Vibrating massager for face Revoskin Gold: negative feedback, instructions for use and description


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Achievements of cosmetology does not cease to amaze. After effective creams to eliminate signs of aging, come to the market innovative instruments. Manufacturers each new promise mind-blowing results for a low price, guarantee the safety use and no side effects.

Beautiful skin with the vibrating real: truth or hoax?

One of these is Revoskin Gold. Negative feedback would seem to serve as reliable proof that the product – another fraud trying to cash in on the reluctance of women to grow old. But is everything so simple? What if this ultra-modern device for skin – a truly effective way to keep the skin in good condition? The deal will help the real reviews about vibro Revoskin.revoskin vibrating massager for face reviews

This product has a lot of advantages claimed by the manufacturer. The principle of this massage device is simple: the vibration waves smooth wrinkles, stabilize the processes of the blood supply of the epidermis, revitalize cell metabolism. Positive changes will be noticeable even after short use ion vibrating massager Revoskin Gold. For the skin of the fair sex, he is simply irreplaceable at any age: older women with him smooth out the wrinkles, and the young girl used the device more in the prevention of age-related changes or eliminate acne.

The Principle of operation and description in brief

So, what is this device? The appearance of the device resembles a razor with classic showerheads without a blade. It is made from aluminium and brass, has a gold plated finish, has little power, as it works on battery type “AAA”.real reviews about vibro revoskin
Lightweight massager for skin – another pleasant surprise for the fairer sex. Thanks to its compact size, many girls carrying it in my purse so that when any free minute (for example, a break at work) to make a nice and relaxing massage of the face.


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Why the bustline for individuals ill?

It is possible that the negative reviews about Revoskin Gold – intrigues of competitors. After all, they don't just fade into the background admiring comments of women, who had to test on themselves action of the device, but look very convincing. Most of the negative reviews about Revoskin Gold is written from an anonymous person, they lack a clear statement of the disadvantages and minuses of the bustline. Reviews of type “bought - tried - did not like - I do not recommend" not able to give a complete picture of the product, and therefore should not trust them.revoskin gold reviews instruction

Also, is it possible to avoid thinking about that girl who wrote negative reviews about Revoskin Gold, bought a fake instead of the original product? The manufacturer warns that the original item can only be purchased on the official website. Probably wanting to save money, unlucky buyers purchased the massager in a precarious place, but at a better price.

Revoskin Gold instead of a bunch of makeup

It is Worth to say that they would benefit a little. You do not need to be the greatest mathematician to calculate how many regularly out of funds for the purchase of creams, lotions, Botox injections and other procedures. To maintain youth and beauty is costly not only in financial terms, so with an ionic vibrating massager Revoskin Gold in women will have more time for family, work, recreation and entertainment.revoskin gold negative reviews

Judging by the reviews, the instrument gained wide popularity in the shortest time after its introduction in the domestic market, which is not surprising. The device is unique, at least, they are not found by those who have tried to find something similar. According to the instructions and reviews on Gold Revoskin, contraindications to the use of this phone no. Use the massager even men suffering from skin irritation after shaving.

Is There a result: what to expect from the application?

The results of using the vibro for some time amazing, not to mention changes in the condition of the skin is impossible. The majority of shoppers were satisfied with the following changes:

  • There was a healthy and smooth complexion;
  • Even the deepest mimic wrinkles become less visible;
  • Skin elasticity and firmness, allowing you to look younger than their years;
  • Disappeared not only pimples, acne, and bruising.

Among the reviews on vibrating massager for face Revoskin Gold often found the responses of the women this device has helped to get rid of age spots on hands, face, chest area. ion vibrating massager revoskin gold for the skinThe owner of oily skin note that the device effectively acts on the pores, cleansing and narrowing them. Some women acknowledge that after a month of use they have normal sebum from the face and lost the Shine.

Just like in the instructions, or what to look for

Despite the ease of use, before applying it is advisable to read the instructions. By the way, often ignoring the manufacturer's recommendations leads to the willfully ignorant use of the device and, as a consequence, the lack of results. Here is another quite possible explanation of the negative reviews. For example, the manual says bluntly: during the procedure, do not press on the device. Strong pressure on the massager does not produce the desired effect. To begin the session, is simply to bring "gold machine" to face and begin to massage.

In contrast to different creams that need to be selected on the basis of skin type, dry or oily, vibrating universal. Not prohibited its use in dry skin, dermatitis and minor damage of the epidermis. In addition, the use of the device is absolutely for vibrating massager for face revoskin gold
Massage using this device it is possible to do in other parts of the body, which only contribute to increased muscle tone.

In addition, the instructions for use there are other recommendations:

  • Before the procedure, the skin must be cleaned with a tonic for maximum degreasing of the surface.
  • Single session duration should not exceed three minutes.
  • To achieve the desired results, use the appliance for 2 months without missing a single day.
  • Upon completion of this course a month-long break, and then repeat the course.

How should undergo the procedure?

The manufacturer does not put restrictions on the number of sessions per day. Depending on free time and the desire to achieve the goals of the procedures can be anything. But it is important to give the skin to relax, not to drive the massager in the face every 5-10 minutes. The systematic application and patience-a guarantee of excellent results. Reviews on vibrating massager for face Revoskin say about the first noticeable changes in appearance that occur after 3-4 days of application. Subsequent use accelerates the process of skin regeneration. By the way, in the instructions of the scheme application of the massager:

  • In the first week procedure can be performed once for 3 minutes.
  • In the second week the number of sets increases to two: one in the morning and evening.
  • For the third week should continue to massage in a similar way.
  • Fourth week – sessions morning and evening in a day.

Vibrating massager for face: just get younger now!

Despite the inconsistency of reviews about this device, no cases of access to medical care due to unauthorized use. Only in one case should refrain from procedures – in allergic rashes on the face, and here's why: massager increases blood flow to the tissues, and hence the severity of the pathological reaction will also increase.revoskin gold ion vibrating massager

Ease of use at the expense of autonomy of the power supply – a definite bonus from the acquisition of "gold machine", despite the fact that minimal consumption does not affect the functionality of the device. Revoskin with Gold you can become younger and, of course, more confident even after a bad professional beauty treatments.


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