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Afghani – casual pants that won't constrict your movements. They are chosen by people, self-confident, who appreciate personal style more than fashion imposed stereotypes. And although this great clothing is gaining more and more fans, yet for some, still unknown, strange and even odd.

Well, fill those gaps and talk about how there were pants-Aladdin, what they decided to wear, how and what to stitch on their own.

Origin Story

Pants-Afghani appeared in the middle East in ancient times. The history of this garment goes back centuries, because today it is impossible to determine either the place of their birth, nor the name of the designer who gave the world this wonderful thing.

Afghani pants

But it's safe to say that the last few years, Afghani experience a second (and maybe not even the second) youth. Lovers of Eastern culture, yoga, the representatives of different subcultures happy to dress up in this comfortable and beautiful garment that is great for exploring the city, and for travel, and sports.

Diversity of species

At first glance it may seem that the cut of the pants-Afghani fairly uniform. But, no! There are many models, sewn in the most intricate pattern, provided with lacing, cuffs, pockets, kulisami and various elements. However, some General characteristics defining the species, of course, available.

pants Aladdin

These include:

  • Loose-fitting is relatively large, the width of the product;
  • Fixing the hem (elastic, drawstring);
  • Deliberately large depth, low groin;
  • Decoration in ethnic style.


Of Course, many would agree that Afghani-pants is quite ambiguous. This vivid and memorable thing did not turn the owner into a laughing stock, it is necessary to observe some rules. First, you should always remember that they are not all, not everywhere appropriate. It is not necessary to wear these pants for going to a parent meeting at school or a meeting with business partners. Although perhaps you work in a yoga center or Eastern restaurant, and your partners yourself crazy about this clothes? Of course, it's you. But even in this case, Afghani-pants require a decent Supplement.


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As for shoes, you should exercise special care when making a choice in favor of the heel. He looks good with some models of long pants, but Afghani-pants with them just don't mix. To them perfect flip flops, outdoor flip flops, shoes to go low, boots-"assassins" sandals"Gladiator", "crocs" braided sandals. Preference is given to footwear made of natural materials.

As a top for a deliberately garish trousers better to choose a neutral shirt, tailored figure. Often with such great harmony pants short jackets, leather jackets and even leather jackets.

To Complement the image can be embroidered backpack, ‘mochilas" bag-basket. Jewelry too is necessary to select the style ethno: wood, clay, leather, textile. Main – to have all kit components and accessories to create a whole image as a whole.

How to sew Afghani

The market today a variety of models, a variety. But what if the sought and not found? Remains the good old way – to sew by.

Afghani pants women

First, decide on the fabric. “Classics”: cotton, silk, linen. Excellent fit and fabrics such as nettle and hemp canvas. We should not dismiss and modern synthetic fabrics. The main condition-has a small thickness, allowing the loose folds to flow.

Knit too, you can make Afghani. Pants made of stretchy fabric are ideal for exercising and exploring the city. Preference is given to soft flowing fabrics.

As for the patterns, in some cases you can do even without it. For this you need to correctly calculate the fabric. To stitch Afghani-pants women's needed is a square piece of fabric with sides at least 1.45 m. It folds in half, the line "hypotenuse" (bend) – this will be drooping folds the bottom edge of the pants. “Legs” of the triangle will become the side seams. It remains the case for small: to trim the edges of the legs and belt, astrocyte side seams, drawstring or draw elastic.

pants Afghani

Of Course, there are other options cut. They are suitable for those who have mastered the most simple pattern. And you may want to come up with something altogether unusual?

Afghani on the screen

It has Long ceased to be only an attribute of subcultural fashion, pants-Aladdin boldly stepped even on the world's catwalks. And more than once lit up in the cinema. For example, in a lavishly embroidered with precious embroidery trousers-Afghani flaunt the heroine of the film “Magnificent century”, recently won the hearts of millions of viewers around the world. And, of course, a Tomboy-Aladdin not to mention. It was his reckless way contributed to the popularization of this fashion, and one of the best known names pants owe it to this character.

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