The product homogenized – what is this new concept?


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homogenized that it

Should we be afraid to delay the product with the inscription "homogenized"? But do many mothers when buying baby food, mistakenly thinking the homogenized product – this is the same as genetically modified. Let's see, what actually do these two things and reassure anxious mums.

So, due to adverse environmental factors, soil salinity and other factors affecting the growth and fruiting of plants, in recent decades, science has been a step to the creation of the hardiest varieties of potatoes, wheat, maize through genetic modification. It is too early to judge it good or bad. Still not enough time has passed to understand the consequences of these modifications.

Product homogenized: what is it?

Homogenization – mixing of products to homogeneity. There is a mechanical homogenization under pressure. In the mixer combine the dough ingredients – mechanical mixing. An example of mixing under pressure could serve as a mixer. Only the homogenizer at high speed and under high pressure atomizes the product to an absolute uniformity. Now back to the stores, where the shelves appear more and more products labeled "homogenized". What it is, now it became more clear. But the healthy are such products? To find out, need to know what happens in the processing of fruit in the conversion of them, for example, in the homogenized juice.


Why is crystallization of honey?

Why is crystallization of honey?

Sooner or later, natural honey of any kind begins to crystallize, the exception is in rare cases. Each variety this process occurs on its own. For example, the crystallization of honey from the dandelion forms a coarse, solid mass, rapeseed variety h...

Cock on a stick. The recipe of the most tasty treats

Cock on a stick. The recipe of the most tasty treats

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Easy and delicious chicken pot pie and potatoes

Easy and delicious chicken pot pie and potatoes

To prepare cakes suitable for any dough - yeast, shortbread, puff pastry or fresh. The simplest recipe is probably sweet potato pie, which is perfect for lunch or for serving guests. It may be cooked quickly and simply. For the filling you can use no...

the homogenized juice

Description of the homogenization process

To get these products in home use blenders or mixers. Something similar happens in a special high-pressure homogenizers. The whole process involves a number of operations:

  1. The Fruits are cleaned, rinsed, wiped.
  2. Added the sugar syrup.
  3. Crushed mass in a homogenizer, where no contact between juice and air, which allows you to save valuable components of the fruit.
  4. High pressure, a special unit passes the raw material, crushing it to a mushy state.
  5. The Product is Packed hot at a temperature of 90°.

homogenized product isThe Use of homogenization

Gomogenizirovannykh products established itself in a number of industries. So, dairy and food industries get the products high quality and longer shelf life. Homogenizers used in the pharmaceutical industry, proved how they are more efficient than conventional mixers and colloid mills. Started to use these devices in biotechnology and cosmetic products. In all these industries the output is the product homogenized. What is it like? Homogenous creams and emulsions; baby puree, and butter and pate; water-based paints. That is, the products with the best dispersion of ingredients. In this there is no doubt. Moreover, it is impossible to imagine obtaining many products without processing in a homogenizer. And if still you have the question: "Homogenized – what is it?», – the answer is one: “This know-how of the XXI century”.

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