How to enter in engineering menu of the phone?


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Not every man who has his own mobile phone, thoroughly versed in the various features of the device and the intricacies of its settings. In particular, many do not know how to enter in engineering menu of the phone and why do you need it to do. In fact, the engineering menu is often one of the main tools of specialists in various service centers, which eliminate all kinds of error firmware, or any fault in the internal program of the device.

How to enter?

how to enter in engineering menu

Many people heard about the engineering menu and I know that it can enter but not know how. To enter the engineering menu by dialing number *#*#3646633#*#* and clicking on the Audio button or by simply using specialized utility MTK Recovery.


 engineering menu samsung

In this section there are several categories:

  • Set Mode – choose a profile.
  • Normal Mode-the standard profile.
  • Headset Mode-the mode of use of a special headset.
  • LoudSpeaker Mode-the mode in which the loudspeaker is activated in the phone.
  • Speech Enhancement-mode, which is fully automatic correction of voice signals.

Before you choose any maximum possible values, you should make sure in advance that it subsequently will not make you face any issues with sound. In majority of cases it is not recommended to do this for the reason that the maximum settings may cause the appearance of effect of chatter and a variety of other disturbances, as well as create unnecessary strain on the dynamic that provokes their more rapid failure.


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In Addition, never forget that before you change certain settings mandatory need to record those that were installed by default, so that in case you encounter any problem you can quickly return them to their original value.

Normal Mode

engineering menu fly

Once you understand how to enter in engineering menu of the phone and what it has the basic sections, we go into Normal Mode. Here you will see a menu which has four positions, of which the first item represents the profile number. Paragraph FIR – 0 - you need to leave and not to touch it, then go below in the following characteristics.

Initially you need to configure the modulation volume Tone, which in the relevant paragraph of Value will need to exhibit the optimal volume setting and press the Set button. Initially you can install on 1 or to try a variety of options from 0 to 100. The higher the value, the quieter the sound, while the 0 – this is the maximum possible volume. But, as mentioned above, it is not recommended to set a zero value, as the dynamics will issue a variety of side effects such as rattling sound and many more.

Now go to menu Type Side tone, but it was originally nothing not recommended to touch, as it may happen that during the conversation you'll only hear yourself, but not people. Or try to change at your own risk values in different ways. Most relevant are the following characteristics:

  • Audio & ndash; 1.
  • Speech – 1.
  • FM – 1.
  • Mikrophone – 1.
  • Key-tone – 70.

If you thought that in the headphones too quiet music playing or radio, then you can slightly adjust the profile to headset, but don't forget after that to restart the phone for the setting to take effect.

How to change the volume of the negotiations?

Speaking volume from the engineering menu changes as follows:

  • Go to the menu.
  • To Select Audio.
  • Find the feature of Speech enhancement, which is responsible for how well we hear the caller on the other side.
  • Click on the Common Parameter, and then select Normal Mode.
  • Now look at the characteristics Parameter (0), then set the Parameter – 6.
  • Start to edit the parameter and change it from the standard 400 to 1, and then press Set.
  • Now the sound will be even more than acceptable, and in some cases even have to lower the volume (often this effect gives the engineering menu Samsung).

Headphone Volume

engineering menu android

Setting the following characteristics, you will be able to adjust the volume of headphones or speakers in the desired direction in the process of watching videos and listening to music or radio:

HeadSet Mode (type):

  • Audio = 10.
  • Side Tone = 50.

LoudSpeaker Mode (type):

  • FM = 10.
  • Side Tone = 50.
  • Audio = 15.

Normal Mode (type):

  • FM = 10.
  • Side Tone = 50.
  • Audio = 20.

By Establishing these characteristics, you will get acceptable volume in the process of listening to any material. In particular, it allows to make engineering menu Samsung modern models and menu of most other phones.

Service menu

engineering setup menu

In the service menu there are also several main points that are of interest to users:

1. BatteryLog. Engineering menu FLY and other modern phones allows you to obtain the most accurate information about the battery status, including temperature, voltage and other subtle parameters.

2. TouchScreen. A fairly wide parameter, which has the engineering menu FLY and other manufacturers that produce advanced touch phones. In this section there are several sub-menus:

  • HandWriting. A fairly simple option to draw with your finger on the screen, which allows you to check how the sensors respond well to the touch.
  • PointVerification. Allows you to diagnose the calibration of the screen and pressing the corresponding button indicates whether there are any errors and, if so, by how much they deviated from the desired values.
  • LineVerification. Almost the same as the previous point, only here from one point to another drawn line.
  • ShakingVerification. Check “shake”.

3. the Camera. Engineering menu Android in paragraph Camera includes several submenus that allow you to test or adjust various camera features:

  • AF EM. Selects the test camera with auto focus.
  • Raw Capture. Starts the testing procedure of the mobile device.
  • Start Preview. Allows you to display the camera image.

4. the Wi-Fi. Submenu in this paragraph are as follows:

  • Tx. Tests registers Tx.
  • Rx. Tests registers Rx.
  • EEPROM. Specialized firmware adapter, which also allows you to enable or disable the function via its address. If you use the engineering menu Android, these characteristics are strongly advised not to change any settings. After surgery, to recover them will not be easy for skilled professionals, even if you try to make a backup of the “save as file", as for some reason all the values are stored with zeroes.
  • Temperature Sensor. Allows you to check the temperature of the adapter in the process of his work.

5. the Bluetooth. Almost any engineering menu Philips and other modern phones has this paragraph, but at the same time, it may be absent in some older or specialized devices. Includes several submenus:

  • TX Only test. you Need to specify the value, then press the [menu] and Done. You then run the test registers a Bluetooth Tx.
  • Test Mode. Allows to activate the test mode.
  • NetworkInfo. Detailed information about RR. In this case, the tick need to choose what options interest you, then press Menu, select Information and Check browsing data.
  • AutoAnswer. This function provides the ability to automatically going off-hook when an incoming call from the engineering menu. Settings are often not available and can only enable or disable this feature.
  • YGPS. Testing, as well as providing users with information about YGPS.
  • AGPS. Often, the only menu that is available in the Russian language. Allows you to configure AGPS.

How to increase the volume?

engineering menu philips

There are several solutions to the problem.

Initially, you need to go to Audio, then select one of the following menu: Headset Mode, Normal Mode or Speech Enhancement.


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