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Vodka «Green stamp" on the shelves of Russian shops appeared in 2002. Its unique design was a pleasant reminder to older people about one of the bright moments of life of our country, namely the post-war era and the distant 50-ies of the last century.

green mark

In those years of the 20th century the country was at the peak of the climb. People in that period thought that their Motherland, nothing is impossible. However, a simple and unremarkable design of vodka "Green stamp" like the Russian buyer.

In 2003, the state company «Glavspirttrest”, began selling a successful brand, became a member of the Association «Industrial investors”. The production of vodka was launched at the plant "Topaz" and to promote the brand has become managing company «Russian alcohol”.

vodka Zelenaya Marka

Today, under the name of "Green stamp" is made by four kinds of vodka: “the Particular pine”, “Special Rye”, “the Traditional recipe” and “Rules”.

Judging by the reviews and consumer information from the manufacturer, for production use only alcohol of the highest class «luxury», as well as natural ingredients. Most importantly, "Green mark" vodka, which was first tested technology for cleaning silver.

In Addition, the quality of the product, according to the manufacturer, is guaranteed by the modern technologies, the most famous of which - the patented design of a cap - “cap”. It is, in fact, represents the classic design of the clogging of the metal cap and the plastic tear-off tape.


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On the neck of the bottle with alcohol is the proprietary label of "Green Stamp", which is duplicated by extruding into glass containers. In addition, for the first time in the Russian production of alcoholic beverages was introduced that each bottle of vodka "Green Stamp" had a unique serial number, marked with the personal signature of the chief of service of quality for the issuing plant.

Thus, the developed three-level protection of the quality of alcohol products manufactured under the brand "Green mark", have rendered great service in the promotion of the product on the Russian market.

green mark vodka

In 2004, after receiving their first award “Brand”, “Green stamp" was in the supplier list (listing) of the company Auchan, which is engaged in sale of Russian alcohol products internationally.

Now you can see more interesting and attractive to the ordinary buyer of the brand who more and more claim to leadership in the niche market of alcoholic beverages. Today, "Green mark" has lost its former popularity and demand.

Thus, even if the brand is highly successful in his first appearance, the presence of strong competition can create problems for any brand. He's not always able to resist the more successful manufacturers.  every Day there are more new types of alcoholic beverages, which promises to be better than others. However the choice always remains for the buyer and his tastes.

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