What is a mercenary army, and when it appeared?


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Since time immemorial raised the dust on military roads many countries of the world forged boots of desperate soldiers of fortune ― mercenaries. Was in their ranks and those who are tired of monotonous life, and taken to the extreme poor, and just adventurers searchers easy prey. In this article we will try to get to know them and to understand that such a mercenary army.


It was a special kind of troops. They consisted exclusively of professionals who are hired by States, cities, and sometimes private individuals that took a lot of money and need to brave the thugs, ready to execute any order and not ask questions. Their services were widely used in most countries of the Ancient world, and especially in Rome and Egypt.

What is a mercenary army

What is a mercenary army in Ancient Egypt?

In the period of the old Kingdom, the time boundaries of which are defined as 3200-2400 BC, on the banks of the Nile was very restless. Frequent were the incursions of detachments of the neighbouring Asian States. Did not save even a built in dangerous places military settlements. Yes, and a large army was difficult to assemble: needed working hands in the fields. In those days did not know what a mercenary army, but the wise Pharaoh found out.

They began to recruit soldiers from neighbouring States. For a cash consideration of full life and they were willing to substitute a chest under the enemy's arrows and spears. When there's a major war and the army went on long hikes, it ranks replenished at the expense of the conquered peoples, who were also formed mercenary unit. This tradition continued in the following centuries, until the collapse of the Egyptian civilization.


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Roman mercenaries

What is a mercenary army in ancient Egypt

But what is a mercenary army in Ancient Egypt compared to its counterpart in the highly organized Roman army. At the end of III century BC ended the Second Punic war, the result of which was the ruin of free peasants. In order to feed themselves and their families, they poured EN masse into the army of the Roman Emperor. But in contrast to the former militias had agreed to shed his foreign blood solely for the money. And what is a mercenary army with no profit? The state has gone to meet them, and for the service recruits received a decent salary, and after a certain period (16 years) and even an allotment. In addition, they relied guns, clothes and many things that you need in everyday life. In General, it was to risk his head.

Indian sepoys

Interest and mercenary troops in India. They were founded in the XVIII century and lasted until the beginning of XX century. The initiators of their creation was the British colonized India and needed a relatively inexpensive military units formed of local inhabitants. Called these mercenaries and sepoys went down in history primarily as organizers and the main participants in the uprising against their oppressors, which occurred in 1857.

What is a mercenary army the definition of

Soldiers of fortune on the European continent

What is a mercenary army, Europe learned in the XI century, after they established the practice of attracting the feudal lords in the service of foreigners. When after three hundred years began to form a large centralized state, they are monarchs, not trusting the militia of his subjects, attracted the foreigners. Besides foreigners also recruited the townspeople, free peasants, ruined artisans and just random people. Over time, the number of States generated from these units became the main military force.

In the early stages of their existence, these structures were created only during the war. For the recruitment of mercenaries by the king or the feudal Lord appointed by the Commissioner. He was issued a corresponding patent and the required amount. At the end of hostilities all were dismissed. The transition to a permanent mercenary armies was carried out in Europe in the XVI century together with the establishment in most countries absolute monarchies. These regular military units undergoing training, which was based on drill and blind obedience.

Modern mercenary troops

In the modern world the formation of mercenary units are engaged in commercial structures, the main business of which is the profit from the orders associated with the execution of certain military tasks. Such private companies today in the world there are about three thousand, and they operate in a hundred countries, covering all continents except Antarctica. The annual turnover of this "industry of death” is one hundred billion dollars.

Mercenary troops in India

The Story of what a mercenary army in the modern world will be incomplete if not to recall some of the advanced features. It is primarily the operation of modern military equipment. For example, in Afghanistan, the private companies serving the military drones conducting reconnaissance for the armed forces of the United States. In some hot spots they act as specialist instructors and also supply the troops with fuel and ammunition. But what would these people do, the result of theiractivities always be death, destruction and grief of the people.

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