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Schweppes is a brand that produces drinks that are sold around the world. Under this name are made of different soda, and ginger ale.

The Story of this drink following. In the late eighteenth century watchmaker from Switzerland, Johann Jacob Schweppe developed a process for production of carbonated mineral water based on the discoveries of Joseph Priestley. In 1783, in Geneva he founded the Schweppes company. In 1792 he moved to London to develop their business further. In 1843 was released drinks, which are popular with the British Royal family until the present time. “Schweppes” - a drink that for many years;was represented by three types – tonic water (the oldest soft drink in the world, first invented in 1771), ginger ale (introduced in 1870), bitter lemon (released in 1957).

Schweppes drinks

In 1969, the Schweppes Company merged with Cadbury. After the acquisition of several other firms in 2008, the company was divided, and the beverage began to be called “Dr. Pepper Snapple Group”, separated from Kraft Foods.

Development of the popularity of products “Schweppes” - beverage and advertising

In the 1920-1930-ies was launched the first advertising. So, the artist William Barribal created a series of posters. Advertising campaign in the 1950-ies and 1960-ies was carried out by the former naval officer from Britain, who had placed great emphasis on the taste of the product and a large amount of gas.

Schweppes is an alcoholic beverage

Other well-known advertising course is communication the name of the beverage and a sound is heard while opening the bottle. The slogan “Schhhhh .... you know it” is now used in many countries in original or adapted form. In addition, nowadays, is widely distributed on the Internet, particularly on social networks.


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Modern brand “Schweppes” – drink and tastes

Today, this soda is available in a wide variety of options. While in Russia there are three varieties – tonic, bitter lemon and Mojito. In previous years everywhere is sold “spicy cranberry” and “berries". Many also became popular “Schweppes” tasteful "classic soda”, which is widely used for preparation of alcoholic cocktails.

Ginger ale

It's worth to mention such a variation Schweppes, Ginger Ale. Since El is a kind of beer, some believe that “Schweppes” – an alcoholic beverage. In fact, this is the usual non-alcoholic soda flavored with ginger extract. Unfortunately, in Russia this unusual taste is not widespread. In other countries it is used not only for its intended purpose – drink – but also as an ingredient of various cocktails. In some countries it is mixed with ice cream and even used as a marinade.

alcoholic Schweppes

The Modern world and “Schweppes” – drink-exclusive

In some regions today are made of soda with unique flavors that reflect national preferences of individual consumers. These include Schweppes with blackberries and vanilla, tomato and other species. In addition, the overseas well-known and “Russian” taste, which is often referred to as alcohol “Schweppes”. This is actually a soda with berry flavor, which is traditionally made cocktails with vodka.

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