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Famous people written about and talked about, always arouse great interest among the public. This is understandable, because few people want to flaunt all the moments of your life, but to observe and to discuss the private life of someone else is always interesting. And it is not about rumor, and that the example of the stories other people can learn and draw conclusions. The article will look at the biography of the scientist Igor Spassky, who clearly deserves to learn from him.


Spasskiy Igor Zhukov studied at the naval engineering College. F. Dzerzhinsky, which he successfully graduated in 1949. After this he for some time worked as an engineer on the cruiser "Frunze" that was just built.

In 1950 he was involved in various projects for the development of submarines. At first he worked in the St. Petersburg Maritime Bureau "malachite". Since 1953 has worked TSKB-18 (CDB “ruby”). Three years later, Spassky Igor Dmitrievich has become the Deputy chief engineer, and in 1968 he was appointed chief engineer. Finally, in 1974, the hero of this article has become a full head of CCB «Rubin». At the same time he worked here, the chief designer and was the head of the appropriate Bureau.Spasskiy Igor Dmitrievich


General designer of Spasskiy had a leading role in the development of all submarines, which involved Bureau «Rubin». He oversaw the construction of nuclear submarines, which had a military strategic purpose. Among them should be noted the project 941 “Shark”, “Dolphin" project «Squid». Also Igor D. supervised the construction of nuclear missile submarines (projects “Granite” and “Antaeus").


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Naturally, we listed only the most prominent projects, but besides them there were many others who oversaw Spasskiy Igor Dmitrievich. His biography is inextricably linked with the career that he devoted a lot of attention, which he lived. Of all its projects in total were built, 187 submarines, of which 96 were nuclear, and 91 diesel elektricheskimi. They were the Foundation of the Russian and Soviet Navy during the busiest periods.

In addition to the practice, academician Spasskiy Igor Dmitrievich interested in theory. He is the author of several major scholarly works on the theoretical part of the devices of submarines and the peculiarities of their construction.Spasskiy Igor Dmitrievich biography

In 1973, Igor Dmitrievich was a candidate of technical Sciences, and after 5 years – a doctor. In 1984, Spassky became a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and a Professor. The Academy of Sciences was an expert on mechanics and control processes. Since 1987 he is a member of the Academy of Sciences.

A fresh start

After perestroika began, resulting in the collapse of the Soviet Union, the demand for nuclear submarines plummeted. However, this does not affect the scientist as he continued active and fruitful work on nuclear submarines. Despite the fact that sentences could not do, man has developed the project of a new submarine called «Yury Dolgoruky», which was founded in 1996. Thus Igor Dmitrievich was a realist and understood the danger of the situation. In order to resolve the situation, he decided to expand the scope of activities of the Bureau. So, it is suggested to its employees to develop and build not only boats, but also oil platforms, which by that time was already more popular. The scientist managed to sign a profitable contract with the firm Halliburton. Today Spassky developed oil platforms are widely used for oil production in the Okhotsk sea and Sakhalin.Spasskiy Igor Dmitrievich photo

The project

One of the most important projects of the Saviour – “Sea launch”. It was planned to develop a floating spaceport. In the end, he still was made from a modified oil platform. The spaceport was placed in the most appropriate place – the Equatorial Pacific ocean. It was the best conditions in order to run the boosters so as to maximize the rotational inertia of the Earth. Also it should be understood that the launching of rockets from here was 10 times cheaper than running on-site, offered by NASA. Spasskiy Igor Dmitriyevich was still the chief designer of marine and led the project.


In addition to standard projects, the scientist was engaged in unusual projects. He was invited to develop the project cargo submarine, which was year-round to be ready to perform different operations in the Arctic ocean. In addition, he was involved in the construction of the offshore ice-resistant platform, which would allow to extract oil from the ocean shelf. Despite the fact that the hero of our article was in charge of a very important and original projects, he was involved in and simple things like modernization of trams.Spasskiy Igor Dmitriyevich children

A Great achievement for him was the election of the General Director of the consortium, which was engaged in the construction of submarines for the Russian Navy. The submarine had nofor military purposes, was non-nuclear. The consortium consisted of CDB “ruby”, enterprise Admiralty shipyards and other shipbuilding companies. In addition to working for the state, was also created machinery for export to India, Poland and other countries.


His Wife and children at Spasskiy Igor Dmitrievich there, although they are little known. Lyudmila Petrovna-the wife of the scientist – from childhood lived in St. Petersburg, where she survived the whole period of the siege.

The man has a son and daughter who live in Saint-Petersburg. Children Spassky Igor Dmitrievich - are not public figures, which journalists know nothing.Spasskiy Igor Dmitriyevich wife and kids


What else did the hero of the article? Spasskiy Igor Dmitrievich, a photo of which is in the article, developed the submarine «Kursk». This was the last submarine class "Antaeus", which was awarded to the Russian Navy.

In August 2000, the submarine sank during exercises of the Northern fleet. The cause of flooding is the explosion of one torpedo, which resulted in further explosions element of the boat. The torpedo exploded due to the fact that the engine was a fuel leak. During the accident many people died but some sailors managed to survive, and they some time lived in the aft compartment. Rescue operations were ineffective due to bureaucratic delays. When rescuers finally reached the boat, all crew members were already dead.Spasskiy Igor Dmitrievich-academician

Rescue operations Spassky was a consultant. Some media wrote that he should bear full responsibility for the fact that aid has not arrived on time. There were also complaints on the design of the boat. However, the investigators who conducted the study indicated that the system plugs of a nuclear reactor worked very quickly and accurately, which helped to avoid a global catastrophe in the Barents sea.

Lifting the boat from the depths Bureau «Rubin». The whole of the boat was towed to a repair shipyard. Together with Spassky operation led by additional international company.

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