Ovarian apoplexy: what is it? Causes, symptoms and treatments


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The tissue of the ovary — an extremely dangerous condition that is accompanied by severe pain and loss of blood. Why ovarian apoplexy occurs, what it is and what symptoms accompanied? These questions are interesting to many, as such pathology in the absence of timely care poses a threat to the life of the patient.

Ovarian Apoplexy: what is it and why does it occur?

ovarian apoplexy it

The Apoplexy is a sudden violation of the integrity of tissues of the ovary. This is an acute condition that is most frequently diagnosed in adult women aged 25 to 40 years. Interestingly, the rupture of the right ovary occurred more often than the left, owing to some anatomic features.

There are some factors that effect may develop ovarian apoplexy. What are these preconditions? Any changes to the tissues of the uterine appendages or their feeding vessels, including varicose veins, scarring, sclerotherapy may cause rupture. In particular, such violations are chronic diseases of the reproductive system. In addition, such a condition often occurs in women suffering from some hormonal disorders. Risk factors include blood clotting disorders, as well as long-term use of thinners it.

All of the above problems increase the risk of ovarian rupture. But to provoke a sudden apoplexy can physical stress, intense sexual intercourse, heavy lifting, falling, or even severe stress.

Apoplexy and its forms

Depending on the presence of certain symptoms is accepted to distinguish several forms of gap:

  • In some cases, this condition is accompanied by severe internal bleeding, weakness, dizziness and pale skin — is hemorrhagic ovarian apoplexy.
  • Pain form is characterized by sudden, severe, cutting pain in the abdomen. The clinical picture is similar to the symptoms of appendicitis.
  • Mixed form of apoplexy as accompanied by pain and signs of internal bleeding.

The Main symptoms of ovarian rupture

ovarian apoplexy pain form


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As already mentioned, the symptoms can be different. Pain form is accompanied by severe sharp pains that are concentrated in the lesion. Pain attacks can be so intense that they cause nausea and vomiting, often lead to loss of consciousness.

In hemorrhagic apoplexy expressed pain not so much. Patients sometimes complain of dragging pain in the abdomen, which often give to the low back, external genitals and the sacrum. But become apparent symptoms of anemia: pale skin, cyanosis of lips, extreme weakness, dizziness, fainting.

Ovarian Apoplexy: diagnosis

Of Course, with these symptoms it is best to seek medical help. Only the expert knows what signs accompanied by apoplexy of the ovary, what is it and why is there. Because the clinical picture is not always specific, then the patient is prescribed ultrasound. Such a study helps to detect the free blood in the posterior vaginal vault.

Methods of treatment of apoplexy

The Woman in this state just need medical help, as long pain and severe blood loss can lead to death. A few years ago, it was believed that some form of the disease can be treated conservatively. Actually drug therapy eliminates the symptoms but does not remove thrown into the space the blood, which subsequently can cause peritonitis.

ovarian apoplexy diagnosis

Today, the only truly effective treatment is surgery. During laparoscopy, the doctor stitches the damaged tissue, removes the remnants of blood and tissue processes with an antiseptic solution. Once the risk to a woman's life is fixed, is assigned a full examination, which enables to determine the reasons for the gap and eliminate them.

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