What is pneumococcal vaccination, and what complications does it cause?


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Pneumococcal infection is very common. According to statistics every minute as a result of its complications breaks one child's life. Pneumococcus is the main cause of bronchitis, otitis, pneumonia, sepsis and meningitis in children under two years of age. Is there a way to protect your child? Pneumococcal vaccination – that is the salvation of life and health of your baby!

pneumococcal vaccineTo Fully protect the child from contact with the pneumococcus, unfortunately, it is impossible, but there are ways to prepare him for this unpleasant encounter. The most effective method to prevent the baby development of the pathological process is the vaccination against pneumococcal infection. The reviews confirm that this vaccine is essential in the fight against many serious diseases. Numerous epidemics of influenza and SARS lead to disruption of the barrier function of the epithelium of the upper and lower respiratory pathways, creating a favorable environment for penetration of the pathogen. That is why pneumococcal vaccination is often performed simultaneously with vaccination against influenza, usually from September to December. This allows to avoid many complications and significantly reduce child morbidity.

What is the vaccine?

Pneumococcal vaccination is carried out as a prophylactic, and therapeutic purposes. In the latter case the vaccine is used in a combination therapy with long-term chronic respiratory diseases and bronchial asthma in remission. In the result of vaccination in children, pneumococcal vaccination complicationsAt risk, a decrease in the severity and duration of episodes of bronchial asthma, decrease in repeated cases of acute respiratory infections and otitis media, as well as minimizing the risk of adenoid vegetations.

The Medicine is known to more than 90 varieties of pneumococci, so infection triggered by one type of pathogen does not produce immunity to another. In this regard, the child should be made pneumococcal vaccine regardless of the number of episodes of development of this infection in the past. To prevent disease using polysaccharide vaccine that can be entered from the age of two, and conjugated drugs used two months.

Contraindications for pneumococcal vaccinations:

- allergic reactions in the severe form;

acute disease

chronic diseases in the stage of relapse.

Vaccination against pneumococcal infection testimonialsPneumococcal vaccination, complications which are minimal, in some cases, can still lead to unpleasant consequences. Recorded several episodes after vaccination the child had anaphylactic shock, but after repeated administration of the drug increase the risk of side reactions were observed. As a rule, vaccination against pneumococcus as well tolerated by children and adults alike by the body. In some cases, the injection site may become red and seal. Of the common reactions we can distinguish the increase in temperature and slight malaise, but they are themselves already a day later. Despite such complications, pneumococcal vaccine – this is a great opportunity to maintain the health of your baby.

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