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The Night sky is a mesmerizing sight, especially in clear cloudless weather. I would look at him and watched, trying to determine different configurations, familiar figures. And they really are determined. Involuntarily the question arises about how many constellations in the sky. Answer try to find it now.

Ancient astronomers about the stars

how many constellations in the skyFirst joined the stars in the constellation several thousand years ago Greek astronomers. They did it on the principle of similarity with any of the mythical heroes, animals, birds. To do this, picked up the brightest stars or group nearby to each other. The title, of course, did not always reflect the essence of the resulting figure. Today, however, we judge it difficult. We just know what is in the sky, the constellations Andromeda, Pegasus, Hercules, Centaurus, Cassiopeia, and others.

So how many constellations in the sky? Ancient Greek astronomers have identified 48. But that was not all.

Starry sky or celestial sphere

The Modern concept of “constellation” differs from the former. The ancient astronomers, this term meant the shapes formed by the stars. Sometimes it turned out that the same star could relate to the different constellations and where the stars were little or they were very pale, they did not exist.

So how much of the constellation divided the sky today? At present this term refers to areas or areas, which divided the celestial sphere in order to make it easier to navigate in the sky.

The Division of borders between the constellations was carried out in the early nineteenth century. The international astronomical Union held from 1922 to 1935. The final result was defined as the border between the constellations and their number. That's when it became known how many constellations in the sky. 88.


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how many constellations in the sky answer

Eyes them not to cast

The Greeks might have discovered would be more of the constellations, but they are mostly watching the sky, available from the South of Europe, i.e. the Northern hemisphere. In the XVII-XVIII centuries, the study continued.

The Astronomers noticed that at the same time to see all of the constellations impossible. As soon as our planet revolves around the Sun available eyes become a new group of stars. Constellations near the pole are visible all year. Some can be seen only in certain season, e.g., summer or winter, spring or fall.

Where to find constellation?

Now there'd be no question about how many constellations in the sky. The answer is known. But in any hemisphere of the sky they are located? It turns out, 31 is located in the Northern, and is located in the southern 48. 9 constellations captured both celestial hemisphere and is located on both sides of the celestial equator. This Is Pisces, Orion, The Whale, The Unicorn, The Virgin, Sextant, Snake, Eagle, Ophiuchus.

The brightest

how many constellations the divided skyConstellations vary in size and degree of brightness. So how many constellations in the sky the brightest?

Only 30 Of the 88 well-stand out for their clear contours and bright stars.

The largest of the brightest – the Great bear constellation, which occupies an area of about 1300 square degrees. It is possible to count, in addition to the seven bright stars forming the dipper, another 118, which are visible to the naked eye from Earth.

The smallest, again, from the brightest to be found in the southern hemisphere of the sky. Unfortunately, it is not visible on the territory of the Russian Federation. It is a beautiful constellation of the southern cross covers an area of 68 square degrees and consists of five twenty-five bright and faint stars.

The largest number of bright stars that contains the constellation of Scorpio. It is 12 pieces.

And yet beautiful can be called the constellation of Orion. It has 120 visible stars, seven of them are glitter.

How many constellations in the zodiac?

how many constellations in the zodiacThe Twelve constellations through which the Sun moves in its annual turnover, with the exception of Ophiuchus, called the zodiac. They are located along the Ecliptic. The so-called circle of the celestial sphere, which in the course of a year the Sun makes a rotation. A day it runs about 1 degree. Each month corresponds to a certain constellation in which the Sun is at that moment. But because of the movement of the vernal equinox for more than two thousand light years now each month is in two adjacent constellations.

The longest 44 days, the Sun moves through the constellation of Virgo, the least it is in Scorpio – just six days.

A Few stories about the zodiac constellations

How many constellations in the sky and how many in the zodiac, we have found. But why the Taurus is one of the leading places among the constellations of the zodiac? It's simple. In ancient times, the development of cattle breeding was given great importance. The bull (Taurus) is very revered by the people and is even considered a sacred animal. So with it tied up the constellation in which the Sun finally conquers winter and heralds the arrival of spring and awakening of nature.

With the origin of the name the Cancer associated even a few legends. But the classic ancient mythology says: when Hercules fought the Hydra, he was attacked by a huge Cancer. The hero crushed it, but the goddess Hera, in retaliation, put Cancer onthe sky.

Libra-the only constellation in the zodiac, which has nothing to do with animals or half-animal. About two thousand years ago in the Scales was the point of the autumnal equinox. Perhaps due to the equality of day and night and there was this name. According to another version, the daughter of Zeus and Themis Astraea, goddess of justice, weighed the fate of people with Weights, which her father had placed on the many constellations in the sky

The Constellation of the Scorpion has received the name not only because of similarity of appearance, but also because the Sun entered into him in late autumn, when nature is asleep or die if bitten by a poisonous reptile.

How many constellations in the sky, so many unusual names, which conceals a secret meaning. This is especially true of those names which were given in ancient times.

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