash your lips and hands after eating, especially for children.

If a wasp or a bee still flew to you, do not brush it off or try to kill it, it is better to step aside. You can use insect repellents.

By following all these tips, you are more likely to be able to avoid having to look for an answer to the question: what to do if a child is bitten by a wasp?

When is it necessary to seek help from specialists?

If the wasp bite has fallen on the surface of the mucous membranes, and the swelling that has formed is rapidly spreading, an emergency call for emergency care is necessary.

Attention! In this case, the first aid measure is extremely simple - prevention of dehydration, the child should drink enough liquid.

The list of symptoms requiring immediate medical attention includes:

  • The manifestation of wheezing in a child, such a symptom may indicate the development of suffocation;
  • Difficulties during conversation or swallowing;
  • Complaints of pain in the chest area – such a symptom may be the result of the penetration of poison into the human body in significant quantities;
  • The manifestation of shortness of breath, dizziness and other symptoms that are characteristic of intoxication;
  • The presence of multiple bites on the baby's body;
  • The appearance of suppuration in the bite area after some time – such a symptom may indicate infection.

Mistakes of parents

The wasp, like many other insects, does not sting a person just like that, it often happens as a result of a threat.

Why do bees often sting children? Children often consume sweets and sweets on the street, and it is this smell that attracts bees. After meeting with the wasp, you need to remain calm.


  • Actively swing your arms, trying to drive away the insect;
  • Drive away the wasp with sharp movements: claps, swings;
  • Shouting loudly may frighten the child and cause panic.

How to act:

  • If the candy became the bait for the wasp, it should be thrown away.
  • Once in a place where a sufficient number of OS has accumulated, you should leave it.
  • It is worth avoiding walks near reservoirs on hot summer days. It is the heat that is often the cause of insect aggression.

Refusing to seek medical help is not always the best solution. If the bite fell on the child's arm or leg, and it is an isolated one, there is certainly no threat to the life of the crumbs, but it is necessary to monitor the child's condition in any case. An increase in body temperature or the manifestation of symptoms of intoxication is a reason to call an emergency team.

It is difficult to find a person who has not encountered such an incident as a wasp bite throughout his life. It would seem that this is an ordinary situation, but it can also be dangerous, especially if an insect stings a child.

A single bite is not dangerous, but multiple lesions are a clear indication for hospitalization of the patient in the intensive care unit. Parents should remember the need for timely access to a doctor.

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