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With the onset of cold weather should think about choosing a winter hat. To choose a beautiful hat for a child, you need to pay attention to fashion.children's hat with fur POM-POM hit of the season this year is a children's hat with fur pompom. To a child like a purchase, it is necessary to make with him.

The requirements Knitted hat

Choosing a hat for the child, you need to pay attention to the fact that it covers the lugs. To prevent diseases of ENT-organs in children with weak immune system should choose the model with ties. Especially if wearing a hat will baby. Older children can choose a model with extra-long “ears” that can protect from wind.

Advantages of the product is determined by not only its beauty, but also practicality. The main requirement for the choice of headgear should be its ability to retain heat and protect from the wind. knit hats with fur POM-POM

Looking at the elegant knitted hat with fur pompom, you should pay attention to the yarn used to create products. This should be either pure wool, or the thread with the addition of acrylic. Clothes made of such yarn, it is washable with machine. They have the ability to stretch and return to its original state. Also suitable Angora, Alpaca, mohair.

Selection of fur hats

You Can purchase a fur model. Huge selection of classical style and men's manner - hats with earflaps. And also you can pay attention on fur POM-POM original form on a small lace. The combined model, which combines fur with leather, raincoat cloth, presented in a huge range. Often, the material for the insulation of fur and combination hats can be a hollowfiber or polyester.


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What are the limitations? Headgear of fur is not always possible to recommend to children. The reason is the frequent occurrence of allergic reactions. This can occur due to incomplete cleaning of fur from the skin of the animal. baby hats with POM-POMMade of artificial material children's hat with fur POM-POM will cause the baby sweating and irritation, because synthetics are not breathable.

Superdan for headgear

There is another option of models of hats – the membrane. What is it? The product is made of a membrane fabric suitable for autumn and spring. In winter you can wear it with extra good insulation and moisture proof.

Headgear should consist of the following layers:

  1. Thermal Underwear. Thanks to him, the heat generated by the body is retained, and the moisture passes through it. It can be synthetic good quality fabric, and is contraindicated in cotton because it is very well absorbs moisture.
  2. Wool with an artificial impurity. The layer should be three-dimensional. Its purpose is to moisture transport and heat retention. For this purpose, the fabric is a polar fleece and hats with fur POM-POM
  3. The Membrane is the third and final layer. It is then up to the body and thereby brings the sweat to the outside without letting moisture from the outside.

Children's hat with a fur bobble, which is made by this method will provide comfort and safety while walking. Thus, sweaty child does not get cold on the street, because the sweat through the membrane is drawn outwards, the heat is left inside. But we should remember that the reason for the withdrawal of moisture is the difference in air pressure outside and under the hood. If the child will stand on one place, it may get cold.


To buy the right model, it is necessary to arrange shopping and markets. cap with fur pompom photo But it is possible without leaving to spend shopping. Storefronts on the Internet are full of its diversity. Hats with fur POM-POM (pictured right) presents not only for children but for teenagers and adults.

  • There is a model with a large number of small POM-POM placed on the surface made of the same material as the cap. For example, three large POM-POM: one on top, two - a kind of “ears”.
  • Some models can have dainty clasps with buttons.
  • Hat with a large pompom and lapel with a height of five inches.
  • The product with the pattern “KOs”, a large POM-POM and band width of two centimeters.
  • Beanie with POM-POM in the amount of three pieces of different sizes hanging from the top.
  • White model with lining, slightly elongated ears end in long pigtails with a fluffy bobble on the end. On top of a short pigtail that ends in a pompom.
  • Original baby hat with POM POM and ears, ending in fluffy tassels, will appeal to toddlers 2-3 years old.
  • The Product is associated in the form of a beret, made with a cross-front sloping loops.
  • Hat shaped like the triangular hat is a popular trend of the season. This model is more appropriate than children and their mothers.
  • Kids will have the option of a headdress in the animal style.

Handling knitted products

Washing woolen goods must either be at a gentle setting in the washing machine or manually. Then, things will last much longer. The method of washing depends on the type of material. If wool with acrylic, can be safely washed in the washing machine. The product of Angora are also allowed to machine washable with a delicate wash, no spin. But the best baby hats with fur POM-POM wash your hands at a temperature not greater than 40 degrees. To knit the thing kept appearance, you need not to use bleaching agents. Better to use regular shampoo or liquid soap.

Rinse water should be slightly warmer than the one in which erased. Hard water can be soften by adding two tablespoons of vinegar in a bucket of water. You must completely rinse out the foam. Gently wring out, without twisting. For drying of headgear you can use the Bank. Children's washed hat with fur POM-POM shaken and put on a jar.

The Care of fur products

For cleaning of fur products uses refined gasoline. However, people with allergies better to avoid such manipulations.

The Fur is rubbed with a cloth along the NAP. Then the POM-POM should be a comb-toothed comb. To remove stains apply a mixture of ammonia, salt and water. Solution clean the fur and combing after drying.


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