What to take action if not turn on laptop?


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Laptop computer – assistant and friend for many modern people. Sometimes it stops working in that case you need to contact the experts in service. Is it possible to conduct your own diagnostics to figure out why the laptop does not turn on?

Where to begin?

It Is necessary to inspect the power supply. Connect equipment to the network. The computer refuses to work? It is necessary to check the serviceability of the outlet, make sure you have electricity at home. If the external source is in order, proceed to power supply. Look at the indicator, it needs to burn. No? Then one of the reasons that is not included laptop – the supply of his unit.

In the case when the bulb is lit, it is recommended to check the power indicator on the computer. It can tell you the following:

- socket.

- there is a break in the wire.

To Cope with this will help in service centers.

Another potential cause of equipment failure – the battery, which is completely out of order. How to be? It should be replaced. If the indicator is glowing, then it's not the power supply, look for the causes elsewhere.

Common failure

Examine the cases when does not turn on the laptop. For example, cooler noise and the screen looks at you with its black emptiness. Such breakage can be a serious problem. It could cause:

Not turn on the laptop is the Moisture that got inside.

- a Burnt-out CPU.

- graphics Card that refused to work.

- South/North bridge failed.

It is Difficult to accurately determine what it is. If everything was down due to overheating, but the CPU is sustained, then further operation could hurt him. Better to call the master to extend the life of your technique and less to spend on repairs.


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Not turn on the laptop what to doIf the computer does not turn off?

We reviewed the most common situations that do not turn on the laptop. And sometimes, on the contrary, it is impossible to turn off. This also happens for a variety of reasons:

- this Motherboard does not meet the requirements of ACPI.

- the Program was not correctly installed.

- Incompatible operating system, and ACPI mode.

- ACPI does not correspond to a specific part or driver.

Try to find out why there was a loss of functionality. Find the website of your computer manufacturer, find out what is the cause of this failure. Sometimes very help advice, especially if it was the fault of the driver or any updates. Recommend you do a reinstallation of the program or the system itself. I would like to note, do not panic, if not turn on the laptop. What to do next, it should be easy to decide after a careful examination.

What actions to take?

Not turn on laptop black screenHere the successive steps that are recommended to do:

1. As already mentioned, check the power supply. Then unplug it for a few minutes. Remove the battery, then turn on the equipment, but without battery.

2. Try to boot from the CD. If you succeed, then the reason – software. Check the hard drive for viruses. Suppose he is not visible, then the problem is more serious, it is necessary to contact service.

3. Check voltage at the plug of the power supply, replace the cord if necessary. Listen to all the sounds the laptop if something troubling, bring it to the professionals.

4. Sometimes there are problems with the sensors of the matrix closure, they can seize.

5. When all else fails, go to the service center, they will find the cause and help to resolve it.

Now you know that it is not necessary to be afraid when the laptop is not included. Black screen – this is not the worst thing in this life!

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