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“Vitrum kids” – is a well known multivitamin complex, which is designed for children 4 to 7 years. Each tablet contains all the necessary elements to compensate for the imbalance and proper functioning of the body.Vitrum kids

Trio growth

The Vitamins ‘Vitrum kids” is specially designed for preschool children who are never required vitamins and minerals. It is in this period, parents tend to send their children to various sports clubs that require a lot of effort. A deficiency of a vitamin such classes will only aggravate the situation. That is why the formula was designed “a Trio of growth”, the meaning of which is to ensure the child's body three major components-calcium, magnesium, phosphorus.Vitrum kids: instructions

Calcium for a child

We All know that calcium plays an important role in the growth and development of the child. Due to the normal content of this element in the blood, bones and teeth of the baby will be strong. Besides, it not only helps bones to be strong, but also actively involved in the process of blood clotting, muscle contraction, and also in hindering the development of allergic reactions. Depending on age, the child must be from 600 to 1500 mg of calcium per day. Daily dose contains just one vitamins.


Another important component without which the above-described calcium is not properly absorbed, – it's magnesium. It is necessary not only in order for calcium to be utilized, but in order to help keep bones resilient and strong and able to withstand reasonable physical activity.


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In Addition, the magnesium gives the nervous system of the child resistance, helps reduce excitability and tearfulness.Vitrum kids. Reviews


Phosphorus is involved in the accumulation and transfer of energy from each cell. That is why it is so important to remember to consume the necessary amount of this element per day. Besides, phosphorus together with calcium makes bone strong, you can say, “cementing her”.

Composition vitamin complex

In Addition to “Vitrum kids” has calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in each tablet still contains a lot of important components, such as vitamins a, E, C, cholecalciferol, b vitamins, iron, zinc, copper, selenium, manganese, chromium, etc.

Each of these components executes in the child's body its function, therefore, we cannot neglect any of them.


Almost all children who attend kindergarten, are recommended before flu season to give vitamin complexes in order to increase the immune power. Because children's body has to withstand lots of bacteria and microbes that every minute I want to get inside.Vitrum kids. Price

The main indications for the use of “Vitrum kids” are:

  • Prevention of a lack of any vital trace elements and vitamins in children.
  • Treatment of hypovitaminosis, and when lacking in almost all vitamins.
  • The recovery Period after an illness, especially when it was leaking pretty hard and with the increase in body temperature.
  • Autumn-winter period, when increases the risk of Contracting colds or flu.
  • Poor appetite when the child is using insufficient food, and with it the necessary substances.
  • Improper diet: the refusal of the baby to fruits, vegetables, meat, which happens very often.
  • The Period of intensive growth, which starts from 4 years. Moreover, the peak is usually in the summer months, which is why parents should consult a pediatrician, when to give vitamins.

“Vitrum kids”: user acceptance

It is Very important to take vitamins, as on it depends the success of both prevention and treatment.

In fact, not difficult to give the child a “Vitrum kids”. Usage instructions are pretty simple, and it is clearly spelled out that make the complex once a day, preferably either during the meal or after it. This is necessary for better absorption of all the important components.

Some children swallow the tablet, as it seems to them insipid. In fact it is sweet, and it is best to chew.Vitrum kids gummy


Although “Vitrum kids” are considered very good vitamins, there are contraindications when they should not be given to the child. These include:

  • The Age of 4 years. Each tablet contains the amount of vitamins and minerals which is necessary for children of this age. If you give their child is younger, there may come a hypervitaminosis, which is no less dangerous, but if you give them a child older than 7 years, any positive effect will not be because the dosage was too small.
  • Excess vitamins A and D. failure to comply With this restriction, you may experience problems in the functioning of vital organs.
  • Sensitivity to some components of the drug. It normally includes excipients.
  • Taking any other vitamins, because this may lead to excess of someelements.

Side effects

Unfortunately, multivitamin complex has a number of side effects that can occur in a child during their admission. These include allergic reactions such as rash or itching. Moreover, it appears gradually, it begins in the chest, and then gradually moves on the arms and legs. Some of the children immediately after taking the first vitamins to blush the cheeks.

“Vitrum kids”: the price

The Price of this vitamin-mineral complex is quite high, approximately from 300 to 500 rubles. And it depends on what the pharmacy sold the drug. So, many consumers noted that the smaller pharmacies in a large network, prices are lower. This can be attributed to the municipal organization.

If to speak about commercial pharmacies, the price will be much higher.

“vitamins kids Gummy”

This is one of the favorite forms of production not only children but also their parents. Each vitamin that is made in the form of bears, and gummy. This further captivates the children, and they are happy to eat one bear a day. The composition of these cubs is the same as “Vitrum kids” tablets. Only the child more interesting.Vitamins "Vitrum kids"

Feedback about the drug. Positive

Many pediatricians prefer to write a little patients “Vitrum kids”. Reviews about the complex, of course, not only positive and negative are present. But in another way, because not all vitamins are suitable for all children.

Speaking on the positive reviews, these include:

  • Availability of vitamins, they can be purchased in every pharmacy in the city.
  • Pleasant taste, children do not refuse to take them.
  • Various forms of release, namely in the form of tablets or gummies.
  • The Presence of all the necessary components for good development and growth of the child.

Feedback about the drug. Negative

Despite the fact that the majority of parents and pediatricians prefer to give and prescribe to the children “Vitrum kids" of the reviews about it are negative. These include:

  • High price. For the same money you can buy a cheaper, but less effective vitamin complex for a child.
  • Low impact: part of parents ' claims that the complex did not raise the immunity of the child.
  • A plain form of bears.

It is Very important to choose the right vitamins for the baby to after the reception was noticeable positive effect. Of course, you may need more than one course. Before you start to give the child a “Vitrum kids”, you should consult with a pediatrician because, as mentioned above, there are a number of contraindications.

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