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For most children, radio-controlled toys are the best gift. And literally 10 years ago, and at all the limit of dreams. It is interesting, unusual and exciting. The most common equipment, cars, tanks, airplanes, which can be controlled remotely. Of course, this type is most loved by boys. The industry of children's toys is always developing rapidly. Not so long ago, the developers were pleased with a new product called "Flying Fish".

General characteristics

The creators of this simple and at the same time ingenious toy are William and Mark Forti. In 2011, they presented their invention at the Toy Fair, which takes place in New York every year. Everyone present was amazed by their creation. Since then, this unique toy has gained mass interest all over the world, not only among boys and girls of different ages. Adults also enjoy having fun with it.

The overall dimensions, together with the tail and fins, are 145 cm in length, 90 cm in height and 60 cm in width. At the moment, there are two options for the colors of flying fish on sale. What to choose - a toothed shark or a clown fish, as in the cartoon about Nemo , is a matter of personal taste and preferences. The operation of the radio-controlled inflatable fish is completely silent. It is very easy to manage it, because even a small child can easily cope with this task. The radio signal is quite powerful. Receiving commands is possible even at a distance of about 40 adult steps. But it is recommended to use the toy only indoors. In the open air, flying fish can accidentally "escape", becoming a victim of gusts of wind.


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How flying fish works

The shape and material of which the flying fish is made resemble an ordinary balloon. In principle, it is. Just use not rubber or latex, but strong nylon, which is able to maintain its properties and integrity for a long time. Fill it with helium, so that the figure can easily float in the air and not fall to the floor. Nylon foil is safe for the child's health, as is helium.

The flying fish toy is equipped with a control unit that is located in its fins and tail. It receives a signal from a remote control with two levers, with which the child gives commands. To power the remote control, ordinary finger batteries are used. The inflatable model itself has a battery that is recharged with a charger. It is included with the product.

Toy assembly

The toy is delivered in disassembled form. It will take some time to build it, 30-60 minutes. But this process is not particularly difficult for an adult, if you act according to the attached instructions or read the video on the Internet. For balancing, special plastic inserts are used, which are glued to the surface of the inflatable figure. This is necessary so that it does not rise too high up on its own because of the helium it is filled with, and does not fall down unnecessarily. The amount of such a load must be reduced over time, as the helium inside the product gradually loses its properties and the plastic glued initially will pull the toy down.

Flying fish maintenance

Inflate the toy with helium about once a week, sometimes less often. Therefore, it is worth taking care that such an opportunity exists. It is best, of course, to buy or rent a special cylinder with a pump to use it at home, if necessary, to inflate or inflate the airship fish. But this is not necessary. For a small fee, you can fill it with helium at any point of sale of balloons. If you need to fold the toy for storage, the helium from it must be lowered with a straw, which is inserted into the valve for inflating.

What can a fish do?

In addition to the fact that the radio-controlled flying fish can soar in the air, it is able to perform a number of other tasks. So, if desired, it is not difficult to force it to make turns and pirouettes by pressing the appropriate levers on the control panel. One of them regulates the angle of inclination of the product, and the second is responsible for the

Flight movements of the tail. Also, the flying radio-controlled fish is equipped with a special device, thanks to which it is possible to move up and down or change course by 360 degrees. During the game, the fish can not only move, but also freeze in the air.

The movement of the fish is due to the flapping of the tail to the sides. According to the same principle, real fish swim in the water. Therefore, the flying fish looks very harmonious, only it floats in the air, moves smoothly and maneuverably bypasses obstacles in the form of room furniture and walls.

A radio-controlled flying fish is a great gift option for a child of any age. Such an unusual friend will be happy teenagers, and the kids new fun will cause a real delight. The flying fish, with its appearance, has become a key character of fun pranks among young people, as well as an original "live" decor during various festive celebrations.

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