Hydrocele in the newborn: what to do?


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Congenital hydrocele in the newborn-a disease that appears as a result of violations of the outflow of fluid. The disease manifests itself by a noticeable increase in testicle due to accumulation of fluid in it. It should be noted that hydrocele in a child can be both one-way and two-way.

Hydrocele in the newborn: causes

Edema is caused by abnormalities in the development of the egg in the womb. The fact that during the formation of the genitals of the boy in the scrotum descend not only the testicles, but the vaginal process — part of the peritoneum. Normally, the hole of this bone heals, but in some cases it remains open and creates the possibility of accumulation of fluid. In some cases, the hole self-heals after birth — in this case, treatment is not required.

As for the reasons of such violation, the modern medicine knows some of them:

- the pregnant women of such harmful habits as alcohol abuse, Smoking (both active and passive);

- incorrect use of certain medication;

- the penetration of a woman's body is the cause of rubella, or chicken pox;

- intrauterine infection of fetus;

genetic heredity, and such a tendency may be transmitted either from the father or grandfather and previous generations;

-severe trauma to the inguinal region.

Hydrocele in the newborn symptoms

The Main symptom of hydrocele is, of course, the increase of one or two testicles. It should be noted that the dimensions of dropsy is directly dependent on the amount of accumulated fluid. The amount of fluid can vary from a few milliliters up to 1–3 litres.


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There is such a thing as communicating hydrocephalus. In this form of the disease, the fluid circulates between the testicle and the abdominal cavity. Upright enlargement of the scrotum immediately catches the eye, but once the baby rotates to a horizontal position, all the symptoms disappear, as the fluid moves into the abdominal cavity. It is therefore important that parents closely followed the development of your baby.

The Increase in the volume of testicles in some cases so great that the child is not able to stand or sit, as experiencing the constant discomfort. Despite this, the disease is virtually never causes pain.

Hydrocele in the newborn: diagnosis

In most cases, the diagnosis of this disease – the process is fairly simple. Experienced doctor enough careful visual inspection and palpation to determine the presence of the disease.

In the future of the child, as a rule, sent for ultrasound which will accurately determine the presence of hydrocephalus and its cause. Through such analysis, the doctor will also be able to determine the degree of development of hydrocephalus and the amount of gathered fluid. Similarly, it is possible to determine the presence of concomitant diseases such as cysts of the seminiferous canalize, malignant or benign, inguinal hernia, etc.

Hydrocele in the newborn: treatment

As a rule, in the diagnosis of this disease in the newborn child, the doctors do not take any drastic measures. The first six months or a year you just need to regularly to show the child the doctor-the urologist. In most cases the disease disappears by itself.

In that case, if the testicles accumulates too much fluid and it starts to put pressure on shell bodies, the doctor can appoint carrying out of a puncture. During this procedure, liquid artificially removed from egg.

In the absence of improvements recommended surgery. To do such a procedure need not later than the child reaches the age of two.

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