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Interactive toys are increasingly entering the life of the modern child. Today's children can only envy from the bottom of their hearts-fortunately, the choice is really infinitely great. One of the most entertaining toys is the Baby Bon doll.

Who is it?

This wonderful creation of modern civilization can eat, drink and even go to the potty. In addition, the set with the doll itself includes a plate with a spoon, a pot, diapers. Things for "Baby Bon" are an integral component of the game.

"Baby Bon" resemble real babies, so it's so nice to play with them. The toy is made of plastic, but it is arranged in such a way that its arms and legs move. Without a doubt, this is the best gift for a girl. Your daughter will be happy to swaddle the doll, take care of it.

Why is it so popular today, "the Baby boom"? The photo of the toy is striking in its similarity to the NSO kids. Right now in society there is a fashion for children, so dolls are played not only by little girls, but also by adult women. Having achieved serious success, but not realizing their maternal instinct, many ladies "nurse" such dolls.

Meanwhile, for a full-fledged game with "Baby Bon", special accessories are needed to make the process more interesting and naturalistic. Things for "Baby Bon" Can be bought, and you can make your own hands, for example, tie. In this article, we will tell you what you need to buy to play with this doll.

Basic necessities

This can include bottles intended for feeding, a plate, a mug, a spoon. The doll can take its own food, it has a small hole made in its mouth for this purpose. Included with it is a special soluble powder (toy "porridge"), which can be easily removed from the" body " of the doll when she "goes to the toilet". Playing with "Baby Bon", you will feel an amazing surge of energy and strength. You will definitely want to come up with something else for a funny baby doll. Things for "Baby Bon" are necessary to create an atmosphere of realism.


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All kinds of clothing

It may seem surprising to some, but such a naturalistic doll needs to purchase clothes separately. What for? Otherwise, you will not get a full-fledged game that brings great pleasure. Things for Baby Bon dolls do not have to be purchased separately in the store, you can sew them with your own hands. However, it is clear that not all people have the skills of sewing or knitting. Then you can buy beautiful original clothes that will create a bright, unforgettable image for the doll and will please your daughter. By the way, sliders, booties, tights, a suit for the exit, a dress for dolls can be picked up in children's departments, since the size of the toy almost corresponds to a real child.

A truly unique creation of the masters is the original doll "Baby Bon". Her photo will take pride of place in your daughter's album. Analyze all the details to understand whether you need to buy it. Recently, an interesting trend has been observed: girls are increasingly playing with dolls. This further has a positive effect on the desire to have their own children. Girls get used to babysit, take care, learn to do all the necessary actions to care for the baby. Since the Baby Bon doll is not much different from a real child, you can slowly master the role of a mother with it.

Hygiene supplies

Do not think that the purchased doll will sit quietly in a corner or gather dust on the cabinet. No, it was purchased to take a worthy place in the apartment and attract attention. Things for "Baby Bon" are not limited only to fashionable clothes. What else does he need? Let's look at it in order. The feeling of emotion is caused only by one look at the photo. Things for "Baby Bon" must include items for washing, diapers, a pot. By the way, diapers for the doll are used quite natural (real), which increases the joy of communicating with her.

Cot and carrier

Do you want your purchased baby to feel great and comfortable? Then buy him a good baby cot, in which the baby will sleep. You can't even imagine how much joy "Baby Bon" can give. Things for "girls" - dolls will be even more pleasant to buy: how many wonderful dresses, sundresses you can buy! Such a "live" doll will be the pride of your child, will enjoy incredible success with your daughter's girlfriends.

If you are going to the country or going on a trip, then the doll, without a doubt, you can take with you. For a comfortable move, you will need to take a carrier with you, where you will put your pet or pet. The uniqueness of the "Baby Bon" dolls is that they can be played with not only by children, but also by adult women. Let it seem strange and abnormal to someone, but if you enjoy this game, why not allow yourself such a small weakness.

Baby Buggy

Who would have thought that you could walk with an interactive doll! Go for a walk in any weather, because you, unlike real moms, do not need to worry about the fact that the "baby" will freeze and catch a cold. None of the passers-by will guess that the stroller is not a real baby, but a doll. If the toy was purchased for the daughter, then it can be safely released into the yard with a "Baby Bon" – in her case, it will look more than natural.

A stroller for a doll can be selected in the children's department. Here you can decide for yourself which one is more suitable for you: a toy or a real one.

Thus, accessories for the doll will help turn the game process into an exciting action. A small baby can not only be swaddled, but also fed, cared for, and sewed clothes for him. Play together with your child, play alone (if you do not have your own children or they are already grown up), have fun.

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