Inflamed lymph node armpit: causes and treatment of folk remedies


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Sore armpit, the lymph node is inflamed? This, of course, the phenomenon unpleasant, but not fatal. The inflammatory process can begin for a number of reasons, but, whatever it was, begin to treat the disease immediately.

General feature

What do the words mean ‘lymph node armpit”? As you know, lymph nodes are located not only in the armpits. This term in medicine, refers to the body required in order to filter the lymph fluid, circulating through the body. lymph node armpitIf the lymphatic system nestles infection, a person develops a disease called "lymphadenitis". As noted above, such nodes in the human body a lot – about six hundred. However, normally, they should not be palpable. During the inspection specialists pay most attention to such of them as the lymph node in the armpit, in the groin, the neck and the back of his head.

Causes of inflammation

If lymph nodes you have everything in order, they will not bother you. Many people do not suspect about their existence. However, as evidenced by a swollen lymph gland in the armpit? enlarged lymph node armpitAny expert will tell you that it is a sign of the inflammatory process, affected the nearby organs. Accordingly, in order to begin treatment, it is necessary to establish the cause of the inflammation. So if you find yourself in the armpit small seal rounded form that responds to every touch sharp pain, immediately consult a doctor.


Lymph node armpit you can lead a normal state. The treatment process will largely depend on the symptoms. For example, if it increased in size, but not sore, you can use the recipes of traditional medicine. However, if you feel a sharp deterioration of health, you have a fever, a headache, you have fever, do not delay your visit to the clinic. The self is not only not helpful, but can cause a number of complications.sore armpit lymph node


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Are Treated at home

The Infusion of Echinacea has long been considered a very effective tool in order to remove a swollen lymph gland in the armpit. It's very simple: prepare a special solution – 100 ml of water per 10 drops of tincture. Take the medication at least three times a day. It will not only help bring order to the lymph nodes, but also significantly strengthen your immune system. If such a tool seems too bitter, based on the same Echinacea can personally make a syrup. A Cup of boiling water put four tablespoons of the plant root and boil for twenty minutes. Then, remove the capacity from the fire and add a little peppermint and a couple of tablespoons of honey. Make the syrup also needs three times a day. Inflamed lymph node rather quickly decrease, if you attach a compress. You have a first aid kit there and troxevazina heparin ointment, vaseline? Great! Mix, saturate the mass of cotton swab and apply it on the affected area, fixing bandage on top. But do not forget: if you feel severe pain, you will notice that the lymph node has changed color and pink became bright red immediately make an appointment to see a specialist!

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