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The high-tech market is increasing competition. Because of this, every manufacturer is trying your device to make the most functional, beautiful and inexpensive. Must also be present any peculiarity.

One of the largest companies in the global market – Samsung – decided to focus on low pricing which could attract potential buyers. But, of course, the quality should be good. In the end, the market appeared “Samsung” SCX-3405. This multi-function printer (MFP) that combines good performance and low cost. It is perfect for office work.

scx 3405

Description MFP

Model SCX-3405 is a laser MFP that can perform any task: scan, print, copy. The manufacturer claims that this model is perfect for office work. Despite this, she still lacks some useful qualities. But to this minus the counterweight is a huge plus - the price, which is one of the lowest.

MFPs this model – a quality and reliable device that prints well and is able to withstand loads up to 10 thousand pages per month. Therefore, we can safely say that it is perfect for use in office and home for daily work. Even with the fact that the device is a budget, he has branded technologies. They let MFP SCX-3405 to be the most convenient to use.

If you want the printer to become more economical, it is necessary to press a special button on panel – “Eco Button”. This mode allows you to reduce toner consumption and power consumption. To improve efficiency, you need to use the “Easy Eco Driver”, which before printing will allow you to edit the text. The device works with any operating system from Microsoft, as well as with MacOS and Linux.


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Samsung scx 3405

Price “rivals”

The Average price for model SCX-3405 – about 5200. A similar device from another manufacturer you can call Xerox WorkCentre 3045B. It is not only slightly smaller, but is able to print up to 30 thousand pages per month. However, this model loses “Samsung” in the extension of the scanner.

Of the other such options, you need to call HP LaserJet Pro M1132. Its average price - 6 thousand roubles, functionality – the same. The characteristics of SCX-3405, a similar model is and at Canon. We are talking about i-SENSYS MF4410. However, it is a bit more expensive – 6500 rubles.

If you look for options with the support of the Internet, we can identify the “elder brother” - Samsung SCX-3405W. He stands about 6 thousand rubles. Laser MFP cannot be modified. Because of this, when choosing you need to pay maximum attention to the study of all available models.

MFP samsung scx 3405

External data

The Device is one of the most inexpensive, so any special design moves don't need to wait. Of the external characteristics of MFP SCX-3405 manual which comes complete, fully resembles all “lazerniki” “Samsung”. It is made in the characteristic of the entire line style - then used white and gray plastic.

In order to make it convenient to use the device, the manufacturer has installed the control panel. It is located on the front side. Near it you can find the display, which will show the scale and number of pages. Here are buttons. In addition to the standard and have been described, there is also a “Copy of the certificate”. It will allow to print out the spread of the passport on a single page.

The Front cover is the paper tray. It holds 150 sheets. Each capacity enables you to print up to 100 pages. If you open it, you will appear to access the cartridge. The USB port is on the back side. There is also the power cable. Dimensions of the device small. It will easily fit in the office and in the apartment. The build quality of the device with no backlash. A significant drawback of the design is brittle trays.

MFP Samsung scx 3405


The MFP is budget. Therefore, it is necessary to say that is available only to monochrome printing. The model belongs to the segment of inexpensive devices. Despite this, it has excellent extension. It should be noted that among the analogues that are in this price range, print system have “Samsung” is one of the best. An important feature should be called a warm-up before printing. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not consider it necessary to specify this nuance. But in the user reviews you can find that information. They also say that the first page out less than 8 sec.

As of the cartridge on the appliance you can install a custom instance, able to print up to 1500 pages. However, the volume of ink will only last for 700 units. The scanner is fast enough. The processor has a frequency of 433 MHz and built-in memory-64 MB. You cannot increase it.

MFP in the work

During operation, MFP “Samsung” SCX-3405 showed a good side. Print quality and speed are fully consistent with the stated manufacturer parameters. It should be noted that even in economy mode, as well as various other installations, performance falls. The device per minute capable of printing 20 pages. To “lose” MFP will require no more than 5 seconds.

scx 3405 manual


Judging by the consumer testimonials, we can say that the device actually meets all the stated specifications. Problems with it under normal usage do not occur. Also, note that in emergency situations when you need to print huge number of documents at one time, the printer works immediately and does not give failures. During the warranty period, MFP does not break, even more than that – running after him for about five years.

scx 3405


Without looking at the fact that apparently MFP Samsung SCX-3405 is not much attracts, the style immediately suggests who the manufacturer is. However, once the printing device starts to work, it becomes immediately clear, visible shell – is not important. This device for example shows a great combination of appearance and reliability, quality and pricing policy. It can be used in small offices and large malls.

The Only noticeable disadvantage is too high the price of original supplies. However, this is easily solved with the purchase of similar devices of the Chinese manufacturers. Another drawback of the device - not the maintenance of the network. Among the advantages are low cost, capability of high loading, good seal. The device proves that even for little money you can get reliable and high quality device.


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