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Situations when you need to produce automatic activation of the computer can be quite a lot. Someone is trying to configure updates for the system, someone starts downloading torrents, considering the time of turning on the PC most suitable for minimum charges for traffic, and someone switching on the terminal or laptop is necessary for the alarm, etc. Next, you will learn several ways to configure automatic activation of the computer. The used techniques can result in at least three settings primary system BIOS/UEFI, tools, Windows operating systems, and specialized third-party programs, which, however, have much greater capabilities than standard tools and instruments.

Automatic inclusion of a computer: delusion users

But before to pass to consideration of the main topic, we should say a few words about the most common misconceptions that are prevalent among ordinary users.

For some reason, many believe that to make such settings only if the stationary terminal or laptop are in sleep mode or in hibernation mode.


Nothing of the sort! Under these conditions the computer is clearly not in the off state, and the process of incorporating is nothing like waking up from a dream. But how to set automatic activation of the computer time if it is switched off? For desktop PCs the main condition is the presence of power supply (terminal must not be disconnected from the mains). With laptops, the situation is much simpler because the power is supplied from the internal battery, and disconnect them from the network completely painless, but subject to full or at least partial charging of the battery.


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How to set automatic activation of the computer in BIOS

First, consider ways to set the necessary parameters in the primary systems. BIOS settings differ from the settings for modern UEFI systems.

So, the first thing you turn your PC or laptop you need to enter the BIOS menu using the keys or combinations thereof (for notebooks, they may vary strongly enough, but for stationary terminals is mostly used Del key). Use a combination for a short time will appear on the screen.

configure automatic inclusion in BIOS

Normally, automatic activation of the computer can be configured under power management (Power Management) or ACPI Configuration settings. In both cases you need to find the option Power-On by Alarm or something similar and set the value to Enabled. Just below, you must specify the days that will be on and the time. Everyday value corresponds to the daily inclusion. If you set a calendar date from 1st to 31st of a number, the computer will turn on once a month at a scheduled date and time, which seems somewhat inconvenient. Settings for multiple dates in the BIOS options.

Setting in the UEFI

In the newer UEFI systems to be configured enable the computer too. After entering the parameters when start your PC or laptop, you must switch to advanced mode via pressing F7.

setting up auto enable in the UEFI

Tab of the “Advanced” is selected item the APM, and in the list that appears by pressing the respective button is activated the power mode by RTC set the time and days of the activation of the inclusion, then options are saved upon exit.

Initial steps in task scheduler

In principle, not to rummage in the settings of the primary system, you can use the operating system called the scheduler (in most cases, automatic switching on and off of the computer in Windows 10 or earlier systems produced with it, although disabling can use the same optimization program, which at the end of the planned scan and fix found problems, turn off the computer itself).

Enable Wake timers

You need to go to the section power in the settings of the current schema go to the advanced settings in the displayed list, find the item sleep and tick the permission string, the timers of sleep. You can then proceed with the task scheduler.

The scheduler can be accessed via search or using ‘control Panel”. But the fastest way to access it is to use the console “Run”, which prescribes the command taskschd.msc.

Create tasks in the scheduler

In the editor window on the left select the section of the library the scheduler and on the right, use create a new task. Then you need to come up with a name for the task and enter a brief description.

Create trigger

The Next step will be the transition to the tab triggers, where you have to press the button to create the trigger (usually the primary field will be empty).

trigger setup

Then the top of the list to select the task execution schedule and set the frequency, using the parameters start time and run on a daily basis.

Create actions

After you install the necessary options to navigate to the actions tab and choose in the list, for example, displaying a message that will appear when you turn on the computer.

Create action

In the header fields and message text, enter what you think is right (for example, “good morning!”) and save the changes.

Note: in the list of actions you can select other options related to the playback of a music file, start downloading the torrent, installing updates, etc.

Setting conditions

Finally, the most important option. In the tab conditions you need to deactivate all items, if they are active, leaving only the line Wake the computer to run the task.

Aktivita automatic Wake-up

If not to use, neither of which automatically turn on the computer and speech can not be.

When you save the installed optional units, if setup was performed under a specific user registered in the system, may be issued with a confirmation dialog to enter a username and password that you originally used to login.

At the conclusion of all actions to ensure that the automatic tuning active, the appearance in the main scheduler window generated by the task for which the status column value will be “Finished”.

Third Party tools

To install automated options power you can also use third-party utilities. One of the most simple, but very interesting - the program for automatic inclusion of the computer or the same off called Time PC.

Quick setup for daily modes in the activation of the item “Off./Incl. PC», and to set the days of the week that will be activated this effect, you should use the tab scheduler. After setting the desired options, just press the start button, after which the task will be executed with specified intervals in the selected time.

the Program Auto Power-on &Shut-down

This is a simple utility Auto Power-on &Shut-down. It also uses the settings in the scheduler, but the app is much more as it allows you to automate and some of the other modes (hibernation, restart, shutdown, run programs, stop processes, open files or links in the Internet, etc.).

Another application – Wake Me Up. It can be called a kind of lightweight version of Windows task scheduler. But produced through the creation of new configuration tasks are more simple and clear.

Disconnection mode

Finally, a few words about how to disable automatic activation of the computer. In General, all is reduced to deactivate the established regime. In the primary systems for this mode is set to Disabled. In PLA...

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