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Many users who found CRT monitors, will remember the unmatched quality of products manufactured under the brand of Samsung. At the dawn of the computer era Chinese manufacturer competing freely with well-known companies such as Sony, NEC, Panasonic, in no way inferior to them in quality production. However, with the advent of LCD technology much the market has changed – there are many competitors to contend with and still in the price range. The focus of this article - LCD monitors ViewSonic, features and reviews to them.


Pick and appearance

Set monitor buyers long been no surprise – a standard set includes the device itself, a stand, power cable and interface cable. Also, the manufacturer offers a driver for the monitor on the disk that is unlikely to be installed, because modern systems are purchased without a floppy drive. Not to surprise, surprise the buyer nothing.

ViewSonic long been suspected of plagiarism design, and LCD device - not the exception. Each of them, which can be found on the market, very similar to famous brands Samsung or LG. Even the ViewSonic Led from the new line with the red inserts on the panels are very similar to the popular “T” series from the Korean giant.

It would Seem that the buyer has nothing to surprise, but no! It turns out, the market leader in the manufacture of graphics cards, nVidia has a long term contract with a well known manufacturer ViewSonic and recommend it for purchase for everyone to enjoy the 3D effect when watching videos or during gaming. Of course, the recommended monitors come complete with 3D glasses.


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ViewSonic Led

Interfaces and build quality

And if all the manufacturers get rid of old interfaces, replacing the D-Sub to HDMI, the ViewSonic strangely supplied with many ancient interfaces. Apparently, the manufacturer expects that most buyers of this brand - not wealthy people with computers from Apple.

To Please the buyer can the existence of the VESA mounts, which is present in all modern models. Built-in four-port USB drive also causes positive emotions. Some models of ViewSonic monitors equipped with built-in stereo system pretty decent quality. Nothing to complain about – build quality, it's perfect. Very high quality plastic does not Flex anywhere, no creaks during installation. To see some gaps between the housing and the connectors, the user will not be able to finding the smallest unevenness on the surface of the plastic panel. All customized perfectly.

driver for monitor ViewSonic


Display Features ViewSonic's reminiscent of a CRT device, which had a few competitors to display high quality pictures. With the LCD matrix is the same – the picture is so realistic that you can not tear from her eye. Great color even for a TN-matrix. ViewSonic can easily compete with more expensive devices that have an expensive matrix VA. Even such a serious manufacturer is not able to resolve the issue with the viewing angle of TN matrixes, it somehow spoils the experience.

If you compare Alienware with competitors in the same niche, the user will be pleasantly surprised. For VA-matrix that IPS the playback quality juicy pictures has no issues. Initially there is a feeling that the manufacturer increased the contrast of the monitor with settings, but by going to the menu, you can find a huge stock of brightness and contrast. Judging by the numerous reviews, owners of the ViewSonic confuses the font on the menu is a serious brand, and text as typed on the typewriter in the last century.

LCD monitor ViewSonic

Brand “stuff” from the manufacturer

Let externally, the ViewSonic does not look attractive, however, upon examination of the device, the user will find a lot of useful features.

  1. Physical screen turn almost 360 degrees. How often in the graphic editor you want to turn the monitor screen 90 degrees to comfortably work with portraits. This feature will be very useful for designers, artists and copywriters.
  2. Strut. Not every monitor can boast of any height adjustment, not to rise almost 20 inches up.
  3. Lack of design thinking in the manufacture of the body is a positive thing – the holder has a perfectly smooth surface, allowing you to store it every little thing without fearing that it will slide at an angle and get lost.

monitor ViewSonic 19

The Best device for office

On the market the device ViewSonic can hardly boast a low price because their niche is medium and high grade. However, this does not prevent them to compete with cheap monitors. The fact that most manufacturers, keeping pace with the times, moved to multimedia screen sizes with an aspect ratio of 16:9. But the office ViewSonic 19 inch is in the old format – 4:3, and this attracts the attention of the public organizations, educational institutions and businesses. After working with text, email and accounting software is much easier for a square monitor. And as information panels on the walls of public institutions, this screen will be more useful. It would seem, a trifle, but it is the device with a small diagonal are profitable to the manufacturers.

ViewSonic reviews

A Very interesting model

Many parents notice that the child is difficult to master the computer mouse. Desire and hard classes definitely lead to a positive result, but still need some time. Trying to cope with the action on screen very often, the child begins to poke fingers in the monitor display, but he does not want to answer for such actions. But LCD monitor the ViewSonic TD2220 such a task would be, because the 22-inch device has a matrix that supports Multitouch.

Touch control monitor is very popular among owners of Windows 8 where the manipulator is very inconvenient to use. With support for Multitouch is very convenient to conduct presentations for their colleagues, because not every office has an interactive whiteboard. It is a pity that the screen has no protection from bumps, otherwise it would be possible to use the device as a terminal somewhere in a large enterprise.

Walk so to Walk!

If the LCD ViewSonic's such a flawless color rendering, why not compare them to competitors in the most expensive niche? Of course, the matrix device must have the same technology, and that really was interesting, you can stay on the AH-IPS. The most expensive competitor, as it turned out the iPhone with a diagonal of 27 inches. The test consisted in measuring the brightness, contrast, colour, as well as the presence of various gratings and defects.

The Result was quite interesting – almost the same indicators, except that the ViewSonic screen had a slight glare in the upper right corner. Apparently, the manufacturer did not consider it a marriage in the manufacture of the device. The solution was found pretty quickly, though, I had to disassemble monitors. As it turned out, they have the same AH-IPS matrix, made in Korea at a factory of LG company.

monitor ViewSonic


The Chinese never cease to amaze, according to some owners who used the monitor in an aggressive environment (high humidity). The device worked for very long. A year later the screen started to flicker when turned on and emit a high-frequency sound. In fact, such use clearly does not meet the conditions declared by the manufacturers. However, the diagram of the ViewSonic for self-repair nobody useful. The service center took all devices, without exception, under warranty and repaired for free without any issues, although the connectors on some monitors it was clearly visible mold. The attitude of the manufacturer to the buyer a matter of respect, which in the future, when buying mobile devices, the ViewSonic brand is seen first.

In conclusion

As you can see from the review, ViewSonic reviews, which the media are only positive, is quite popular among the population. Even the high price in comparison with competitors in the same niche, does not stop anyone. Plays a big role in playback quality image-high contrast and vibrance of the picture to factory settings quickly find themselves fans.

It would Seem that spoils the appearance of the device – a complete lack of design thinking is just depressing when meeting with some models, but the manufacturer has provided a lot of modifications, among which will always find...

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