How to reset password on Windows 10: the simplest methods


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Sorry, no registration on the official Microsoft website and create an account with username and password install Windows 10 impossible. Not surprisingly, in the end, many users begin to question: “How to reset the password on Windows 10?”. With all this, such a procedure can relate to the main Microsoft account and local “uchetok”. Let's see how to do it in the simplest way.

The Problems with passwords and accounts

Let's Start with the main problem. First off, people – not a machine, he sometimes tend to forget some things. If, for example, the password specified when installing the system, people just do not recorded, lost or forgotten the log on to Windows at startup will be impossible.

how to reset password on windows 10

Second, during the registration process on the same Microsoft official website to install the system does not accept primitive combinations like 123456789. Registration is designed so that you need to enter a combination, from the point of view of security, difficult to crack or pick. Alas, this often leads to very unpredictable consequences.

Thirdly, such passwords can be too complex or long, which naturally makes it difficult to enter them each time you start. And that's why many users want to abandon this procedure. How to reset the password on the laptop (Windows 10 on Board), a stationary computer or mobile gadget? There are several basic methods. However, the uninitiated, to put it mildly, have a little break your head, because it is not so simple.


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How to reset the password for the Windows account 10 online

Let's Start with the most simple. How to reset forgotten password Windows 10, which at one time was applied to your Microsoft account? Of course, you should refer to the official resource of the Corporation. No, of course you can remove all the “accounts” on the computer, but the-that recording it with a password is not going anywhere.

how to reset password on laptop windows 10

To perform this operation you need to go to the official online where you need to select the section change password. The reason you can specify the loss (in points there is a line “I don't remember my password"). After this you need to enter the address of the “email” or the phone number associated with “account”. Upon receipt of an appropriate notification will only go the desired link and on the lock screen to change your old password with a new one (if not abandoned altogether).

Admin tools

In some cases, the solution to the problem of how to reset the password on Windows 10, you can use the administration tools. But a download-only system will have to produce by using USB flash drive or disk like LiveCD or installation disk itself “dozens”.

how to reset the password on your tablet windows 10

After that a window will appear with the offer of language choice, use the combination Shift + F10 to enter command line. Initially, assume that the user knows the letter of the system drive. Next you need to enter two commands as shown below.

how to reset forgotten password windows 10

After that, use the reboot command wpeutil reboot.

The Download will be produced with the system partition (if not, you need to set the priority in the BIOS settings). Then in the password section use the accessibility features, where the write command "net user username New password” without quotes (view all users used the command net users).

You can then login with the new password. If you are not using the installation disk “dozens”, you should first make a copy of the file cmd.exe to put it in the System32 folder of the system drive, then rename the utilman.exe.

Startup disk and a command prompt

Let's Now see how to reset the password on Windows 10 the other, not less effective way. Again, first boot from the installation claim, and use the combination Shift + F10.

how to reset account password windows 10

After that, we perform the above operations but after the appearance of the login window, use special abilities, and in line, enter net user Administrator /active:yes, then reload the system. Now we have activated the profile of your administrator password (User). Click on it and then changed the phrase “computer Management”. Now use the local users section, where we choose our account. Right-click invoked menu string specify the password, then save the changes, despite all sorts of warnings in the system.

How to reset a password on a tablet (Windows 10) or other mobile device

Basically, almost all actions are reduced to using the same command line, only to initially start the device you need to make a bootable SD card.

how to reset password on windows 10

But the easiest way is to use the built-in factory data reset.

Is it Worth to do such things

Naturally, the question of how to reset the password on Windows 10 has a downside. How feasible is this procedure? Of course, if it's a home terminal except its owner it no longer works, no questions. If the computer or laptop that is part of the local network with several authorized users, here it is necessary to think hundred times before taking such steps. Because sometimes you don't want someone changed, say, the local settings or use confidential information without your knowledge. In General, the decision by the user.

However, in almost all cases, own Windows, in addition to removing the account, changing the password will not work. Here, as noted above, you need to use an external bootable media (flash drive, disk or removable memory card). If there are none, nothing happens. However, even reinstalling the system doesn't always work. After all, if you have enabled the “uchetku” Microsoft is still “Windows” to refer to it. Needless to say, it can be deactivated, but immediately the question arises about the access through the local registration data. However, to remove them not working (especially the ones that the system sets itself by default).

As for the removal of “uchetok”, don't need anymore on the local computer, then to make such transaction, any user that has administrative privileges. While it may be valuable even deletes the registration of the so-called super administrator, so we wouldn't have had to run some processes on his behalf that many people are no doubt annoying. However, here we must be very careful, because if you have an active “accounts” Microsoft system even after this procedure it will return to it. And where is the guarantee that the user remembers her password to login? In General, what to say? Be careful and don't do anything stupid, because then the exact system will have to reinstall, and no methods of influence in terms of recovery (rollback to a previous state) will not help.

But with mobile devices much easier, because hardly in the same tablet or smartphone will work more registered users.


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