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Acupuncture – is one of the varieties of reflexology and popular method of alternative medicine. An alternative method of treatment originated in China (where acupuncture was called Zhen-JIU), and then spread to the whole world. According to Eastern healers, acting needles on certain points can affect the living Chi energy.

benefits of acupuncture

The Use of acupuncture at the moment is ambiguous. In the medical community and publications constantly there are disputes on the effectiveness of non-traditional techniques in General and Zhen-jeou in particular. The existence of a special energy scientists is not proven, but the beneficial effects of treatments on health is obvious. Next, you will learn the essence of the method, the positive and negative effects, acupuncture in Chinese doctors, the cost of the procedure and patient testimonials.

How was the acupuncture?

According to historical records, acupuncture has been practiced for over six thousand years. The first mention of such treatment in the written sources emerged about two millennia BC, and the oldest acupucture needle, extant, date back to the stone age.

There is a theory that acupuncture was an accident. If a farmer suffering from severe headache during work in the field hurt yourself with a hoe, and then the discomfort passed. The farmer told his neighbors, gradually mutate, the method has evolved into a whole doctrine.

acupuncture points on the human body

Place of origin Chzhen-Tszyu traditionally considered China, but at the same time, a number of scientific papers provides data that in the Alps was found a mummy with traces likely left by the needles from acupuncture. This discovery has lain in the earth more than six thousand years. This fact can refute the assertion that the home method is to Asia. It is likely that the Europeans practiced as a physician in this way.


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At different stages of the history of the use of acupuncture as repeatedly proved, and refuted. Ridicule and deny this science tried Chinese rulers in the nineteenth-twentieth centuries.

However, even in the Soviet Union, famous for strict morals, the method of acupuncture applied to the doctor-a chiropractor, reflexology and physiotherapist. The technique was recognized by the Ministry of health, the use of acupuncture is recognized, we can say, at the state level, and in large institutions there was even a whole branch of acupuncture.

Why does acupuncture work?

According to the ancient sages, any problem in the human body improper movement of life energy. To restore proper circulation of qi, it is sufficient to have an impact on certain point – the intersection of the channels.

Modern medicine treats the effectiveness of acupuncture in its own way. Scientists believe that acupuncture points – places where a large number of nerve endings, and the impact on them causes the emergence of a certain kind of pulse.

acupuncture in Moscow, the Chinese doctors price

Nerve impulses from acupuncture to reach the cortex much faster than their counterparts pain. Positive therapeutic effect is achieved due to the blocking of sites that are instituted as a result of inflammatory process or other pathologies in the body.

In addition, the impact of the needles helps to activate the endocrine system and release hormones into the blood. Some doctors compare the effects of acupuncture with the eating of opium is a potent narcotic used in traditional medicine as a pain reliever.

Influence of acupuncture on the brain has been proven by scientists using magnetic resonance imaging. However, they also do not deny that acupuncture is just thought out a placebo. The latter, in turn, is refuted by the fact that the method is successfully applied in the treatment of children and animals where the placebo effect is absent.

What is the key to successful treatment?

Effective therapy is possible only in case, if done under the supervision of highly qualified doctor. It is important to fully trust the technician and the work he is doing, talking about it, even the official medicine. But how to understand that the doctor is good?

doctor of chiropractor

First, the needles for acupuncture should not be reusable, even if they are sterile. Otherwise there is a real risk of infecting a wide range of diseases, including and HIV are incurable. Should not undergo acupuncture treatments directly before or after a meal.

The Important point is a comfortable ambient temperature, before acupuncture is not recommended to visit a bath or sauna, to spend a long time in the cold. Hypothermia will contribute to the contraction of the muscles and spasserovannye vessels, which reduces the effect of therapy.

Acupunture points on the human body

The Chinese pediatrician Chen Tribute’an identified key acupuncture points on the human body. The Atlas, compiled on the results of activities includes 664 channel. Acupuncture, says Chen Tribute’an, – a Taoist mystery, which is based on the principles of the doctrine of Yin and Yang.

needles for acupuncture

There are fourteen so-called meridians. That's where converge the beams of life energy, and they are the centers of influence on the human body. Such acupuncture points on the human body (the Atlas is their specific location, but to engage in self-therapy should not) have their own zone of influence.

Harmony is located at the beginning and end of any of the Meridian and affect the comprehensive work of the bodies under its impact. At the same time stimulate each bundle of energy can only be in one place, which is responsible for the activation of internal reserves of energy in the human body.

Diagnosis and treatment

Allocate soothing and disturbing point. Impact on the first beams of energy causes a pleasant feeling and affects the stabilization of the Central nervous system. Alert point, or mo-points correspond to the internal organs. So, if pressing on the accumulation of energy, which is responsible for the functional ability, such as the liver, you experience soreness, it can be assumed that the final diagnosis associated with the pathology of this body.

acupuncture benefits and harms

There are Also acupuncture points (Atlas and such), to influence which are available exclusively in the treatment of diseases. Many years of experience in acupuncture proves that such practice does not cause complications and adverse symptoms, but also contribute to the recovery or to the onset of the period of stable remission.

Why do we need acupuncture?

Acupuncture, according to its adherents, is a panacea for the treatment of various diseases, and in General, promotes relaxation, increase immunity, General health and rejuvenation. Acupuncture treatment allows you to achieve the following results:

  • Recovery of the Central nervous system;
  • The removal of the spasm of muscles and blood vessels;
  • Eliminate allergic reactions;
  • Help with gynecological diseases;
  • Fast knitting of bones after fractures;
  • Counter addiction;
  • Improved immune system;
  • Normalization of pituitary;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Stabilization of metabolism and the circulatory system;
  • Swelling;
  • Improved appearance (especially skin);
  • Getting rid of unwanted weight.

In some cases, the procedure is undesirable?

Despite all the benefits of this method are the people to whom acupuncture is either undesirable or even contraindicated. Depending on this characteristic contraindications are relative and absolute nature.

Relative contraindications are:

  • Inflammation of the lungs;
  • Heavy pregnancy;
  • Stroke or heart attack (the recovery period);
  • The age of seven years;
  • Elderly people (older than 70);
  • A physical or moral exhaustion;
  • Skin lesions in places where is the needle (rashes, scars, moles, redness);
  • Varicose veins (do not put the needles on affected areas).

The Decision on conducting the procedure in the presence of relative contraindications takes only a doctor, after all, acupuncture in this case may lead to side effects.

Who should not use acupuncture?

It is Forbidden to take a course of acupuncture to patients with severe disease in the active stage: this includes cancer, AIDS, haematological diseases, psychiatric disorders, infections (infectious disease, tuberculosis), fever, disease that requires immediate surgical intervention. It is impossible to apply the methods of acupuncture for women with the pathology of pregnancy and infants. Not performed by the physician - chiropractor acupuncture sessions for people who are drunk and narcotics...

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