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If the accommodation you chose Moscow, "Scarlet sails" is a residential complex that is sure to meet your expectations. The new business class designed for those who appreciate a high standard of living and is willing to pay for comfort.

About the project

Fairly well-known capital of the developer company "don-Stroy" proposed residential complex "Scarlet sails" in Moscow. In the draft went to the luxurious life of modern Muscovites. According to the plan of the Builder, right on the banks of the Moscow river has started construction of a luxury apartment complex. Moscow scarlet sailsMany people say that when one only look for the project wanted at least one more day to enter the territory of the complex, to enjoy the promised comfort and luxury. Walks along the promenade, visiting yacht clubs - all this became usual life of those who managed to buy an apartment in "Scarlet sails" (Moscow). To date, the sale of apartments the last buildings of the complex, so everyone has the opportunity to become the proud owner of an excellent apartment.

Developer "Scarlet sails" (Moscow)


The Developer of the "Scarlet sails" (Moscow) company "donstroy" - drew attention on one of the best areas of the capital - the border Serebryany Bor and Strogino floodplain. A picturesque place for walking and recreation, stunning views are guaranteed for each resident. This is ecologically clean area, a real oasis in the noisy, crowded and dusty Moscow, the perfect place to live.

The Project covers an area of 15 hectares, the land has been improvement: a two-level walking areas, gardens, areas for leisure and relaxation.


On the creation of the design project the residential complex "Scarlet sails" in Moscow, we worked real professionals. In the finishing of entrance groups used Italian marble, mirror panels, moldings, fine furnishings. One gets a feeling that you get in the Royal apartments, and it's just an apartment building.


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Residential complex "Scarlet sails" in Moscow


Residential complex "Scarlet sails" in Moscow is a short drive from Volokolamsk and Leningrad highway. Residents of the complex say that without problems reach the city center. No car? It doesn't matter. In the vicinity of the new buildings are public transport stops, from where you can reach any point of Moscow. The nearest metro station "Schukinskaya”, it located the complex is just a 5-minute walk away.


Residential complex "Scarlet sails" in Moscow is located in the ecologically clean district of the capital. The Northern part of the metropolis freed from hazardous industries, and the environment in the form of Serebryany Bor and Strogino floodplain turned the complex into a Paradise that combines all the charm of Metropolitan and suburban life.


The Residential complex "Scarlet sails" in Moscow met the expectations of buyers. Its territory is already built out in the modern fitness center. Residents of the complex say that work here are true professionals, each room is provided with high-quality equipment, and the main attraction became a huge Aqua zone with 25-metre pool and Spa.

A luxury complex offers a private kindergarten, the school of creativity for children of all ages, as well as medical centre, shops, bars, cafes, services. Of course, residents would like to see on site and even secondary school, but judging by the reviews, their children attend other educational institutions of Moscow.


The Thoughtful layout, spacious rooms, exquisite finishes - all proposed by the developer to prospective buyers. In each apartment, be it a small cozy "odnushka" or a huge four-room house, a clear zoning of space, public area and rest area. Many residents noted that they were attracted to the layout: getting into the apartment, I want to stay there forever. apartments at scarlet sails, Moscow


Apartment business class in a prestigious area of Moscow - a luxury that, unfortunately, is not available to everyone. To date, the cost of apartments starts from 19 million rubles.

Summing up

LCD "Scarlet sails" - a modern residential complex of business class meets all the requirements of Muscovites. If you are strapped for cash, be sure to look at the project more closely: while there is still opportunity to purchase an apartment here on favorable terms.

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