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Do you Want to be the center of attention? Then boldly give preference to items of clothing turquoise color. Clothing of this hue, always attracts attention with its brightness and eccentricity. However, turquoise Cyan color in clothesThe color of clothing - a concept quite capacious. It includes different saturation combinations blue and green, two elements - air and water, or, to put it poetically, – heavenly skies and azure blue sea. Perhaps that is why the turquoise color in the clothes for several years now is a trend for the spring and summer seasons. However, at the mention of data hints the first Association people have traditionally occur with the same gem, the largest deposits of which are in Southeast Asia. Natural turquoise also has a large variety of color palette-from light blue to greenish. It is believed that it depends on the degree of maturity of natural stone. And that, by analogy with the precious namesake of turquoise color in clothing has so many color nuances.

Symbolic value

Cultures of different peoples of the world turquoise symbolizes healing, deep compassion and faith. In Russia, for example, it was believed that wearing a ring with a stone of this hue can afford only people with a crystal clear mind. what goes turquoiseThe Eastern peoples this color is associated with the sensual world, where there is no place for rational thinking, creative expression, and meant love, communication, independence, and confidence. As for the present, at present, this tint in the online technologies used to represent wireless information flows.

What do psychologists say?

Connoisseurs of human souls claim that turquoise color in clothes prefer the intuitive nature of a strong, with a rich inner world and not devoid of the propensity to shocking. Such people are always confident and know that they need to succeed. Wearing this color helps to get rid of the oppression of the existing problems and easier to look at the world, promotes communication that can be useful in public speaking and increases your confidence and creative energy. In short, if you want to feel enthusiastic and energetic – choose the garments from a mix of blue and green hues. what combination of turquoiseIn addition, shy people it helps to overcome shyness and awkwardness in communication.


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Meanwhile, as like turquoise in clothing, from his constant wearing should still abstain. And this is due to the fact that one of the negative manifestations of long “communication” with shades of blue and green is a withdrawal and a certain detachment from the real world.

Harmonious combination with other colors

The Uniqueness of turquoise shades is that they suit absolutely all types of exterior – blondes, brunettes and girls with brown hair. The only rule that guides the choice, is the contrast between skin tone and hair color. For example, for a blonde Scandinavian type, the ideal would be a pale or light turquoise color. In other words, the greater the contrast between skin and hair, the brighter you can afford. It is also worth adding a few words about what to pair turquoise color. In this respect, it is almost universal. A mixture of blue and green harmoniously looks with all shades of gold, copper and silver as well as black, white, beige, pink, blue and gray. Those people who are more sensitive to the question of what combination of turquoise color in different degrees of intensity, can take advantage of special tables.

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