Chili peppers: tincture and its application


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Unique vegetable - peppers. Tincture of it has healing and beneficial properties. Of course, many people pepper sign for tasty dishes, prigotavlivaemy with his addition where he might be one of the main ingredients and the additive element, with seasoning. The substances contained in it have a positive effect on the body.capsicum tincture

The Main drug, which is used for making the Cayenne pepper tincture. It helps to solve the problem of oily hair, to cope with the inflammation of the muscles and joints, rheumatism. In addition, and against other ailments recommended capsicum, tincture of which can be used to treat coughs and congestion, arthritis, gout, headaches, fibromyalgia, lupus, irritable bowel syndrome, low appetite. Not recommended for internal use it for gastritis and ulcers.

Pepper Tincture for hair has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. When using it, a person can experience a slight burning sensation, and irritation, which is caused by the activation of blood circulation. Due to the fact that it has many vitamins and minerals pepper of Cayenne, tincture of it enriches hair roots with essential nutrients. Its use has several purposes. It reduces the intensity of hair loss, prevents dandruff, oily seborrhea. Under the influence of tincture cells regenerate the skin of the head.pepper tincture for hair

Buy this medicinal and cosmetic the drug at any pharmacy. However, it is easy to self-treat appropriately red pepper. Tincture for hair can be made according to the following algorithm:


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- to grind the pods hot red pepper in a coffee grinder or food processor;

- fill in the received weight medical 90% alcohol at the rate of 1:10 (for vodka otherwise the ratio is 1:5);

- close the jar with the mixture and put in a dark place (40% alcohol time in 2-3 more);

to drain.

The Main direction of use of the drug is the mask. For this remedy for hair care on the basis of burdock or castor oil or honey add teaspoon of tincture. This will enhance healing and effectiveness of the mask. If the basis is the tool on the basis of egg yolk or essential oils, you need a tablespoon. Although most of the ratio is chosen individually, because the scalp, each person reacts differently to Cayenne pepper. Here the main thing - not to cross the line of light burning. If that happened, then the mask with tincture of red pepper should be washed off immediately to avoid damage to the skin. So pick the dose should be gradually, starting with half of the pepper tincture for hair

The fatter the hair, the more may be the initial concentration. For damaged and dry tincture it is advisable to dilute the nutrient oil. Mask on the basis of funds from the red pepper should be used no more often than two times a week for 7 minutes Treatment - one month. Apply the product with pepper need to the hair roots and the skin and along the entire length. Then, you should wear a shower cap or wrap head with a towel.

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