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The Word "reservation" usually associated with U.S. and local Indians. The indigenous population of this country for hundreds of years were persecuted and exterminated. In the end, they left very little. Reservation – this is a specially designated area, where remnants of the indigenous population. Such places on the planet a lot. In Canada, the USA, Brazil they were built for the Indians, Africa for Africans in Australia for aboriginal people. According to official data, in the US there are 550 Indian tribes. They are home to 4.9 million people. Of these, two thirds are in reserves, which throughout the country about it

New land use

The Lives of American Indians changed dramatically since Columbus ' discovery of these lands. The relationship of two completely different cultures has never been unambiguous. Cases are known when the settlers and the natives lived peacefully. A striking example is the Plymouth colony. However, in General, the development of the American lands did not bring the Indians any good. Peaceful tribes were atteshlis from their territories. They were forced to live on barren lands. Many Indians died from hunger. Those who tried to resist were killed in battle. Another negative factor was the new European diseases. The tribes were killed by them faster than from weapons.


The Indigenous inhabitants of the continent was a hindrance to the creation of the new state and were seen as enemies who must be destroyed. Very quickly, their number decreased from three million to 200 thousand. Thus is made possible the Indian reservation. Indian reservationIt started during the war for independence. The second Continental Congress established a special Department which was engaged in the Affairs of the Indians. In 1778, the first Indian reservation in the United States. The government took them under its protection, and in return, they freed their land. “Sweep” territory continued until 1877.


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Life on a strictly designated areas

Reservation – this is the place where many Indians have managed to survive. However, a full life here can be called with difficulty. The indigenous population continues to be undermined. Their land is constantly decreasing. People had sufficient food, and because many have died of starvation. Reservations were not medical institutions, which also contributed to the decrease in the indigenous population. After a few decades the number of Indians was reduced by 60%. In order to prevent revolt, the tribes were divided. Very often in one reservation were Indians of different tribes. They spoke different languages and were forced to communicate in English. As a result, after a few generations the native language was forgotten.
Indian reservation in the USA

Better late than never

The Indian Life began to improve only after the 20-ies of XX century. By this time politicians understood that the reservation is bad, what is the situation of the indigenous population is a disgrace to them and the country as a whole. In 1924, all Indians were granted citizenship. Since 1930 the remaining tribes began to return the land previously owned by. Program was developed to end discrimination against the Indians. In 60-ies began to operate program for political and economic development of reservations. The Indians were given the opportunity to receive education, medical care, work and adequately educate children. In 1965, a law was passed that allowed the residents of the reservations independently develop programs and manage social security and education. Reservation - it is a word that, for many centuries will be remembered by generations of Indians, whose ancestors once inhabited the present territory of the United States.

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