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Profession “model” in Soviet times did not exist, so the girls walked the runway, called ‘models” or “models”. But in reality, the Soviet Union model was the highest level. The Soviet model Galina Milovskaya was just out of this caste, but her life at Home did not work out. But she successfully ventured into the West.

Galina Milovskaya

Getting the path

She was Born Galina Milovskaya in the capital of the USSR – Moscow, in a poor family. Her and her sisters was raised by a single mother, father died when Gal was 13 years old. The girl dreamed to become an actress, especially external data, she was quite worthy: tall, thin blonde, with delicate features and huge eyes, she embodied the modern ideal of female beauty. Galina successfully passed the exams and enrolled in the theater school. B. Shchukin. It was fun, but the money was never enough, the scholarship was only 30 rubles. Friend at school told her that in the all-Union Institute of range of light industry can earn as a demonstrator of clothes. The Milovskaya got there and were met in “cheers”. With the growth of 170 cm and weight 42 kg perfectly fit modern model standards, and the type of appearance made her look like a trendy Western fashion model Twiggy. Galina took a job at the Department of fashion Outlook, and she began to learn a new profession. Then no courses for the models was not, and the girls themselves have learned to walk the runway, to develop a model gait. Galya quickly learned the tricks and became a popular fashion model.

Galina Milovskaya mannequin

Historical context

In those days, when Galina Milovskaya decided to become a fashion model, in the USSR this profession, to put it mildly, was not prestigious. During the Brezhnev stagnation, the public paid great attention to the morale of Soviet citizens. The nudity (exposed knees, cleavage, even entirely innocent) was seen as an affront to public taste. A woman had to embody the traits of workers, an exemplary mother and a good wife, none of what womanhood, and especially of sexuality and speech could not be. Hypocritical Soviet morality believed that a woman's attractiveness and her demonstration of the degrading Soviet citizens. The company also vigilantly Patriotic sentiments of the population. Any disrespect to the symbols of the Soviet authorities severely punished. The political anecdote was to go to prison, and for the unworthy treatment of portraits of the leaders – of losing a job. Against the background of such implanted patriotism every admiration for Western culture and way of life was perceived as an insult to the Soviet system. The West was the enemy, and it could only scolding, it was impossible to praise and encourage the imposition of Western values in the Soviet society. For communication with foreigners was not imprisoned, as under Stalin, but taking the person down and intently kept an eye on his behavior. Suffocating situation led to the fact that many freedom-loving citizens and simple minded people under any pretext to leave the country. Emigration was seen by many representatives of the creative intelligentsia as the release.

Galina Milovskaya biography

Modeling Career

Against this historical background Galina Milovskaya (mannequin) choose not quite correct from the point of view of government and morality, a way of life. A new profession, she quite took place. She worked hard, demonstrating the clothes of the Moscow house of models. Slowly it is becoming known in my circles, it was called “Russian Twiggy”. In 1967 she was among the handful of carefully selected demonstrators involved in the only Soviet International fashion festival. This event was attended by many foreign journalists and photographers, they come to including in search of new faces. One of the findings was the Galya Milovskaya, she remembered the master photographer of the magazine “Vogue”.

model Galina Milovskaya

History famous photo

Two years after the festival of fashion photographer Andre de Ron arrives in Moscow to hold a photo shoot for the magazine “Vogue” and his model he saw was Galya Milovskaya. The magazine held a lot of preparatory work, and received unprecedented permission to shoot in the Kremlin Armory, and red square. Galina Milovskaya told that shooting in the Treasury came under the observation of 17 gunmen. She gave up the scepter of Catherine the great and the greatest diamond "Shah". Under this survey, “Vogue” allocated 8 pages of the magazine. The Milovskaya have not paid a penny, all the royalties have been sent to the state Treasury. The most famous was the photograph of Galina sits, legs spread, against the background of the Kremlin and the mausoleum.

Soviet model Galina Milovskaya

Conflict with the government

This shot infuriated the officials. Galina called “the rug” Minister of light industry, who literally yelled at her in obscenities, accusing it of insulting the Holy – Lenin. “You would have naked on red square has passed», - he shouted. So, Galina Milovskaya biography which is 100% depended on officials who had lost jobs in foreign magazines. Despite attempts by her boss to write off all on her “dopey" she was forbidden to appear abroad. But our troubles were not over. Leaders from the school in some strange way came to the show swimwear, in which was attended by Galya. They said that it is so morally ashamed and could not claim the title of Soviet actress – from the school she was expelled.

Galina Milovskaya date of birth

History of body art

The final nail in the coffin of the career became controversial for the USSR event experiments in body art. Galina Milovskaya, fashion model, became a model for artist Anatoly Brusilovsky. He organized the event for his friend, the photographer from Cayo Mario Garrubba of the Italian magazine "espresso” a bright photo shoot. At home he gathered a few friends invited a Gal as a model and made her beautiful naked body painting in the form of flowers, butterflies and birds. Photographer shot this whole process, and published in his journal. The most scandalous action with a naked body was strengthened by the fact that under the photo of the artist was printed banned in the Soviet Union the poem “Terkin in the next world" of V. Twardowski. All this infuriated the Soviet government and the Milovskaya blocked all the oxygen. It is categorically not allowed to work, despite the fact that the West came to her, the very best deals. So, the owner of a very large modeling Agency Eileen Ford has done a lot in order to sign with the Galya Milovskaya the contract, she even made sure that the Soviet Union was sent a letter from President Nixon. But the Soviet authorities did not allow her to work.

Galina Milovskaya now


Model Galina Milovskaya was forced to start thinking about departure from the country. Her exile was not political, she has repeatedly stressed that in its actions there was never any anti-Soviet that she just participated in an interesting art events, and in any case not fight the system. To organize the departure helped A. Brusilov, he was able to give her a call to Israel. 14 April 1974 and she flies to Rome, where it was waiting for Eileen Ford. She arranged the participation of Galina in the competition of the highest paid models in the world. Galina was pursued by photographers, they were surprised that she never smiled. She grieved at the departure, thinking about the fate of relatives.

Career in the West

Galina Milovskaya could fit into a Western business model. She settled in London, was photographed for many European magazines, often in Paris. She became a top model, but a decent living could afford to make. During this time she met many people, learned a new lifestyle, but always remained a Russian girl. Whatever her desires, her career still acquired a political hue, it is even called “Solzhenitsyn in a skirt”.

Galina Milovskaya


At a meeting in Paris Galina met with the banker Jean-Paul Dessertine. After 15 minutes he made her an offer and she accepted it. The following day the couple were married at city hall and for more than 30 years they are together. Galina Milovskaya, date of birth, which (1949) is carefully guarded her secret, the day of birth the time of his departure from the USSR, when she was able in one moment to change your life. The couple had a daughter, which is today one of the leading experts-ethnologists in Guinea.

New life

After marriage, Galina gave up a career model, she finally decided to get an education. She enrolled in the Sorbonne the faculty of film directing. It was held in this profession, having shot several documentaries, including “the Moment when memories” about the nursing home residents and “These crazy Russian» on the Russian artists-avant-gardists who were forced to leave their homeland in 70-ies of the 20th century. Today she takes stories and small stories about Russian art in the West.

Even during thethe Soviet government, thanks to the relations of her husband, the Milovskaya managed three times to visit the Home of the official delegation. After the adjustment, it can meet regularly with relatives and to be in Russia. She even presented her film at the Leningrad festival. Galina Milovskaya now – successful, self-sufficient woman with a happy destiny.

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