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A Swab of the cervical canal gives a chance to generalize the idea of the microflora of the channel. This analysis allows you to appoint a competent and effective treatment. Smears for Cytology are performed, typically two basic medical ways: planting material and microscopy. Great diagnostic value is the first method.

Smears for CytologySmears for Cytology take a doctors not earlier than twenty-four hours after irrigation, because this procedure before sowing greatly reduces the number of microorganisms. Normal flora should contain lactobacilli in the quantitative composition of not less than 10x7. In addition, it may contain E. coli to 102х, enterococci up to 10x2, yeast fungus up to 10x2 CFU/ml.

Smears for Cytology can determine the presence of pathogenic strains of bacteria, which often cause a strong inflammatory response. For example, staphylococci, saprophytes, E. coli, enterococci, and so on.Smear cerquilho channel

Even the appearance of cells of the epithelium of the internal female reproductive organs can tell the doctor a lot. For example, increased the quantitative composition of the acidophilic cells with a very dark core indicates the presence of estrogen in the body during ovulation, vaginal exfoliated cells doctor can determine the exact time of ovulation in a woman or even to identify a lack of estrogen, which leads to atrophy of the entire epithelium of the vagina of the patient.

In the study, women have a smear of her cervix experienced doctor will be able to identify any cancer of the body and cervix for the presence of certain tumor cells. Experts carefully analyzed the size, location and shape of abnormal cells present. This DAB also enables the physician to recognize the presence of a serious infection of the female vagina.


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When the analysis is normal, then the cervical canal is completely sterile. If the smear for Cytology showed a large number of white blood cells, this indicates inflammation. The causes of the inflammatory process and violations of the microflora directly to the cervical canal can be: hormonal changes (lack of estrogen, which often happens during menopause), the complete lack of elementary rules of hygiene, metabolic disorders, inflammatory processes in the urogenital organs, the negative effects of anti-inflammatory and antibacterial therapy.


As a rule, the development of the inflammatory process fully depends on the characteristics of the pathogen of the disease and the General condition of all women the immune system. It can be both acute and chronic inflammation running.

Many women after menopause and in women of reproductive age, the border line is actually localized within the external OS. As they say statistics, cancer occurs from the zone of transformation. For these reasons, great importance has take smears for Cytology, and passing this analysis should be performed by each woman on a regular basis.

At the preventive examination, as a rule, the material of the swabs from the cervical canal is more practical to obtain directly from the vaginal portion (surface) of the cervix and from the walls of the endocervix.

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