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In the Shoe industry cannot do without pads - they are the basis. Their main role lies in making shoes, boots, etc. the desired shape similar to the shape of the foot.Pads for shoes

According to its purpose pads for shoes are basic (prolonged) and assisted (stretching, finishing, raspravitsya).

For the formation of the upper part of the “clothing for the legs» apply long, to prevent possible deformation in the process of finishing finishing.

Pads for stretching shoes stretching are called, they are used for both new and second-hand copies. Storage in the home, with the aim of preserving the appearance apply the so-called raspravitsya pads.

A Protracted pads for shoes differ in many respects: length, sex, age, and intended purpose, completeness, design, material, shape of the bow and the level of elation heel part. Shoe making shoes (they are protracted), just like the shoes on purpose (depending on gender and age), divided into ten groups. Pads for stretching shoesIn each group they differ in length. Shoe shoes have room under the metric system that is equal to the length of the foot in centimeters. The spacing between adjacent rooms is made of half an inch. Even those pads for shoes which are of equal length, may have different completeness (transverse size), which also has numbering from 1 to 7(sometimes 9).

But that's not all! Depending on the shape of the nose, emboss, heel and heel height, the Shoe lasts generally fall into several groups: without heels, with low (elevation up to 2,5 cm), middle(3-4 cm), high(5-6 cm), very high (over 6 cm) heel. Depending on the design they still divided into sliding, one-piece and articulated with a sawed wedge options.


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For tailoring footwear with the internal formation of the blanks used sliding pads. Shoe sewing shoesOne piece is used for the manufacture of turnout, airborne and sandalnike methods of fastening the bottom and room shoes.

The Base pad can be of different materials. The lingering look made from hornbeam and beech wood. Pads designed for the manufacture of shoes, sandals, indoor, child and molodetskoy shoes, usually made of birch. Have a place of metal and plastic accessories.

Stretching the view pad is irreplaceable in case if you want to make stretching boots or shoes, not deforming them. This device helps slightly to increase the size and change the form of lacquer, leather, suede and other shoes made of natural materials. Artificial materials such as artificial leather, such effects should not be subjected to. Using this type pad you can stretch the length and width of different parts of the Shoe or boot , with the exception of the climb.

In the case of the presence on the foot corns, calluses, bone spurs and similar troubles stretching becomes necessary. Because it will make “clothing for the legs» more convenient. Pads for stretching is provided with a spiral parts, which allow the correction very carefully.

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