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Inflammation of the gums, known in dentistry as periodontal disease, begins much earlier than it's detected. Millions of people suffer from periodontal disease which begins with gingivitis – light swelling of the gums, and ends with tooth loss. Dentists unanimously declare that the development of periodontal disease contributes to our “soft” diet of heat processed products, leading to a disintegration of tooth enamel and, as a result, gum disease.

Medical treatment involves the use of antibiotics, laser therapy, extractions and many other activities, the necessity of which is determined by the dentist after an appropriate examination. Treatment of periodontitis folk remedies offers gentle ways of treatment using herbal medicines.

After defining the diagnosis and treatment after consultation with a physician is not forbidden to help the methods of official medicine, and to apply national treatment of periodontal disease. Together they will give a great result.

Treatment of periodontitis folk remedies does not provide for the use of expensive or inaccessible assets, so it is easy to practice at home.

The Rules that are included in the popular treatment of periodontal disease, is extremely simple and reasonable. Following these rules will be useful to all people – identifying periodontal disease and without it.

1. Daily massage of the gums.

For this kind of massage treatment of periodontal disease with traditional methods it proposes to use a toothbrush (massage) with soft rubber bristles, and in the case of lack of it – a thumb and forefinger. Just 5 minutes a day gently massaging the gums. Massage stimulates circulation in the gums, accelerating the healing process and bacteria removal.


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2. Vitamins.

It is Necessary to Supplement the daily diet with vitamins that contribute to the regeneration of gums: up to 1000 mg of vitamin C daily, B-complex, magnesium and zinc. Your doctor may also recommend coenzyme Q-10, which accelerates tissue regeneration.

Gum disease Treatment folk remedies involves the use of various plants in the form of decoctions, lotions or fresh.

3. Burdock root.

1 teaspoon of dry burdock root to make a glass of boiling water, cool to room temperature. In the morning, after brushing your teeth, rinse, holding the liquid in his mouth, rolling between his teeth, sucking sound, trying to keep the broth hit all the slits.

4. Rose petals.

Rinse red roses made similar lopuhova. This rinsing is not only a beautiful effect but also a great psychological impact.

5.  Rosemary.

In the stores and markets now you can often find fresh rosemary, if not, buy dry. If you mash a few leaves and use them for massage the gums, the efficiency of the massage effect much earlier. The healing process goes on with redoubled speed.

6. The tea tree oil.

Twice a week sprinkle on your toothbrush during regular brushing a few drops of tea tree oil. This oil acts as an antiseptic and antibiotic, reducing localized infection.

7. Aloe Vera.

Natural pieces of the aloe leaf need to clean the gums before bedtime. You can put the cut along the leaves on the affected areas of the gums, to hold for some time until enough patience, then spit out. The more often You do it, the faster the healing.

8. Baking soda.

Replace toothpaste baking soda after consultation with a dentist, despite the fact that soda is an ingredient in many tooth pastes and powders. If the doctor allows, keep a closed bottle of soda in the bath and causing it to wet the brush, brush your teeth 2 times a day.

9. Pseudoelasticity toothbrush.

Imagine that Your brush was electric. No need to buy a regular brush. These brushes are too hard and too fast vibrate. You just need to make reciprocating motion along the gumline with a simple brush. It is impossible to make movements with the push, you just need to quickly clean to remove all the plaque. If gums are bleeding, then you need to buy a softer brush.

Treatment of periodontitis folk remedies proven for centuries. It in no way does not harm, but only enhances the effect of the prescribed by a dentist drugs and methods. The goal of traditional medicine – to stimulate self-healing of the body, helping him and awakening the inner reserves.

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