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What mom doesn't want her daughter was the most elegant, wearing unique things, and more at anybody such was not? You can then associate the little Princess a wonderful blouse. Jacket for girl, knitting needles and mother's hands tied, will give the baby the opportunity to experience love and to be warm and well dressed.

The Theater begins with a hanger, and knitted sweater – patterns

Jacket for girls knitting

Before you start knitting such a garment as a jacket for girls (knitting), you need to make a pattern of the product. It is required if you tally set-in sleeves. If you make Raglan sleeves, it is possible to do without it.

The Front part of the blouse consists of two parts – the right and left shelves. They are quite similar, only they are knit in a mirror image. First, draw the lower part of the blouse, then the middle. The touch line must be parallel to the median, but it is shorter and ends where it begins armhole sleeves. Here is a semi-circular line up to the shoulder. The neck is semi-circular, triangular, depending on what is connected sweater for girls knitting. The back-cap. The sleeves have a line of brushes have slightly smaller dimensions than the shoulder. Around the shoulder the sleeve is semi-circular.

How to knit a sweater for girls knitting

First fit a small sample to determine the density of knitting and understand how much each dial loops. For example, 1 cm – 1 loop. Then typed in as many loops, how many centimeters below has every detail as the model with the sewn-in sleeve, contrast, Raglan, knit from the bottom.


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jacket for girls knitting diagram

The figure shows red with blue trim jacket for girls. Knitting to bind her even aspiring needlewoman. To create this product is one of the most simple drawings – garter knit. Despite its simplicity, the jacket looks impressive.

To do such a thing, you need to knit or only the front or only the reverse. The reverse loop to create a little longer, so novice seamstresses can use the front. Then they need to start knitting from the wrong side. So fit jacket for girls knitting. The diagram shows how to create garter knit with purl loops.

Create a cozy beauty

Jacket for girls knitting begins to vymazyvaja bottom. To do this, first dial on both the spokes the desired number of loops and knit garter viscous up to his armpits. Here create a small semicircle inward with the help of subtraction, and then set the hinges. For small children you can not do, and knit straight until neckline. The neckline binding. After the top of the line, the middle shelf began to close the loop to make the neckline, from the shoulder to the neck also need to start closing loops, but in a straight line.

link jacket for girls knitting

As well, but only a single cut and with a lower neckline fit back. If the armhole is not semicircular, and video, on the sleeves too, not vivaselecta the semicircle, and they end with a straight line. Now by hand or on the sewing machine, gently stretching the knit you need to stitch all the details. Their irons. Further, tied off with a blue thread in the hem, sleeves and neckline of the product. On the left half of the shelves in place of strapping are a few of the stitches to make buttonholes.

Blouse ready. Let the little Princess wears her faster and walks in beautiful designer clothes, created in a single instance.

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