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The hall is the hallmark of the apartment, as guests are received there and special events are celebrated. Therefore, every detail of the furniture of this room is so important for the perception of the overall picture. Properly selected curtains can support the general idea of interior design, create style and give a solemn look to the room. Even an absolutely empty room with curtains looks cozy.

lambrequins in the hallFor this reason, the choice of curtains for the living room should be approached very responsibly. A lot depends on them in the room. Curtains and beautiful lambrequins for the hall can expand the space, as well as visually reduce the room in volume. Sometimes they create an atmosphere of mystery, darkly falling in heavy folds, and sometimes their lightness and brightness evoke a playful mood.

The ideal way to choose curtains is considered to be "fitting" several options. But, of course, this method is most often unavailable. Therefore, with the support of your sense of style, you should carefully consider every fold on the fabric.

beautiful lambrequins for the hallFirst of all, it should be understood that you should not chase models presented in various printed sources as fashionable. Probably not all of these curtains or lambrequins in the hall of your apartment will look good. When selecting textiles, it is necessary to be guided not by fashion, but by style. Furniture, curtains and accessories presented in the same stylistic orientation will successfully transform the room.


Classic curtains with drapery can be called an easy-to-use and ideal option. Moreover, the lambrequins in the hall can be of a contrasting color with the curtains or decorated with fringe. The combination of companion fabrics will give a special piquancy to the entire interior. Thus, despite the seeming standard of such an ordinary object as curtains, the variety of shades, textures and shapes allows you to express any design idea.


Lambrequins in the hall are possible even in the hi-tech style. The main thing when creating such an interior is to choose the appropriate fabric that meets the requirements of the chosen orientation. Of course, we are talking about plain materials with a glossy effect, sometimes with interlacing metallic threads. As a rule, curtains are smooth canvases without folds. Lambrequin can also have a simple geometric texture.

lambrequins for the price hall


For the Provencal style or country, lambrequins in the hall are a self—evident requirement. But such interiors are characterized by light natural fabrics in pastel tones. The design idea in the Provence style assumes fullness of natural sunlight. Therefore, the fabric for curtains should gently let in the sun's rays. Paisley prints and floral motifs are traditional for this style.

Curtains can set the mood for the whole room. And lambrequins for the hall will help to complete the chosen style, emphasize sophistication and fill it with solemnity. Their prices are affordable, starting from about 200 rubles per running meter, but sometimes they can reach 7,000. The use of this decoration allows you to correctly place stylistic accents.

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