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Does the drug "Panthenol” from the burns? This you will learn from the materials submitted articles. Also you will find information about the forms in which enters it on sale, which is included in its composition, if there are contraindications and side effects.panthenol burns

Form, packing, description of the medication and composition

To Acquire the considered drug can be in the following forms:

  • 5% external agent “Panthenol" (cream). Specialists say that medication is a homogeneous white color and distinct flavor. Its main ingredient is dexpanthenol. Also, the cream consists of ingredients in the form of Cetearyl octanoate, cetomacrogol, Dimethicone, propilparagidroksibenzoat, cetanol, propylene glycol, monostearate glyceryl, metilparagidroksibenzoat, purified water and flavor Seaside 2026. The cream/gel is supplied in tubes of aluminium (50, 25 g) which are placed in bundles of cardboard.
  • Ointment “Panthenol”. Cream reviews which are positive, is not the only form of the mentioned tools. 5% ointment for external use has a homogeneous structure and a light yellow color and a characteristic odor of lanolin. Active component of this form is also dexpanthenol. As auxiliary elements used phenonip, white bee wax, lanolin, Dimethicone, white soft paraffin, butylhydroxytoluene, emulsifier LANETTE SX, magnesium sulfate heptahydrate, propylene glycol, protein, decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, butylhydroxyanisole and purified water. The ointment comes in tubes of aluminium (50, 25 g) which are placed in bundles of cardboard.
  • Spray “Panthenol" (spray). Instructions for use reports that this form of medicine also contains the active substance dexpanthenol. As for additional ingredients, these include: lanolin alcohol, potassium sorbate, citric acid water, distilled, triglycerides, and sodium citrate. The spray “Panthenol" (an aerosol) enters bellanico of aluminum (130, 58 g) which are placed in bundles of cardboard.panthenol spray price


As it helps drug “Panthenol” from the burns? According to the enclosed instructions, this medication improves the regeneration of tissues, contributing to its speedy restoration.

Is the active ingredient, as the dexpanthenol is a derivative of Pantothenic acid. It belongs to water-soluble b vitamin that is essential for fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism as part of coenzyme A.

This element plays a crucial role in gluconeogenesis (acetylation), as well as the breakdown and synthesis of fatty acids, the release of energy from carbohydrates, the synthesis of acetylcholine, steroid hormones and sterols.

As virgin, local drug “Panthenol”? Spray (price listed below), gel and ointment, which include Pantothenic acid, is used to support the normal functioning of the epithelium. The particular shortage of this substance is noted when tissue damage or skin. In this case it is a local deficiency can easily make up the local drug “Panthenol”.


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Spray, cream and ointment promote skin regeneration, normalize cellular metabolism and increase the strength of collagen fibers. Also these tools have a weak anti-inflammatory action, soften and nourish the skin.

panthenol spray application instructions

For the ancillary substances, they contribute to improving the therapeutic properties of the drug.

The Pharmacokinetics of local facilities

Absorbed if the drug is “Panthenol" (spray)? Instruction manual States that the hydrophilic, small molecular weight of dexpanthenol, as well as its low polarity promote the penetration of active substances into all layers of the skin.

The local use of the drug is quite rapidly absorbed in the tissue and is converted into Pantothenic acid. He also associated with plasma proteins.


In any ways, use such an external agent as “Panthenol”? Indications this drug is associated with the violation of the integrity of the skin.

  • Inflammation and fissures of the breast in lactating mothers
  • Diaper dermatitis in children, scrapes, diaper rash, irritation (slight) after exposure to x-rays, the sun and ultraviolet radiation;
  • Dermatitis, inflammatory processes on the skin, a colostomy, a wound, a tracheostomy (care of the surrounding skin), venous leg ulcers, gastrostomy tube;panthenol cream reviews
  • The consequences of adverse effects on the skin environmental factors (e.g., wind, cold, humidity).

In any other purpose prescribed “Panthenol”? From burns it is used very often. Also, it is recommended to apply for any violations of the integrity of the skin, which were caused by chemical, thermal or mechanical factors, and also after surgery.


The Drug “Panthenol” from the burns do not use if hypersensitivity of the patient to the ingredients. It is recommended to cancel the appearance of the first signs of an allergic reaction.

How to use the drug “Panthenol”?

From the burns it is necessary to apply the first minutes of damage. Effective only to such acts wound spray.

During usage of the aerosol container is required to hold in a vertical position. To form foam, before applying the receptacle to shake.

Use the outer solution from the burns carefully. It spread evenly on the affected areas of the skin for several seconds.panthenol spray

With the appearance of foam on the wound surface forms a thin film which has dermatoprotectornoe effect and prevents the loss of moisture.

According to the instructions, the spray should be applied several times a day. The frequency of application of the drug depends on the severity of the local changes.

To Use this preparation not only in the ordinary burns received from an open fire, but at the lesions, the appearance of which provoked the hot sun.

As for of ointment and gel, they are also suitable for outdoor use. A thin layer is applied to the damaged area of the skin, then lightly scrub.

To Use these drugs it is advisable 2 to 4 times a day (if necessary more often). If they are applied on the infected area, it must first be treated with an antiseptic solution.panthenol analogues cheap

In diaper dermatitis (infants) this medication is prescribed according to the instructions. Cream or ointment applied to the skin each time after bathing or diaper change.

The length of treatment this means depends on the characteristics of the disease and the severity of skin symptoms.

The Drug “Panthenol”: counterparts cheap price

The Price of this medication depends on the form of its release, and volume. Ointment and cream (50 g) can be bought for 200-250 rubles. How much is the spray "Drier" (spray)? The price of this form of medication is a little more expensive. It is 410 rubles for 130 ml.

If a specified value of the drug you think is too high, then you can purchase cheaper alternatives. These include the following tools: spray “Bepanten Plus" (370 rubles), cream “Dexpanthenol" (150 rubles), spray “Moreal plus" (150 rubles).

Feedback from patients

“Panthenol” - a fairly popular drug that can be purchased not only in pharmacies but also in large stores. According to the reviews of patients, this medication fully cope with the task. Applying it immediately after burns, the tissue is much faster to regenerate and recover.panthenol evidence

Another advantage of this tool is that it almost never howls adverse reactions. In rare cases, patients may experience a local allergic reaction.


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