How to add funds to the card of Sberbank: step by step instructions


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Many modern citizens think about how to replenish the balance from the card of Sberbank. Unfortunately, the simple answer to this question is no. And you have to learn many instructions to accomplish the task. With them we will explore next. Simple guide will explain how money is transferred from the card of the savings Bank under certain circumstances. It's not as difficult as it seems.


How to add funds to the card of Sberbank? To answer this question, the client needs to understand what kind of transaction it is.

replenishment of account

Today, following operations are possible:

  • Replenish the SIM card attached to the plastic;
  • Write-off of money on third-party phone;
  • The transaction is the second private plastic;
  • Transfer money to another person on the map.

Perhaps this is the most common classifications. About them and speech will go further. If you prepare for the processes, they do not cause any problems.

Prior transaction

How to add funds to the card of Sberbank? 900 - number known to all clients referred to financial companies. Using this combination will be carried out many actions with the plastic.

Before you can transfer funds from a Bank card of Sberbank, the user will have to activate the option "Mobile banking". With its help, will be able to significantly ease the process. All operations to control cash flows will be implemented via mobile phone.

Use the ATM to replenish

Connectivity options of the Mobile Bank can hold:

  1. Through an ATM. Select "Mobile banking" in the "Operation map". Next is to follow the instructions on the screen.
  2. At any branch of Sberbank. Need to take your passport and write a statement.
  3. Via the Internet. Comes to the aid of the service "Sberbank Online". We are interested in the service can be found in the lower right corner "member area".
  4. By telephone. Required to call the special number provided on the official website and then tell the operator about their intentions. Then the customer calls with the requested information.

Fast, easy and convenient. Now you can fully understand how to recharge your phone with the card of Sberbank and beyond.


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Your mobile number

Let's Start with the services "Mobile Bank". Consider the process of transferring money from own maps on a mobile device. Assume that we are talking about the number linked to plastics.

In such circumstances, it is recommended to act as follows:

  1. Open the SMS.
  2. Write in the Deposit amount (in figures).
  3. Send a message to a short number 900. It will work if you use any of the options from the "Mobile Bank".

After a few seconds the user will see the message on successful deposits. Any difficulties does not cause. The fee per transaction will be charged.

Second map and one number

How to recharge your phone with the card of Sberbank? For example, if we are talking about a situation in which one number is linked with a few plastics. It's not the most common, but occurring in practice option.

The Previous instructions will not help. It is suitable only for cases where the number is linked with only one card. So you have to act differently.

Translation over the Internet-banking

The sequence of actions is the following:

  1. Start writing a message on the phone.
  2. To Form according to the following principle: "the sum of the last 4 digits plastic".
  3. Send SMS to already known to us.

That's how quickly and easily people will be able to write off the money on a specific phone with the selected plastic. But more often it requires to carry out transactions to the other people. In such circumstances will have to change the instructions.

Someone else's phone and map

To Replenish the balance via card of Sberbank it is possible without the use of mobile banking. But about these options later.

First, consider a possible surgery option to the Mobile Bank. It's time to transfer money to someone else's room. Means a transaction with a card.

This kind of situation requires such action:

  1. Write a message such as: "translation is the number of man - amount of the transaction."
  2. Implement sending SMS to number 900.

Instead of the word "translation" can be the following expression:

  • Perevod;
  • Perevesti;
  • Transfer.

The phone number you want to write with +7. Only such a record is successfully processed by the system of the savings Bank.

Important: after done action the subscriber will receive a confirmation code. Sending it for processing, people will write off his card to a Bank account specified by certain funds.

If the recipient is not connected to mobile banking, he will not be able to get the money. Therefore, it is desirable to clarify this issue.

home ATM

Others and a pair of cards

How to Fund the balance of the card of the savings Bank with another card? Examine the option in which you want to write off the money to the account of another client, andthe sender has some plastics.

Such a scenario entails the following manipulation:

  1. Open the option "New message" on the phone.
  2. The Formation of letters such as: "translation is the last 4 digits of the plastic sender - room amount".
  3. Sending SMS to the previous number of the savings Bank.

The Deed is done. Any difficulties does not cause. It only remains to confirm the operation. The corresponding code will come to the sender's phone money.

Limitations of mobile banking

It is Important to remember that any service has its limitations. And mobile banking Sberbank is no exception. So you should understand the terms of use of remittances.

Here are the basic principles which have to adhere to all the customers:

  • Banking is incompatible with "credit cards";
  • It is impossible to work with multi-currency plastic;
  • The day you can send maximum 10 requests.
  • In a day is allowed to send/receive not more than 8000 rubles.

The main terms studied option end. And now I understand how much money is allowed to translate in a particular case.

Someone else's phone

You Need to recharge your phone with the card of Sberbank? 900 service, which will be useful during the operation.

To have a debit money mobile of a person, you need to compose a message and send it to the address indicated.

The TEXT will look like this: "tel - phone number - amount of transfer".

Instead of the word "tel" you can use the words:

  • Cash;
  • Payment;
  • Completion;
  • Oplata;
  • Platezh;
  • Popolnenie.

If attached to mobile more cards, then after you specify the amount of the transaction is required to write the last four digits of the selected card.

Sberbank and transfers to the card

USSD-command and other rooms

How to recharge mobile phone balance via card of Sberbank? Customers have the right to use the USSD-requests. They will help quickly and without SMS cope with the task.

You want to write off the money on someone else's phone number? Then you have:

  1. Go to the mobile phone to dial the number.
  2. Print a *900*number*summating#.
  3. Click on the button "Call".

Done actions will lead to the fact that people will put a certain amount of money from the plastic to another citizen. Nothing strange or difficult!

USSD requests and personal number

How to add funds to the card of the savings Bank otherwise? For example, if a person wants to Deposit money into your mobile?

Allowed the use of simplified USSD-request. To transfer money, you will need to dial *900*kolichestvennogo#. "Prozvoniv", will write the specified funds for the room, tied to plastics.

Sberbank Online and mobile

The Next method is the use of the service "Sberbank Online". It helps you quickly to make any payments via the Internet using plastic.

To transfer money to your mobile device, you must:

  1. Log in to the system "Sberbank Online". You need to pre-register banking.
  2. Go to the "Payments and transfers".
  3. Click on "Mobile phone" and choose the operator.
  4. Enter the number that you want to fill.
  5. If necessary, put in the appropriate field of the card used.
  6. To Prescribe the amount of the transaction.
  7. Confirm the procedure.

And so is just offered to write off the money on mobile phones. You can specify how your numbers and others.

Transfer from card to card

Card and the "Sberbank Online"

Fill up the balance from the card of Sberbank of another plastic material through the service "Sberbank Online". Here are allowed transfers between clients of Sberbank, and between users of other financial companies.

The sequence of actions will be such:

  1. Authorization to "Sberbank Online".
  2. Select the tab, "Payments and transfers" - "Translations".
  3. Identification of persons involved in the procedure. You can select "Transfer to another Bank" or the "Customer savings".
  4. Complete the request form. Just follow simple instructions and prompts on the screen.
  5. Commit the transaction.

The Main thing - carefully fill in the request form. Typos will lead to the withdrawal of money from the plastic of the applicant and their transfer to the wrong account.


I Want to replenish the balance of another subscriber from the card of Sberbank? You can use modern ATMs and payment terminals from the financial institution.

Step by Step process is as follows:

  1. Insert the desired plastic in the ATM and start working with it.
  2. Select "Transfers in my city" - "Recharge your mobile...".
  3. Specify the operator. Sometimes this step is skipped.
  4. Print the number of the recipient of the money. It is advisable to check it out.
  5. Enter the amount of transfer.
  6. Click on the confirmation procedure.

No fee and a long wait. So easily people will be able to transfer money to any mobile device.

Other banks and cards of Sberbank

And how to replenish the balance of the card of the savings Bank with another card? If we are talking about plastic other banks, it is better to use a specialized page. They are offered Internet banking.

Howtransfer money from the card Sberbank

You Usually need to go to the appropriate service, and then specify the data cards - first one with which to write off the money, then the one on which the money is transferred.

A Similar technique involves the Commission. It will depend on the particular Bank.

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