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Meet Sudani scabies (mites). In Latin – Sarcoptes Scabiei. It has nearly invisible to our eye size, but very quickly makes itself known: his female gnaws hole in the stratum corneum of our skin moves, lays eggs, and after a week, there appears to 20 adults.itchy Sudani

The Mite lives in the skin and feeds on it, causing a highly contagious disease – scabies. About it and we will talk more.

Symptoms of scabies

The disease is Transmitted by contact from the patient or through infected objects. Usually this happens in places of crowding of the special people in violation of the norms of hygiene.

And here how will look like the scabies depends on the state of the human immune system, as well as the stage of development of mites trapped on the skin infected. If there is a settled Mature itch Sudan, then during the day will appear the signs of the disease, and if the larva, only on the fourth day, when will her maturity.

Clinical diseasetypes of scabies

In typical cases there is itching, especially strongly it is felt at night. This is due to the fact that mites are actively moving at this time of day.

On the skin can be considered curved whitish line to 7 mm long. This is the passages in the stratum corneum that paved the female sudna. At the end of each turn there is a tiny (pinhead size) bottle. If it cautiously open, the inside can be detected and the culprit of the disease.

The Movement of the mites causes us to itch badly, and that's why the skin appears dotted or linear scratching, and they formed purulent bloody crusts.

Most of the itching Sudani loves to settle there, where the skin is softer and thinner: on the breast, buttocks, around the navel and between the fingers.

Types of scabies

There are several types of manifestations of scabies. For example, "scabies cleanly" has small amount of rash, itching night worried not so much.

Nodular scabies manifests as red-brown nodules that occur under tick-borne passages. This education is quite resistant to protivozachatocnuu therapy.

scabies mite treatmentAnd cortical (Norwegian) scabies – the most contagious is supported by the HIV which over the body will form a crust. The itching may be mild and, therefore, the mite seamlessly spread throughout the body of the patient. The disease affects the nails, scalp, elbows and knees.

The Itch mite. Treatment

Those who suspect the presence of the described disease, it must be remembered that the itching Sudan will not disappear by itself. This can only help correct and timely treatment! Otherwise the symptoms will bother you for months or even years.

In modern medicine, there are effective means for getting rid of this disease. They are safe and relatively inexpensive. It is, as a rule, antiparasitic and antiseptic preparations (for example, the "Spregal", "Benzecri", "Suprastin"). Widely used sulfur ointment (10-20%), which is rubbed into the week in those places on the body where localized mites. Before beginning procedures, you must wash thoroughly to remove under the skin mites and pathological microflora.

The Implementation of all doctor appointments will help you to get rid of such unpleasant disease, preserving performance and not having complications. Be healthy!

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