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In the category of affective psychosis included a group of disorders that develop in patients at the onset of extreme shock and severe stress. These pathologies arise on the basis of the development of affect, they are characterized by the periodicity of the phases. In this article, learn what are the symptoms with the appearance of affective psychosis, the basic laws of flow will also be presented.
affective psychosis

Feature development

Feature of the development of psychosis, affective type is:

  • The Suddenness of the formation. This form appears usually without any preceding symptoms.
  • Strictly two-phase flow disorders. As these phases should be considered mania and depression.

Predisposing factors of disease

Affective psychosis, as a rule, can be caused by the following factors:

  • The Presence of strong fluctuations of hormonal levels in the human body.
  • Genetic determinism.
  • Concomitant somatic pathology. It can be hormone-driven. In addition, for this disease is characterized by the accommodation of certain periods, such as adolescence, menopause, menopause, the condition of pregnancy and the like.
  • The Use of antidepressants.

Primary trigger

Affective psychosis in psychiatry are diagnosed quite often. The main provoking factor that causes the onset of this condition is the presence of a person within extreme for his mental status. This can be, for example, the situation of obvious threat to life. Moreover, figuratively speaking, the mind can take an ordinary situation as threatening death to the body or simply thinking of circumstances to such a state. Through reason can instseniroval pain along with suffocation or other similar feelings.
bipolar psychosis


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Narrowing of consciousness

The State within the framework of affective psychosis is characterized by narrowing of the level of consciousness. Also it is accompanied by inappropriate for the environment thinking. All this is generally reflected in behavior and speech. Variations in these features result from a sharp change in energy of the brain due to the accumulation in the blood of oxidized products of vital activity under the influence of the stressful factor. These products are toxic substances, the so-called hallucinogens.

The First experience of being in the affective state a person is experiencing as a fetus in the womb. The process occurs under the influence of hypoxia of the brain, which is due to the behavior and energy of the pregnant woman.

Risk Category

The high risk category includes persons of both sexes. But mostly it is possible to get a woman with such a makeup of the individual, which is dominated by psychopathic and hysterical component. In addition, this category includes people with a mentality which has been deformed due to injuries. Such changes in the structure of the nervous system may affect and neuroinfections.

Recurrent depression nosological position among affective psychoses.


The Difference this kind of psychosis from bipolar disorder occurring in two phases is that the latter type as a result of its current forms mixed States in which symptoms of depression are replaced by signs of mania, or Vice versa. The development of psychotic conditions affective Genesis occurs as a result of the change of depressive and manic phases.

recurrent depression nosological position among affective psychoses

What's the difference?

The Difference between the two is diametrically opposite behavior patterns. Also you can distinguish them by changes in speech and movements, which are characterized by either unusual excitement or depression of the psyche of the patient. A classic symptom of the first phase is the existence of a dreary depression, but the disorder may have the features of anxious, hypochondriacal or hysterical character.

The Prevailing emotion

The Prevailing emotion is, as a rule, the appearance of depression along with anxiety, passivity and indifference in behavior. All this is determined by the circumstances apparent at first glance the hopelessness of traumatizing the psyche of the human situation. While it is focused completely all thoughts of the patient. Symptoms of affective psychosis, each person manifested in different ways.

The Statements of the patient are filled with self-incrimination, and the various ideas of their own worthlessness and sinfulness. Either this condition can be expressed in the framework of the accusations against others that are particularly persistent because of concerns about the health of the opponent. Symptomatic and reactive forms of depression are accompanied by pronounced negative vegetative. Physically, it usually manifests itself as rapid heart rate, spikes blood pressure, shortness of breath and sweating. Improvement mood and you can celebrate in the evening. However, night sleep is upset, it is fitful and filled with nightmares. Appetite, in practice, usually reduced.

Excessive dramatization

With bipolar affective psychosis excessive dramatization complaints about destiny and life circumstances can be accompanied by a General motor retardation along with slow speech rate and thought processes. In this speech, and thinking do not differ in richness or diversity of its hues. The duration represented by a depression within which complaints of mental pain often take the character of physical sensations, is the time period from three to six months. The General structure of the depressive phase is up to eighty percent of the total volume.

It is Also worth noting that among the affective psychoses manic-depressive variant is rather common.

affective psychoses treatment

For the manic phase of this psychosis is characterized by atypia of behavior and movements, due to the presence of the patient in a state of inexplicable and incomprehensible euphoria in situations in which it comes to self-evaluation of its performance.

The Patient is in a state of unjustified complacency, experiencing the pleasant feeling of his mobility. However, he also a lot and willingly says, accompanying it is rich in gestures. Patient contact, but amid all this attention it is extremely superficial, and actions are not thought out and reasonable.

All behavior of the patient as a whole gives the impression of some random movements and unconscious arousal. Besides the General behaviour of the patient appears to be unproductive. Is a kind of movement just for the sake of it. Actions do not bring any fun or joy. The patient calls the explosion of irritation along with anger at any slight criticism or when listening to adequate issues.


Thinking and speech on the background of the disorders also differ in a low level of concentration, which is accompanied by surface unawareness along with fading. Emotions in the patient with bipolar affective psychosis shallow and monotonous, they are interrupted by a completely unmotivated outbursts of anger. Disorders of appetite and sleep can be part of the overall picture of the phase. Its duration is sometimes up to one year. The exception is the delusions that grow within five days and lasts about six months.

It is Interesting to note that the classic mania of fun, which lasts up to four months with the emergence of delusional disorders directly on the peak of passion, affecting up to twenty percent of patients with this pathology.

Diagnosis of affective psychosis

affective psychoses psychiatryThe diagnosis is of great importance to the following factors:

  • Clinic with characteristic biphasic component.
  • The Presence of fluctuating hormonal activity in the human body.
  • The Presence of genetic determinants and the transition of the disease from generation to generation.

In order to confirm the diagnosis specialists are also used instrumental methods of research:

  • Performing electroencephalography.
  • Computer tomography of the brain.
  • Testing of biological materials of the body. Thus, it is necessary to study clinical and biochemical blood analysis.

In order to diagnose appropriate and the invitation of the oncologist, and ophthalmologist, pediatrician, and other specialists.

Methods and techniques of treatment of affective psychosis

Treatment depends on in what phase is the disease in a particular moment. During exacerbation especially actively apply medication direction. In the period of remission specialists resort usually to psychotherapeutic methods of influence on patients. Directly to the methods of psychotherapy include the following techniques:

  • Hypnotic therapy.
  • Group and individual occupational therapy.
  • Art therapy.
  • The Conduct of psychoanalysis.
  • The Implementation of relaxation therapy.

affective psychosis symptoms treatment


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