Causes and symptoms of miscarriage in early pregnancy


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Unfortunately, approximately 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Often a woman and she has no idea about their situation, and takes the bleeding and nagging pain for the normal menstruation. The most dangerous period is the first trimester. That's why doctors advise women as early as possible to register for pregnancy, in this case there is the chance to predict the ongoing process and to prevent it.


Critical is considered the seventh week, she's the most dangerous at this time happens to be more spontaneous abortions. Why symptoms of miscarriage in early pregnancy may appear exactly on the seventh week? During this period, the corpus luteum loses its function and produces much less hormones. Instead, he begins to develop and function in the placenta. If this transition happens smoothly, the reasons for anxiety will not. But if a woman's body will not cope with the drop in hormonal level and the placenta will not take over the necessary functions, you can receive the symptoms of miscarriage in early pregnancy and, as a consequence, spontaneous abortion.


Symptoms of miscarriage in early pregnancy:

1. The most dangerous bleeding. The intensity can be completely different. The interrupt may be accompanied by profuse uterine bleeding and lower abdominal pain. But even a few drops are considered a threat. Just the presence of blood does not happen. So, in the woman's body began a process. Now you may stand out only a drop of blood in an hour to start heavy bleeding. In the beginning blood has brownish tint, then changes to red. If the time to call an ambulance and seek medical help, the pregnancy can still be preserved.


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2. Pain in underbelly, the lower abdomen or lower back. She can wear a pull in nature, and can be a very intense and painful cramps. She appears and disappears nakatyvaya new wave. Data symptoms of miscarriage in early pregnancy may be accompanied by uterine bleeding, nausea and vomiting. But it is not always a miscarriage occurs painful, so you should listen to your body and consult a doctor at the slightest suspicion.


Causes of miscarriage:

1. The most common genetic disorders of the fetus. It can be caused by the work on harmful manufacture, to radiation, but is not hereditary. Often the reason why the beginning of the miscarriage can not be prevented.

2. Imunnologicheskie. Simple or rhesus-conflict, when the fetus is a carrier of the same blood group and the mother of the other. In this case, the mother's body begins to reject. Pregnancy requires special monitoring.

3. Hormonal disturbances. An excess of some hormones or the negligence of others. This causes miscarriage in the critical seventh week.

4. Of sexually transmitted infections. Chlamydia, trichomoniasis, toxoplasmosis, and syphilis.

5. Previous abortions. This can trigger inflammation, which directly affect the pregnancy.

6. Various viral diseases transferred pregnant. Rubella, flu, hepatitis, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, appendicitis - all these diseases can trigger abortion. Even a slight cold and fever are considered to be very dangerous.

7. The medication is contraindicated in pregnant women.

8. Bad habits. Drugs, alcohol, Smoking.

9. Weight lifting.

10. Sexual intercourse at diagnosis on the risk of nevynashivanii.

11. Stress. The difficult situation in the family, work related to constant emotional stress, any trouble can be the risk of miscarriage.

Treatment and prevention of miscarriage is quite possible. Most importantly, time to go to the doctor and not to bring to such a situation, just take care of yourself.

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