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Analysis of a feces on carbohydrates — a fairly common method of research which allows to obtain information about the existence of violations assimilation of dairy products or lactose intolerance. The study of feces can provide a lot of useful information about the state of the digestive system, the digestion and possible violations.

Analysis of a feces on carbohydrates

As mentioned, this study assigned patients with suspected lactose intolerance. As a rule, such analysis indicated for children under the age of one — in this period the most frequently observed violation of digestion of milk and dairy products containing lactose (milk sugar). Because at this age milk is the main food of the baby.

Analysis of a feces on carbohydrates is carried out in the presence of certain symptoms of indigestion. Usually, the patient, the child becomes cranky, especially after a meal. Intolerance to dairy products is accompanied by bloating, formation and accumulation of increased amounts of gases in the intestines, abdominal pain. Another striking symptom is frequent regurgitation, which can be attributed to the increased pressure in the abdominal cavity.

As for the indicators, it is normal in the stool the baby should be not more than 0.25% of carbohydrates. If this figure is higher, it is necessary to conduct additional studies. But do not worry if the stool test for carbohydrates was positive, especially in the first three months of life. After this period digestion processes are only beginning to emerge. In most cases, milk intolerance goes away by itself with age. As for therapeutic measures, the doctor may prescribe drugs that prevent the development of dysbiosis. In addition, you need a proper diet of the mother (if the baby is breastfed), as well as massages of the belly, which helps to relieve pain.


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Biochemical analysis of feces

This analysis is also important, both for children and for adults. Using this research method can identify the presence of intestinal dysbiosis. The fact that the beneficial bacteria of the intestinal microflora emit some products of metabolism — mainly the metabolites of volatile fatty acids, including butyric, acetic and propionic. The number and taken into account in the biochemical analysis of feces.

It is Worth noting that dysbiosis is a violation of the qualitative and quantitative composition of microflora. Most often illness is a result of poor nutrition, constant stress, antibiotic treatment. Depending on the severity of the disease, methods of its treatment can be different. Most often the patient is prescribed the ingestion of live cultures of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.

Analysis of a feces on intestinal group

Another very important study that helps to identify the presence of intestinal infection, and to determine the main pathogen. This procedure includes not only the microscopic examination of the smear, but stool cultures for the presence of pathogenic organisms.

Of Course, this analysis is prescribed in cases of suspected intestinal infection. But in public institutions, especially schools and kindergartens, this study is conducted regularly as a prophylactic measure. The fact that infections of the gastrointestinal tract are among the most common diseases. In addition, among children, they are transmitted through household objects (towels, toys, clothing) that threatens the development of the epidemic. The sooner you get discovered bacterial infection, the easier it will be to prevent mass infection.

In any case, tests — is not only a diagnosis method but also a very important method of prevention. The last two studies recommended at least twice a year to each person, regardless of well-being and health.

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